How to identify Nurturing type of Women


A number of blog readers have written asking for more articles regarding girls who are suitable for relationships.  Questions regarding, “How to get a girlfriend,” and “Where to meet girls who are girlfriend-types” and knowing how to vibe with them.

In the past, I’ve written extensively on certain female archetypes.  You may have read my article on “Female Archetypes – Alpha Females” and “Female Archetypes – Party Chicks.”   I’ve probably written the most on “Party chicks” which is the archetype that is toughest to grasp for the average blog readers which consists of intellectual dudes.  They’re also the ones most often encountered in bars, pub, and nightclubs.

This article is going to take a turn in the opposite direction as it pertains more towards nurturing/giving type of women. So let’s get to it.

>>>How do you distinguish if you’ve met this type?

This will come with a bit of experience. As you interact with a lot of women, you’ll see common behavioral patterns and common values exhibited by similar types.  The nurturing/emotionally giving type usually exhibits a happier disposition.


  • Genuine Happiness:

You’ll normally observe that they’re genuinely happier people and they portray that glee.  They’re apt to react more emotionally to situations than other female archetypes.  Often times, you may observe that they seem to have some sort of a creative and artistic outlet.  They might not be musicians but they may play a guitar, or write, or recite poetry.

Being more emotional people, they have that need for a creative outlet and you’ll note that in your interactions.  Again, be aware that just because a woman plays a guitar, it does not mean she is this particular type.  It’s more a combination of behavioral patterns that are common to this type.


  • Family Ties:

Family relationships.  Another common trend is that they have very close family ties.  They’re close to their parents, aunts, uncles, and such.  For instance, it’s not uncommon to look through their facebook profiles and notice them proudly displaying photos of themselves with nieces and/or nephews.

During you conversations, you’ll hear common trends,

“I was just talking to my aunt last weekend, she is so awesome, anyway she was telling me that……….”

Again, whether their nurturing personality is a predisposition or cause of a close family upbringing remains to be examined.  I certainly believe it does make a difference.  Human beings who feel they’ve been loved are far more likely to return that love to others.  ( My observations.)


  • Social Conscientiousness :

This archetype tends to exhibit a conscientious pattern regarding social issues.  You’ll also come to realize this in your interactions.  Whether it’s social, political, or environmental, they’ll show concern for their surrounding world.

I’ll give you an example.  A few months ago, I was walking out of a supermarket where a girl approached me to ask if I wanted to donate money to her organization.  I came to find out she was representing “Amnesty International” and was very passionate in discussing human rights violations in various parts of the world.  She even talked me into giving her a $20 donation for the cause.  (No, it wasn’t because I was  hitting on her, for the smart-asses out there.)

Now, you have to realize the sort of dedication it takes to stand outside a supermarket and solicit money for a cause.  You’re essentially cold-approaching strangers for hours a day for very little pay. It takes a certain animal to do that…. You have to be really motivated and passionate about the cause that you believe in to volunteer or work for low pay to solicit strangers for money for your organization.

Chances are you may have come across people like this at some point.  Whether it was in high school, college or a cocktail party, you have interacted with such persons in your life.  Think about the tendencies of that individual.

Are these the perfect people?  No, not at all.  While this type of woman makes for a good girlfriend, sometimes you may run into a few bumps in the road.  For example, you may find that they react more emotionally to things that are not “That big of a deal” to you.  They may want you to care about their social/political concerns and sometimes they may sport a bit of a “Hippy” vibe in  that they don’t get dolled up and dress to impress.

OK, I’m not insinuating that they’re slobs but just that they may not be decked out in the latest fashion as they make a run to the grocery store to purchase a few items.  It’s important to understand both sides.

So now, let’s assume you were dating such a girl.  What’s the difference between this type and a less nurturing type?

Well, let’s also assume you just got the flu.  Upon hearing that info, some types will say, “Sorry to hear that!  I hope you feel better! I’ll talk to you then.”  Other types will offer to come over and bring Chicken Soup.  The nurturing/giving type is the latter.



  • Where to meet such girls:

It’s probably tougher to meet this type that say, party girls.  The nurturing/giving types are not bar-flys.  They’re not ones to frequent nightclubs constantly, and when they do, they’re going to be more guarded and defensive in that particular environment (and for good reason.)

Your best bet is to find them at activities that they’d have a vested interest in as well.  This will inevitably vary based on the culture, country and even the size of the town you live in.  Naturally, Some place are going to offer more in the way of activities than others.


