The Story of, Dick, In The Seduction Community


Richie was a good man, meant well, and had a group of friends he hung out with.  Clean cut kid, 22 years old and fresh out of college, he found himself still struggling to get girls.  Sure, he had his cast of friends, but he was never the popular kid in high school.  College was an improvement but it still didn’t get Richie consistent results.  He was a very likable kid his friends would say.   Unable to attract girls he desired and feeling the frustration of one too many Saturday nights alone, he sought to find a solution to his dilemma.   He took refuge on the Internet.  Spending time alone, he finally succumbed to it.  He did a Google search one lonely Friday night.

There he was, doing an Internet search on “How to attract girls” and he stumbled upon the…..(drum roll please)…..”Seduction Community.”  He found a site named “Fast Seduction” filled with advice from various gurus.  There was a plethora of advice from gurus all around the globe who all had online handles and clever pseudonyms.

That’s how Richard came to the seduction community. He voraciously read every piece of advice and went out to try it.  Whatever he had done up to that point hadn’t really worked, so how much worse off could he be?  He couldn’t get worse.  So he read, and went out talked to girls.  He started posting on the forums and kept a log of his track record. He started having some success.  He finally had something to say to girls and could strike up conversations with them.  Hey, this stuff was giving him some results!  Finally!!

The guys providing the advice referred to themselves as “Pick Up Artists” abbreviated to   “PUA” for short.  The people in this community loved acronyms and there was no shortage of them to find.  Religiously, Richie read and practiced the advice of the PUAs, as these were the greatest self- touted ladies men across the globe.  Richie wanted to meet them.  Who wouldn’t?

That opportunity arose when a famous pick up artist came to town to speak for free at a small lair meeting.  This was Richie’s chance to meet a guru in the flesh.  This was the time. This was the beginning of meeting famous PUAs.   This speaker was not just a PUA.  He was an “MPUA” [Master PUA].  Apparently, that’s a higher echelon of pick up artistry.   He went by the online name, T.D. (Short for Touch Down.)

  • Interior- Day time- Gathering inside a dimly-lit room.

We see 20 poorly dressed guys sitting around anxiously listening to Master “Pick Up Artist, Touch Down” Speak.


Touch Down [TD]:
My name is TD.
Do any of you know why that is?
That stands for Touch Down!
That’s because I score with 99 out of a 100 girls I talk to.
Can any of you do that?
No, because you’re all lame assess.

Richie is excited.  Wow!  Imagine that!  99 out of a 100!  The mythical Greek Gods couldn’t and wouldn’t claim such numbers.    Suddenly, he is snapped out of his Daze.  TD is speaking to him!

Take a look at that outfit.  Would a hot woman ever be caught
with a guy dressed like you?  No…  You need to wear something edgy.
Like a fishnet mesh shirt.
What is your name?

Richie realizes he has been chosen.

My name is Richie, Sir.

See, there you go.  You answered my question too fast.
You’re once again showing you’re a lame ass.

Sorry, sir.

You lame ass.  Don’t apologize.
You aspire to be an MPUA? You should never apologize.
Alpha men do not apologize.

Richie is confused.

Your name is lame.  How do you expect to get a 10 with that name?
Your new name is PUA Dick!  Dick is short for Rich,
but also has a sexual connotation to it.
Do you think a hot girl would date Richie??


Richie takes a moment to think.  He is not sure where this line of questioning is headed.

Answer my questions immediately.
Don’t pause too long, it shows weakness.


Rich is now really confused.

Richie is a weak name.  From now you’ll be called Dick.

But I like Richie.  All my friends call me by it.

Shut up.  Do you want to get laid?
Many powerful and Machiavellian men have been named Dick.
Tricky Dick Nixon, Dick Cheney, Dick Hussein.

Awww, I am pretty sure it was Saddam.

Shut the fuck up.  Never correct an MPUA. Did I not tell
You know why I am called Touch Down?
Because I can score with any woman I want anywhere.  I can walk outside
and get and any  model as a girlfriend.  You’re a lame ass.
You’re an expert?  You read history books?
While you’re busy reading your history and biographical books,
I am busy getting laid by supermodels.    Don’t ever correct me again.
Plus Saddam means “Dick” in Iraqi language.

OK.  Thanks for the help.

There you go again.  You’re such a lame ass.
You show weakness and lower value by saying thanks.
If you want to be an MPUA, you need to drop that.
You’re now PUA Dick Striker.


So Richie became a Dick.

Immediately fascinated, Richie stars immersing himself even more in the seduction community.  After all, thus far, he has learned a few good things that have helped him.  He now starts studying every piece of information he can get his hands on every different camp.  He studies a method popularized by someone named “Intrigue.”  He learns a style of “Insulting Asshole” by a character named Michelangelo.   He studies post by a snobby PUA called  “Fashion.”   It all starts as innocent fun trying to meet a few girls.

