“I think you’re right about your theory there,”  

Swinggcat tells me during a phone conversation several months back. 

 ”Really?  Which particular theory?  What happened?” I ask him.  

“Last Night I was at club ****** and ran into [very famous] PUA and his girlfriend.  Started talking to them…………………..   and all I can say is, I wasn’t sure at first, but you’re spot on man…….” 

-         Flashback to 3 days before the above conversation. 

Josh [Swinggcat] and I are having a conversation about women involved within the seduction community and I tell him my theory.  “Women who are fascinated by the seduction community fall into 3 categories, man.  You’ll be hard pressed to find one who does not fit one of these 3 categories.”

 What are the three categories?  Well, let’s define whom I am talking about first.  There exists a small percentage of women who are absolutely intrigued by the Seduction Community.  They know the characters, and the names. They follow the plot lines and the drama, and they seem to enjoy it.  Some teach, some date, and some just loiter around.  They fall into the following 3 categories.


  • Category 1:  The Opportunist [AKA The Charlatan]. 

 She has found a mean to make money from unsuspecting guys who will pay her money for dating advice.  Who knows how she found the place, except that now it’s a source of income.  Often times, this person is a pure charlatan looking to make money.  Her advice is suspect at best and she can’t really do much for anyone, but she knows how to play the angle of “Hey, it’s a Female giving advice so it must be better” very well.  In the end, she is no different than some of the boys giving dating advice.  (Yep, the very same ones who couldn’t get a woman if they walked into a whorehouse with a dump truck full of gold bullions from Die Hard 3.)  Though she plays the gender-card in her marketing, she is no different than other charlatan-esque dating coaches looking to make a buck.  A swindler out to take cash from your wallet!


  • Category 2:  The Groupie. 

  This is the woman who is absolutely fascinated by the pick-up scene.  She can’t stop talking how great the scene is, and she can exchange trivia knowledge about its history and quote excerpt from Neal Strauss’ book. Neil’s book may look like the Bible, but this woman treats it as though it really is.   Given the chance, she will sleep with any bonafied PUA.   Sometimes, “Pick Up Artists” have a groupie become their girlfriend.  What they don’t realize is that she is with them because of his PUA-status.  She’ll very easily cheat on him sleep with another guy, so long as he has the same PUA Status.  After all, this is the way of the groupie. 


  • Category 3:  The Job Seeker

  This is the woman who otherwise would be making 10 dollars an hour while stuck in an office somewhere.  She latches on to a so-called “PUA” because it’s an opportunity to have a job and travel.  She is not necessarily manipulative.  She meets a guy and likes the fact that he pays for her to travel to different countries meanwhile earning better money than she would have gotten otherwise.  It may be meager pay, but it beats working as a customer service rep at the AT&T cell phone company taking customer service issues from angry clients.  And hey, you get the travel the world.  Out of the 3 categories, this is probably the most respectable person. She is not ripping people off or conning them.  Sometimes, the job seeker is simply looking for a meal ticket. 



 Hence, 99% of the time, when you see a woman deeply entrenched in the pick-up scene, she’ll fit one of the above mentioned categories, (or a combo of the two.) It’s a fascinating phenomenon that I have repeatedly observed.  Granted, there may be an exception, and that’s why I gave it the 99 percent designation.  

Back to Swinggcat:  He meets the famous Pick Up Artist and his full fledged girlfriend.  She doesn’t pay much attention to him at first, but she soon learns that he is the one and only “Swinggcat.”  His character was heavily mentioned in Neil Strauss’ Book and he was the one who was often going out with Neil in the early days.  Her eyes light up!  She is intrigued!  She knows his described role in the book better than he.   She continues:

You were so and so in the book!  Before Neil moved to Hollywood, he was in Santa Monica, you were the one who was often going out with him.   In the beginning chapters of the book, Neil often talks about how you………..”

Swinggcat is taken aback.  The disinterested girl is now a parrot who can’t shut up. Her praise of him knows no bounds.  He tells me, “Ya know, I got the feeling, she’d easily go home with me.  I don’t want to cause drama, but if that dude wasn’t around, she’d go home with me in a heartbeat.  Your theory is spot on.” 

