It’s hard to believe that the last blog entry was in 2012.   Nevertheless, this blog on how to attract women is kept alive and online to help guys who are seeking to better themselves.  As for me, I’m not in the business of giving dating-advice anymore, and I’m pursuing other passions in life.

Also noteworthy, I’m in a serious relationship with my girlfriend whom I live with.  How is that relevant to you?  Well, it’s probably not. Maybe you’re curious, or perhaps you couldn’t care less, but the relevance is to the content of the blog.  Being in a serious relationship with someone I’m considering starting a family with has further confirmed all of the blog/ebook teachings I’ve written.

It validates 2 key points that I’ve explicitly written about before.  The first is an axiom I mention in my Ebook in bold letters and the 2nd is referenced in actual blog article I wrote in 2011.

  1. In order to Attract a Higher Quality Woman, You Must Become a Higher Quality Man!
  2. One of the keys to a successful relationship is: Sharing CORE-VALUES.

Article Here:

The above two bullet points are two truisms that one cannot avoid, and nor should any of us want to. I wouldn’t call myself a “relationship expert” by any stretch of the imagination.  I spent years teaching men (very successfully I may add) on how to become better at attracting women, and on how to cold-approach complete strangers in bars/clubs, coffee shops and various locations.

It is comforting to know that all of that knowledge can be applied to creating a great relationship with a woman of your choice that you’d consider having/raising children with.

Core-Values: Let’s discuss the concept:  In the referenced article, I mention that meaningful relationships (This includes friendships with other people) are not just based on commonalities but on sharing deeply rooted core values.

My girlfriend is one of the sweetest, kindest and most compassionate people I’ve ever met.  She is also very intelligent with a great sense of humor. (And finally, I know your mind is wondering:  Yes, she is an attractive & fit blonde!)  The first part of that description is non-negotiable core-values to me.  Kindness, compassion, and someone who is giving are very important values to me.  By giving, I don’t mean some pop music egomaniac who donates to charity so that his PR Firm can go hard to work about what a good person he/she is.  That’s pretentiousness and deception.  Ugly values to me.    By “giving”, I mean someone who has a genuine desire to make a difference in their relationships/community for the better.   While looking physically attractive is not a core-value, the desire (discipline) to do your part to eat well and exercise are!  (Taking on the onus of self-responsibility for yourself is a core-value.)

You have to decide what core-values are important to you in your relationships.

Here are some examples of Core Values:

Loyalty, integrity, compassion, kindness, desire to grow, desire to learn, desire to be your best, determination, honesty, open-mindedness, optimism, reliability, helpfulness, fairness, flexibility, family, spirituality, Generosity, and so forth.

This is very personal and you best know what appeals to you.  These are not meant to be children fairy tales that sound good on paper.  As individuals, we must know WHY certain values are important to us and perhaps even more importantly: We must possess the same values we seek in others.

If you’re an honest person, you already know from life experience that hanging around a person who is lying/conniving and deceitful is disastrous.  Similarly, if you’re a lying prick, then you shouldn’t really list honesty as a core-value you seek.   It’s an obvious tongue in cheek example, but you get the point.

Things aren’t always so obvious though.  If you have a strong desire to learn new information and reshape your beliefs based on wisdom gained, you’re probably not going to get along with someone who has certain beliefs who is never ever going to question how he or she came to subscribe to those beliefs in the first place.

It’s the core-values that determine our compatibility with others in romantic relationship and friendships.   So let’s say you’re an avid fan of a sports team, could you be friends with someone who is a fanatical follower of the rival sports team?   Hard to believe, but yes, of course.  Hey, you could even be friends with someone who does not like that particular sport at all.

Sports, hobbies, commonalities bring people together.  Core-Values help us create a bond with people we do meet in those various endeavors.

The topic here is not that complex yet, if we look back at our experiences, we find so many examples of incompatible core-values in our relationships of past years.  It could have been in high school, college, random friends, colleagues, people we dated, etc…   Most of us have probably known a person or two whom we helped quite a bit, and when we needed that person for something (even something simple), that particular person seemed to have no desire to extend a hand or help in anyway.  It’s a basic example but a common and applicable one.   It was then that ugliness of mismatched values revealed itself.

If you’re like me, you did a dumb thing and repeated that mistake again with another person thinking it’d be different.  It wasn’t.  So we learn the hard way and that’s part of life.

A little awareness and reflection helps us integrate this concept subconsciously.  Pretty soon, we don’t have to consciously think “Does this person share my values?”   We know!  Actually, you know within a short time of meeting someone (based on your level of intuition and evaluated experience).

My relationship with my girlfriend the past 2 years has really solidified this concept.  Relationships with boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse are going to have difficulties at times; there are ups and downs along the way.  Having shared core-values helps get through the tough times and create a more joyful experience.  That leads to a happier life.  Relationships/friends with people don’t possess the same core-values are doomed to fail.

Simply put:   Life is a lot more joyful when you can spend more time with people who share your core-values.

In the next few months, I’ll be updating the blog with some older articles.  Some of them go back almost 10 years, but the information is still relevant today as it ever was.  I never posted these articles, but will post them for benefit of readers.