  • Attracting this type:

Always remember that the fundamentals I explain in detail in my Ebook, Building Attraction Secrets, will apply. Being interesting, conveying your personality through stories, proper body language, leading, tonality, and having fun will always apply regardless of which archetype you meet.

As an example, let’s take the girl standing outside the supermarket asking for donations to the “Amnesty International” organizations.  In fact, let’s take it to an absurd level.  Let’s assume she was raising funds for “Save The Hamster Foundation.”   You walk by and notice this and think to yourself, “Wow, I thought I was the only one!  I LOVE to save hamsters too!”

You may believe in her cause wholeheartedly and be completely excited that you’ve met someone who is a like-minded individual.  You still have to be aware of conversational dynamics.  This means you can’t spend 15 minutes just talking about this one particular topic and think that now you are a lock to go on a spectacular date.

This is the mistake most men make: they’ll spend 20 minutes discussing how to save hamsters but outside of that one commonality, they don’t establish any connection or personal  information.

Having read my ebook, Building Attraction Secrets,  you know that you’d be best served to share a couple of humorous anecdotes about yourself, find out more about her, have a little fun, and have her invest some information regarding herself besides discussing the organization she is volunteering for.

You also would be aware of a multitude of key dynamics that are by now second nature to you, such as:

  • Flirting properly,
  • Leading the interaction (In all 3 ways)
  • Creating Sexual tension & teasing



The goal of this article is to provide with a glimpse one particular archetype of girls you will inevitably come across in life.  Depending on YOUR personality, this type may or may not be for you.

For example, if you were the stereotypical dumb jock athlete from a teen movie, you probably will not connect with this type.  I am not saying it’s impossible, but it’s just unlikely that these personalities will hit it off.

You’d also know that this is a more sensitive type of person, so you had best be prepared to deal with sentimental type issues.  If she gives you a Christmas card, and you throw it away a few weeks after Christmas, there are going to be hurt feelings involved.

To you, it was a simple card, and once Christmas was over, there was no point in keeping it.  To her, it represented emotional investment and sentimental value and she won’t understand or grasp how you could discard it 3 weeks later.  These are the type of potential  issues you may run into while dating this type.   They’re not deal-breakers, but rather, just things to be aware of.

Other caveats:  If you’re not a family person, it’s not going to be a good fit in the long run.  If you’re the type that doesn’t like to play with kids, or doesn’t want to go to a big family Thanksgiving dinner, it’s going to cause issues.



Recap of Nurturing Women Archetypes


So let’s do a recap of what I just went over:

  • Emotionally giving/ Nurturer Archetype
  • Very Likely Artistic in nature
  • Usually have some sort of artistic/creative outlet (music, drawing, etc…)
  • More sensitive than your average woman
  • Come across as genuinely happy persons often
  • Usually exhibit a warm pleasant demeanor when meeting them,
  • They’re close to family
  • In routine conversations, They’ll often bring up family, Aunts/Uncles,  nieces/nephews, etc.
  • Don’t respond well to over-the-top cocky macho approaches by men. (It doesn’t mean they don’t like masculine men.)
  • When approaching this type, be masculine, just the cut the machismo and bravado down a bit.
  • Often can be overly sensitive in dating/relationship situations. (Reference Christmas card story above)
  • This over sensitivity could result in some drama in the relationship at time
  • Usually socially/politically Conscientiousness on some level.
  • If you asked them their dreams, there is always something in there to want to improve the world (even if it is saving hamsters….)
  • Making a difference is important to them.
  • More difficult to find in loud nightclubs/bars.  They don’t frequent such places often.
  • Usually have a good circle of friends around them, (in my experience.)
  • Low drama factor usually (Barring the over sensitivity)
  • More sentimental

In conclusion, I’d like to (as I’ve often done) emphasize the key point of practicality.  Memorizing a bunch of information is not going to be making the best use of your resources.  Instead, you’ll be better off learning a few things you can actually apply in your interactions.  For example, you’re at a casual social gathering and you meet a warm and receptive girl who within the first 15 minutes of conversation mentions family, a creative outlet and some sort of a social/political cause she cares about.  You also notice that she seems to have good friends whom she’s known for quite a few years.

Having read my article, you know that chances are pretty good she fits the mold of the archetype I just described.  Having read my ebook, you also have a decent basic understanding of how to present your best self to attract her.  You also know that if you don’t click well with overly emotional people, you’ll have issues later on.  On that same note, you also know that if you’re at a point where you’re looking to get a girlfriend or a long-term mate, this particular person may be a pretty good candidate.

I provide the information.  You apply it.  It’ll get you results.