 This second category leaves ya with mixed emotions.  You take the Charlatan for what she is: A con-artist of sorts trying to make money.  You take the Job Seeker as someone who is looking for gainful employment.  The Groupie leaves you with mixed emotions.  On one hand, you’re disgusted, and on the other, you feel bad for them.  There is sympathy there.  You’re disgusted because she may have had sex with someone like Neil,  and you also feel bad for them.  Guys who come to community get here because they need help on some level, (social skills, getting over baggage, etc), and if a woman is here, she needs that helps ten times as much as the guy.  

 In some ways, you think the most respectable person is the charlatan out of the 3.  Then again, you wonder what it says about a group of people whose best and most respectable representative is the Charlatan???

To go one step further, what does it really say about the perception of “Pick Up Artists” when these are the type of women you draw to yourself?

I probably should mention my personal experience of direct correlation.  Anytime I’ve met a girl who is worth keeping a round, she has hated the community. The more they’re “Girlfriend” material, the more they hate the seduction community. Granted, this is a small sample pool, because normally I don’t tell girls about the community.  Yet, the reactions have been so traumatic that it’s something you can never forget.  The scope why they’re so disgusted is outside the scope of this Blog entry.   Perhaps, a good topic for another day.

What does it mean to you?  Well, if you’re taking advice from such persons, then evaluate it and weigh the merit of the advice.  IF you genuinely feel that it’s benefiting you, then by all means, continue.

If see a guy who wears being a “Pick Up Artist” on his sleeve and his entire social lives revolves around talking “Pick Up” and “Game,” then you ought to understand a few things about the girlfriend he is parading around.  Most likely, she is somehow making money from the endeavor (Teaching workshops, assisting/traveling for free, etc,) she may be a groupie, and she very likely does not have a group of normal friends to hang with.  

Common observations of a Pick Up Artist’s girlfriend that you’ll run into.  You may observe a combination or all of these below (and keep in mind none of these are critical of anyone’s physical appearance):

  • May not speak English very well.
  • May be from a 3rd world Country.
  • Seek gainful employment
  • “Will teach Bootcamps for food”
  • Doesn’t really have many other options,
  • No circle of her own friends, (unfortunately)
  • No seemingly normal circle of people to hang with
  • Can discuss “Game” but can’t really discuss anything on a more global scale.
  • May have heard of Barrack Obama somehow, but probably has no clue who Joe Biden is.

 What if you start dating a girl who is into the Seduction-community?  You’re probably screwed, as discovered one of my acquaintances….  He had ordered dating material to get help, and somehow, his girlfriend got a hold of it.  She became more fascinated with it than he, and long story short (without giving out details), she slept with a bunch of  PUAs and may even be assisting in teaching workshops somewhere out there….  (Actually, she is)

 Henceforth, if you happen to start dating someone tomorrow, and upon seeing a copy of the “Game” on a bookshelf, she starts salivating, then you’re in trouble.  It’s not that the book is evil. It’s well written and it’s entertaining.  The subject matter it covers, is not appealing to a female with a normal psyche.  (At least, not on the level of becoming obsessed.  It’s a fun read and that’s about it.)

Anyhow, if you do get involved, do so at your own risk.  Far be it from me to try to prevent you from having a happy relationship with somebody, but if she is fascinated with pickup….. let’s just say, I did caution you. 

 The Swinggcat incident occurred sometime around last October, and truth be told, I wrote this Blog post months ago.  I just never posted it.  A phone call from Sinn a short while back that started with, “I just have to say, you’re 100% correct on your theory” was a hint that perhaps it’s time for this post to actually be printed.  It was a sign from the Dating Gods…..

 It’s almost like you have to add this to the door test from Sunny in “A Bronx Tale.”  It’s almost safe to add the “The Game by Neil Strauss” test.

  “Listen to me kid.  If she read that book or other related works from ‘Pick Up Artists’, and she thought it was cool or fascinating, you dump her, and you dump her fast!  Get rid of her.”


 Immortalized words of Sonny live on.