Unknowingly, something weird happens.  Something, deep, dark and ugly that completely sneaks its way in under the radar.  Along the way, he adapts the mindset, belief systems, and mental processes of the people whom he admires. He worships these people.   He believes them to have the keys to happiness in life.  He feels a strange loyalty because now Richie actually has met girls, gone on dates, and even has had sex with some women.

Richie is infatuated with the Pick Up Artists.  He takes on their personas.  He adapts their beliefs.  He looks at the world through their eyes.  Little does Richie know that he is adopting the mindset, beliefs, and behavioral patters of people whom he admires, are those of sometimes-deranged people.  They range from manic-depressive, to suicidal, to superficial, to unhappy manipulative sociopaths who plot and plan their every move.

Richie no longer has any of the friends he had before he entered the community.  His friends all call themselves “PUAs” and they have their language.  Richie has stopped all his hobbies.  His new hobby is posting field-reports, getting back to his friends to compare notes about what girls they met.

Pretty soon, Richie is unhappy.  Richie is depressed.  Richie develops paranoia, always anxious about what people are trying to get from him.  He looks at everything as a mechanical process, as though he were a programmed robot.   Someone sneezes, and Richie says, “Bless you,” and immediately is proud of himself because instantaneously thinks to himself, “Hey, I am giving Value” but then he worries he was being Beta. Paranoia sneaks in his head.  “Would an Alpha male say Bless you?”  Perhaps it’s showing Lower Value.  Fuck!  It’s all so confusing.  His thoughts are turning on him.

Someone is over at his house and the poor bastard has to take a piss so he asks Richie to use the toilet.  Richie thinks, “Whoa, this dude is now taking value from me.”  It does not occur to Richie that normal well-adjusted human beings do not think this way.  Full-blown sociopaths do.  Rich has taken on sociopath thinking.

Richie is really unhappy.  See, Richie is NOT really a sociopath.  He is a normal dude with emotions who just needed to become better with girls. He is actually a good dude, and is a likeable person.  He just needed to tweak a few things, but he got caught in a trap.

He got caught in the trap of thinking that he needed to adopt the personalities of the people who helped him.  So he did, and now he is just as miserable as they are.  Wait, he is more miserable.  A true sociopath can coexist with himself on some level, in the same way a con artist can somehow sleep easy at night after having robbed an elderly retired couple of their life savings. Richie, AKA PUA Dick Striker,  has sunken in really deep.  Every time he sees a woman, he feels like he should do an approach.  When he does not approach a woman, he feels weird and incomplete.

  • Exterior of tall building- Weekday Morning – Day Light

**Today a woman was about to jump off a building to kill herself.

Richie, now known as PUA Dick Striker, sees the attractive woman on top of the building looking to plunge down.  Dick is anxious!!!   He feels like he should have tied a bungee cord around his waist, jumped with her, and asked her during the plight, “I need a quick suicidal sinking female’s opinion.  Who lies more, men or women?  Quickly, you only have 5 seconds of free fall left.”

Unfortunately, Richie did not have a bungee cord as part of his PUA-Kit. He had to make room for an extra pair of New-Rock boots.  He never had a chance to open a conversation with her.

He is feeling anxiety. Not opening the set has given him a horrible compulsion.  He thinks to himself,

(Richie’s inner thoughts.  Voice Over.)

Man, I should have opened that set.  That woman hit the ground,
Splattered across the pavement of Broadway, and I didn’t get a
chance to open conversation with her.
Now, I won’t have a chance to open her ever again.
The paramedics just Cleaned up the pieces.
I can’t even tell my friends about my new
Day-game bungee approach.  Shit!  This sucks!
Why did I hesitate to go up on the buidling?
I think jumping off a building would have been a great DHV.
Wait…. I should have negged her,  “I like the way you jump.
But really your form needs to improve or I am not dating you.”

No!!!  No!!   Wait!!
Maybe I should have used some “Insulting Asshole”  from Michelangelo:
Nice jump.  Is this your first time?‘   With a little smirk!
Then I would have been cocky and funny!!! Insulting and Asshole,
AND since I may have made her chuckle, I would have been
giving VALUE!!  It’s all about giving value,”
Fuck!  Why didn’t I do that set?  PUA Fashion would not be proud of
me right now. He would have found a way to do the set.

Dick is distarught over not having ever “Opened the Set” before the girl jumped off the building.  He talks to his buddy in the seduction community, “PUA Copycat.”  He tells PUA-copycat about what happened.

