Introduction to Party Girls


  This is a new mini-series on the Blog designed to communicate a tremendous amount of applicable real life knowledge on an archetype popularly referred to “Party Girls.”  Yes, we are going to embark on a journey that’s going to give you, not only an understanding, but applicable tools you can use in future interactions. 

 In this series, I am going to break down, step by step, the mindset of party girls, their behaviors, tendencies, and Modus Operandi.  Furthermore, we’re going to use that information to learn how to recognize and then interact with this type if that’s what you wish to do. So without further ado, let’s get to it!

 Spend enough time out there and undoubtedly you’re going to run your fair share of party girls.  Spend time where again?  Well, bars, night-clubs, discos, and general party scenes that lend themselves to a party/carefree atmosphere.  These could range from posh nightclubs with the $3000 bottle service, to the neighborhood “Dive-Bar” to a house party around the corner.  Then again, you’re going to come across Party-girls in the day time too.  It’s not as if they’re vampires that slip nto hibernation during sunlight.  When that does happen, it’s good generally to know what/whom you’re dealing with.  

  I am going to delve into a lot of detail analysis, and as usual, it’s a double-edged sword.  The intention of the analysis is to give you a thorough understanding so you come to instinctively recognize social situations.  It’s by no means meant to have anyone sit there with a checklist trying to check off bullet points in a mechanical manner. I urge you to avoid over-analysis.  Just read these articles, enjoy them, and it’ll be compartmentalized somewhere in the back of your subconscious mind, ready when you need it. 

 How did this start?

When I first started getting into all of this stuff, I along with a lot of my cohorts, started hitting the bar/club scene pretty hard.  I was going out three to four night a week consistently.  It’s the place that offered (still does) an abundance of girls.  Where else would we go?   We needed numbers/quantities and the numbers were at the bars.  Of course, most of the girls at these places, or perhaps a good majority of them, were what people generally categorize as “Party girls.”

 Coincidentally, these were also the women that were the hardest to get.  By that I mean, they were hard to understand.  They created a level of confusion because they made the dating process seem so complicated.  They’re friendly one day, they ignore you the next.  At times, they seem genuinely interested in helping you with something, but then they’re never dependable.  They seem normal but then they do the weirdest shit that makes you think you’d have a better line of communication with a chimp. 

 The can excite you and then confuse you.  They can be fun, but then unleash drama.  They say one thing but do the other.  They tell you the qualities of a guy they want to date, but date someone completely different.  They don’t make sense, and perhaps this is one of the downfalls of someone who likes to make sense out of things or people.  If you observe your pet dog, you’ll see that even a dog’s behavior makes sense. 

 When you’re inexperienced, you tend to lump all women together.  You can’t distinguish between one archetype versus the next.  They’re just women.  This further compounds the confusion.  Well, pretty soon, it’s jigsaw puzzle that has been shuffled along with missing pieces and you don’t know where to start putting it together.  All you come to know is that you don’t really know.

 Bars and clubs gave me the experience to interact, party, and fraternize with enough of these sorts to gain some understanding about them.  Easily, over half the women I interacted with on a nightly basis were these types.  They came from a variety of backgrounds.  Party girls from various cities, states and geographical locations.  Party girls of various ages, heights, body types, and backgrounds. 

 Add to that my natural fascination with human mannerisms, character, personality traits and the psychology of social interactions and what you get is….  Well, here we are, a lengthy thesis Blog entry on Party Girls..

 They’re the least understood by men who seek dating advice because they’re the most difficult to interact with during social interactions.  Majority of guys who seek dating advice online are the intellectual types who are often more introvert than extravert.  The story is so ancient, it’s biblical.  No, it’s older than that.  Somewhere, someplace, 5000 years ago, there was a high school that had jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, and etc…  They just didn’t have the technology to make modern-day “Teen Romantic Comedy movies.”  

 The beauty of films is that they’re scripted.  The nerdy smart high school guy ends up with the popular cheerleader after a series of mishaps because she comes to see him in a different light, and in the process, we also notice that she is actually as sweet as can be and really wanted something like that all along.  She just hadn’t realized it.  It’s a beautiful story. I enjoy it too!   In the real world, however, it doesn’t quite work that way.

 I don’t even think most of the guys who are deemed “Naturals” really understand the party girl dynamic on intellectual level.  What they do understand is “Cause and Effect.”  Simple physics can creep its way in sometimes into seemingly complex social interactions.  Men who are naturals, be it the clichéd popular high school quarterback, or the smooth talking slick used car salesman instinctively understand that pushing a series of buttons on the stimuli board produces certain results.  The combination of these buttons pushed creates favorable results more often than not.

 This may seem ambiguous, or mysterious, but it’ll all make clear sense by the time I get through breaking down this dynamic.  We’ll get back to what the exact buttons are in due time. We’ll examine what the “Cause and Effect” sequences are, how you can learn to create those dynamics within your interactions and your life, if this is something you wish to do. 

 For the time being, we are going to discuss, what constitutes a party girl.   A definition of the archetype is sorely needed.  Tune in tomorrow where I’ll define the archetype.  Stay tuned.  This mini-series on Party Chicks is going to give more content and more real world information than products you’ve paid 1000s of Dollars for!