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 More tips on How to Apply what you just read!

So you read the 5 part series on how to recognize and deal with party girls.  You really should bookmark it and come back to read it as a refresher.  Make sure you thoroughly understand what is being discussed and then keep it in the back of your mind.  The key to this stuff is to not over-analyze it.

“What the f*ck, Cameron? You just used 5 blog entries to dissect party women down to the molecular structure of their cells, and you want us to not analyze it?”

 Yep!  That’s what I am saying.  Unless you’re a bit of a freak like me in this area of life where you actually enjoy understanding and breaking down human behavior and characteristics, there is no reason to get entangled in over-analysis.  I happen to enjoy figuring this stuff out and amateurishly putting it into some sort of a pseudoscientific format.  That’s the hobby part of it.  In real life scenarios, I tend to go by the intuitive vibe I get from someone. The analysis comes later. 

 What you’re really after is an instinctive response.  You want to hone your instincts that you can intuitively KNOW the person you’re dealing with.

 At it most basic element, it comes down to cause and effect.  It’s one of the most basic scientific principles we have in our universe and it works.  It’s easy to over-intellectualize things in this process and suffer from paralysis induced by analysis.  Those of you who have listened to my audio product or have taken workshops with me understand this point.  You also know that my aim is to create certain “ATTRIBUTES” within you that attract women.  You may have not realized it but my goal is to create that cause and effect scenario.

 Let’s give another example of a very primal act: A physical battle.  Let’s say you worked with a good boxing coach and he helped you develop a rather powerful right cross, (or a left one if you’re left handed.)  You don’t know how to box and you don’t really even know how to fight.  You just have one punch that feels like you’ve been kicked by a mule.  That’s it. 

So with that as our basic premise, let’s examine the following scenario. There is someone coming towards you with bad intentions.  Maybe he is rushing towards you and threatens to knock you unconscious.  At times like these, you are almost better off reacting like a caveman than the modern day thinking man. 

 It’s easy to get lost in over-analysis.  It’s easy to let so many different voices get to you inside your head.  There could be a myriad of various thoughts depending on your own personal makeup.  “What if he is stronger than me?  What if I don’t hit him hard enough?  What if he robs me?  What if his friend is lurking back there?”

 You and I could sit down and think of 10 more doubtful questions.  Truth of the matter is, none of these are helping you.  Times like this, it helps if you could turn off your brain, as though there was a light switch you could just flip over and 80% of the brain just went to hibernation.  The other 20% (to run your motor skills and coordination) stayed powered up to carry the task.  If you switched to “Neanderthal mode,” you’d have a very simple equation in front of you.  The scenario would transpire in the following manner:

  •  Simplified caveman reptilian brain processes with limited speech patterns.  This is the person’s thoughts:

-Man rushing with bad intention.
-Must defend self.
-Load Right-Cross.  Cocked and Loaded.
-Me Punch attacker with full force.
-Attacker down.  Lying on the ground.
-His jaw broken, my hand broken
-Wow.  Me Hungry.  Must go eat to refuel.

The second way works a lot better because it breaks things down to instinct and not over analyzation.   (Why the caveman talks like an Asian tourist, I have no idea, but it sounds better, I think. )  There is no hesitiation or doubt.  Just cause and effect.  Cause and Effect.

  • Cause And Effect
  • Action and Reaction. 

It’s simple, and has a minimalist element of application

 Those of you who have played any sports in your lives know that the same basic principles apply.  One of the reason you train your ass off in order to hone instinct.  You don’t have time to think.  Moving at full speed in Football or Basketball leaves very little time for thinking.  Sure, you have an overall game plan, and you must be quick on your feet, but when you’re in the moment, during that split second where you must act, it’s done instinctively.  Successful athletes have the correct instincts.  The ones that don’t are the ones who hear shouts of “You Suuuuck!” from the stands.

 So let’s relate all this to meeting, dating, and attracting women!

 Meeting and attracting women is a primal process.  Over-thinking it hurts your chances.  This is why you don’t have to be intelligent to be good with women.  Granted, a real dumbass may not attract intellectual women, but a confident dumbass will do very well for himself. This is the paradox in all of this.  Intellectual men come to the seduction community to learn to become more attractive to women, mainly by trying to learn systems & methods of dating!  In the meanwhile, part of their problem is the “Thinking” in and of itself.

 You’d be better off if you could just shut 80 % of that brain down.   So then how do you apply what you read from me on this Blog?

  •  Moreso, how does this play itself out in real life?  Let’s take the party-chick scenario as an example since that’s the most recent topic.

 You roll into some bar, or a social gathering somewhere in America, (or some other continent) and as you’re walking around taking a sip of your cocktail, and you see what appears to be a total party chick.  You don’t want to be standing there analyzing the situation and over thinking it. You just want to recognize it for what it is and know what to do. 

 Sure, the first times, a bit of thinking may be involved but it’ll soon become second nature.  You’ll have an intuitive understanding. 

 What’s the purpose of writing such details?  For me personally, I enjoy studying various characters and people in general.  The goal for the reader is to read it, understand it, and then to move forward in their interactions.  The information goes into your subconscious mind and it’s there whenever you need it.  Believe it or not, that’s how this works.  You just have to trust it.  You may remember that you read it on the blog or you may not. 

However, you’ll have a “Feel” for the situation.  In the same manner that you intuitively recognize a sleazy used car salesman, you will recognize a party-chick as well. 

 If you had to choose 3 qualities that are distinctly different between “Naturals” and guys who go through the “Seduction Community”, you’d have to pick over-thinking as one of them.  Guys deemed as “Naturals” have what I call that “Fire and Forget” ability whereas community guys obssess over what they could have done differently.    Certainly, you want to learn from you mistakes.  That much is obvious.  It may be that a guy is too needy, or he tries too hard to impress.  It may be that he is socially miscalibrated and awkward or it just may be that he is not very interesting as a person.  I’ve ran into all types.   Once that person addresses the core issues/sticking points, it becomes essential that he move past the self-critical stage and step into a free-flow state where he can move on past the interactions with dwelling on them.

 Those of who you are new to this arena may not grasp what I am discussing in this Blog post and that’s OK.  It’ll come with time.  If you have been around for a while and you’re still beating yourself up over interactions with women, then that just may be part of your issue.  It’d benefit you to think less about this partcular topic. 


What if this is difficult? What if it’d difficult to let things be when it comes to this area of life?  Certainly, you can’t shut your brain down, and since the brain cannot process a negative, you can’t be thinking about “not over-analyzing.”  The latter simply means that if you kept telling yourself, “I will not analyze, I won’t think about it” then you’re still preoccupying your brain with thoughts regarding the matter.

 The only salvation comes through FOCUS!  The subject of focus would need its only Blog Entry and perhaps its own book and I could recommend a few different ones.  Focusing on what you have to do, where you want to go, and how you’re going to get there is what can help keep one on track, I’ve found.   Focusing on a goal or task at hand is the key to diverting your mind power to a different direction.


ps. The articles on this blog will have a profound impact on your dating life.  Please realize that they are supporting material to what I discuss in my expanded work. Get yourself a copy Today!  Building Attraction Audio Course