  • Interior- Day time-  All You can Eat Buffet Restaurant

We see Richie, (Dick) having a conversation with another proclaimed Pick Up Artist.  PUA-Copycat is a disheveled obese fellow.  Yet, he runs a blog where he critiques PUA performance.

Dude, you definitely fucked up.  You should have approached her.
I am sure you have heard of Mr. Strauss? He goes by “Fashion.”
Fashion would have gotten the girl.  In fact, Fashion would have
pulled a threesome with that that girl.  That’s how good he is.
He is the greatest self-proclaimed PUA in the world.
You got nothing!  He would have had a 3some!

How the hell would Fashion pull a 3some menage-a-toi in that situation?
You’re saying he is a necrophilliac?

It’s simple really.  Fashion would have paid for that girl to be cremated.
Then he would have poured the ashes on the bed as he fucked another
girl on top of that.  That’s a 3some!  That’s all that matters.

That seems wrong, man.  Not to mention disgusting….
Sounds like necrophilia

No man.  It’d have been necrophilia if he’d fucked
a corpse.  Ashes don’t count as necrophilia.
Fashion is just that good & clever.

Seems kinda wrong still to do that to someone.

Now, you’re just being negative.  No more negativity man.
Keep it positive.  Plus, this is all part of  “The Game.”
Are you a PUA or not?? Huh!
Are you?


Two weeks pass by.  Dick is unsure. He has mixed feelings about what had transpired and his reactions to the event. He has some remorse.  He hears some news.  One of the most famous gurus in the entire community of Pick-Up Artists is coming to do a book signing in New York City at Barns & Nobles.  He has just released his new book chronicling his experience as a pick up artist.  It’s a NY Times best seller called,  “Struggles of my Game.” Being released in German as “Mein Spiele Kampf,” or rather, “Kämpfe meines Spiels.”

In fact, this is the famous “FASHION.”  (Aka, Mr. Nigel Strauss.)

  • Interior – Night Time- Huge Book Store

Dick attends the book signing to converse with his hero, Fashion,  [Nigel Strauss] who has released a book. Dick excitedly tells of the account to Fashion. Fashion is excited, his ever scheming biddy eyes are proud. He responds!


Fashion [Nigel Strauss]
Awesome man!  Awesome!  That’s a great story. If you’d gotten
A make-out, it would have been better.  But still, a great story.

But lately, I’ve been having second thoughts.  Let’s say I had that
Bungee cord, and I was next to her! Perhaps I could have grabbed her
and saved her from hitting the ground.  Maybe I could have helped her.
Maybe I could have saved a human being’s life.

Did she give you any IOIs?  Like did she ask for your name, or
ask you any questions?

Um…. Er…., no, but.. like there wasn’t any time for that.
She was plummeting pretty quickly.

Then, no way!  Saving her life would have been a DLV.  That stands for a
“Demonstration of Lower Value.”  You don’t want to be low-value.
The right thing would have been to NOT grab her and keep “Sarging.”
Or perhaps use her as warm-up set.

Part of me feels bad, Fashion.  I feel like IF I had
my PU bungee cord, I could have saved her
for other reasons.

What other reason could there possibly be besides fucking her?

I can’t help but think that
Maybe I could have saved a  human being’s life.
Maybe she has a family, a father or a sister who misses
her right now.  Maybe she had dreams and
Aspirations, and then just took a wrong turn somewhere.
Maybe she could have turned herself around and achieved
Whatever it was that she wanted to achieve.
Maybe I could have helped another human being out.
She is a human being, man.

That’s just AFC talk. PUAs do not speak this way.
Only chumps and beta men speak that way.

But Fashion…

No ifs or buts. In fact, give me back my signed copy.
You’re holding it in contempt.  Here is an unsigned copy.
You do not deserve the autographed copy of Fashion’s book.
Leave my book signing now.

Dick is further confused. He can’t understand why the people he looked up are such full blown sociopaths.  We’re not talking a case of mild sociopath tendencies, torturing cats and dogs and the like.  No!  We’re talking Full blown sociopath..   Dick is really confused.

Dick is a combination of angry, depressed, and paranoid.

Dick takes refuge in self-help. He watches the Secret.  Now, he goes around preaching like some modern day Born-again.  He spouts off Tony Robbins quotes.  He jumps from one self-help book to the other trying to figure out how to see straight again.

A month goes by.  Dick is still torn.  He is feeling remorse and guilt for not having saved someone.  He hears that perhaps the most famous of all the Pick-Up Artists is in town.  He goes by “Intrigue,” A tall lanky man who likes doing mysterious Magic tricks. Intrigue is the man!  He is Pick Up Artist who taught Fashion-Strauss originally. Surely, he is wiser than the rest.

  • Interior- Night time – Busy Night club -

Dick has a rare opportunity to talk to an MPUA, Intrigue.  Intrigue is an MPUA who has his own TV show on MTV.  He is adored by millions of men, at least in his own mind.   He is a tall lanky guy wearing a fuzzy hat with goggles placed on top of the fuzzy hat..   Dick tells Intrigue about his situation and the girl who jumped off the roof.


(looking philosophical and serious)
Your solution is simple.  Was she a 9 or 10?


(Looks Very Pleased.)
Oh, I see.  Very good.  I assume she must have been an HB11 or HB12.

Ummm, what the fuck is an HB12???

(Very serious now)
That’s a woman of particular beauty, whose beauty is so great
that a 10 cannot possibly define her.  For this, we must raise the
scale to an 11 or 12.  This is for women of high quality,
like strippers, and porn stars.

Don’t they have a reputation for having lots of plastic surgery,
wearing 20 pounds of makeup and being dumb?

They’re HB 11s and 12s.  End of argument. It’s what Intrigue likes!
It’s the Intrigue-scale and method.  I am Intrigue, it’s my scale.
Thus, it’s the Intrigue scale.

Well.  If  5 is an average looking woman,
then I’d say ……she was a 7.
She was attractive.  I thought she was really cute.

Then you made the right call by not opening her or
Saving her.  We are not in the game to open
or save any thing less than a 9.
You have nothing to feel bad about.  Now, leave and go sarging.

But…. She is still a human being man…
Maybe I could have…. ….

No!  This is the law of nature.  It’s evolution.  We are hardwired this way.
A woman less than a 9 does not have enough value.
You did the right thing.


Richie is further depressed, confused and miserable.  He goes out on Friday night, makes out with two different girls, gets invited to her house, things escalate, and although he doesn’t get laid, he feels like he is king of the world.

He goes out on Saturday and doesn’t get any make out or “Solid closes.”  He goes home miserable.  He thinks of himself as a loser, a piece of crap that failed again.  He spirals downward to misery because this cycle keeps repeating itself.   In the meanwhile, he has nightmares about the conundrum he faced, the tragedy he has witnessed and feedback he received from the Master Pick Up Artists.

A few weeks pass by.  He gets a phone call from someone who runs a pick-up workshop-training outfit.   There are so many these days.  This one is called Pickup Training Academy.  The pick up artist identifies himself as “Casino Man” and speaks with an English accent.


Casino Man
Hey, this is Pua Casino-man.  I am the head trainer for the PTA.
We wanted to see if you’re Interested in teaching workshops for us.

Why me?

Casino Man
Mate, we heard about your idea about bungee cord situation and
How you were going to open that chick that got splattered.  Brilliant man!
That’s the kind of creativity we need.  We’re already putting a PUA product together.
It’s how to open suicidal women, and the DVD comes with a bungee kit.
It’s great marketing and we want to have you on board
It will be labeled as the “Dick Striker Bungee Opener Kit“.

But I am more convinced than ever that I should have saved her, instead
Of merely attempting to open her with an opinion opener

Casino man
You’re just having a temporary set back.  All PUAs go through this phase.
It’s called being R.E.A.L.  Readjustment even after the lay.  It’ll go away though.
So you on board, mate?  We can start marketing the
“Dick Striker Bungee Opener Kit” next week!

Richie has a choice now.  He could start teaching for Casino man and his Pick up Training Academy and sink further into depression, misery and the cult of bullshit.

But instead he opts to become Richie again.  Go back to his normal friends, keeping the knowledge he learned.  Richie decides to give away his outlandish clothing. He is reminded of the goals he had before he was sideswiped and sidetracked by the community.  He is now able to go out and not care about not getting a make-out.  He is able to enjoy people’s interactions for what they are.

He is able to sit home with 3 or 4 of his buddies and watch a football game, drinking a few beers, and enjoy the time he has.  He finds that he has learned skills that enable him to meet and attract women, and he is able to approach women in various circumstances.  It’s time to go back to normalcy.  He starts calling his old friends and tells them about his plight.  They accept him back with open arms.

Dick drops the name Dick Striker,  and becomes Richie again.  He submits his copy of “Mein Spiele Kampf” book by Nigel Strauss to recycling to help the environment, throws away his gay-outfits in the trash can, and keeps around a few of the dating products he had purchased, the ones he feels gave him good pointers and helped grow to be a new person.

Dick is gone, along with the fishnet shirts, the thoughts about DHVs, Negs, and being Alpha ……….  Richie is back.  He is just Richie.  Able to enjoy the company of his friends, male and female alike, pursue his goals and lead a mentally healthy life….  He has learned valuable skills, enhanced his life, and knows the hidden side of the community and its unspoken message:  Don’t become a dick.