I did attend the party that followed the Douchiest Evite of the Centuryy, even if I arrived there pretty late.  I was running around all day, and by the time, I arrive to the party, it was close to 1 AM. I considered not going, but I had to go and see.  Part of me felt compelled to see what would follow the prelude of what was the most socially-retarded Evite ever sent.

 What kind of crowd would show up to this?  What sort of individuals would read that and still attend?  Are they all Bloggers too?

 I arrive at the party late and I come across a handful of acquaintances.  One of them informs me that I missed the first wave of people, and what I am now seeing is the second wave.  They’re all the same types, so I didn’t really miss much.  I come across the host, (yes, the very same man who authored the worst evite ever.)  He is friendly and cordial.  He is not a bad guy, and I don’t believe he has terrible intentions.  He just doesn’t know any better.  He simply does not realize how socially repulsive his evite is.   Some say, maybe he does, but he doesn’t care. He has gone the community route of “Having a Strong Reality.” 

Remember the ass-less chaps guy I mentioned going to a White House Party in a different blog Entry?  The invitation mentioned previously is the Evite equivalent of wearing those Ass-less chaps to a formal White House Party.   Behaving like an idiot with a strong reality is not pleasant.

The thought crosses my mind that I ought to mention something about the Evite.  It’s really not my place to comment on that evite, as I don’t know him well enough.  People who call him “Friend” ought to inform him of that notion, but really, they’re too involved with wanting to be in this party. (And not being axed from future parties.)

 Interestingly enough, the party had a club vibe to it.  It felt more like being at a nightclub than at a house party.  Normally, in a house party, people have a raised level of comfort and it’s pretty easy to chat with anyone, male or female.  In this party, it felt like you were approaching women at a nightclub. 

The reason for that was that it was the same crowd you’d see at the nightclub.  They had taken a night off from clubbing to attend the douchefest.  Since the supreme leader had gone out of his way to create a club-environment in his Evites, the element wasn’t far removed.  “Don’t dress as though you’re in a sport bar/there is valet parking and etc” led to a very nightclubish environment.

 Interestingly enough, there was a plethora of Asian women as well as many Eastern European women.  This is interesting from a sociology perspective.  Most human beings are money/wealth compliant.  It’s to what extent we take that adherence to be compliant is what creates the divide. 

 For some reason, women in Eastern Asia and women from certain Eastern European countries possess a higher degree of forgives for unacceptable behavior from a rich person than do most women.  Simply put, they’ll put up with a douchebag far longer so long as he has money. It’s a phenomenon that I’ve repeatedly observed.  It’s not to say that American women don’t succumb to this.  There was the fair share of the L.A club Skank apparent at this party too.  However, for the most part, Americans and Western Europeans will show lower tolerance for idiotic behavior by a guy who has lots of cash to his name.  If you’re a multimillionaire reading this, one who enjoys acting like an ass, you may want to make a note of that.

 The Supreme-leader felt that the party was absolutely delightful.  He sent out an email expressing how pleased he was.  No one trashed his house nor did anyone start a major fire in the Los Angeles Hills.  Apparently, the bar isn’t set very high as far as the party attendee crowd is concerned.  So long as you don’t commit arson by accident and don’t trash the place, you are considered a quality ambitious guest.

Quick excerpts from the Supreme leader, with my comments in brackets:

That was AWESOME. You kids were so much fun.
A party is only as good as its crowd, so thank YOU for coming and helping to make my Birthday Party last night what it was. It looks like a lot of you made a lot of new friends.

As you all know, I always try hard not to offend anyone’s sensibilities, but some of you bitches are just so stupid that it doesn’t matter what I say, you’ll be offended anyway, even though I try so hard.

[Where do you start with this one?  Is he trying to be funny? Is he just trying to put the record out of reach by compounding the already douchy Evite with the follow up?  This is like trying to hit 80 Homeruns in one baseball season to just put the record out of reach...]


 I have to say it, I am so fucking fortunate to be surrounded with such high quality people in my life. It’s rare to find the right combination of fun, intelligent, considerate and respectful in people, especially in LA, but last Saturday there you all were. People kept remarking at the party about what a great crowd I had; I don’t take these things for granted; you kids make me so proud ;)

 [Again, the bar isn't raised too high.  Not being an arsonist and not trashing the place constitutes as fun, intelligent and respectful.  The supreme-leader is once again pleased....]


Looks like a lot of great connections were made. I’m already hearing of new friends hanging out, watching Jeff Goldblum play jazz, going shopping together, going to the bathroom together, etc.

 [The Supreme leader is further pleased!  Word is traveling on the street, and the Supreme leader has minions and narks who keep their ears close to the ground.  He hears things, and from his mansion, he can keep tabs on the pulse of the streets.  He is pleased that some low sef-esteem drunk dragged another self-esteem individual home.  And of course, Jeff Goldblum?  Lest we forget him! Watching Jeff play Jazz is on top of our all our lists... right next to sitting butt naked on a hedgehog. Nevertheless, a classy touch!] 


That really was a lot of fun, and I’m glad you guys had a great time. I’ll probably throw another smaller party soon. I overstocked on alcohol, and I really don’t drink, so I need to get rid of this shit. Who wants to help?

I’ll see you bastards soon,

[I threw the last paragraph in to show signs of normalcy.  Like when he can turn away from his community programming, he can resemble a normal person.  It's when he loads the community programming in his brain, that he starts becoming socially weird, added to an arrogance brought upon by having money.]


So that concludes the socially-repulsive Evite for now.  I’d get more into it, but I am sort of tired of talking about it.  It’s fun to goof on because it really is an interesting cocktail: Part unwarranted arrogance,  Part socially weird behavior induced by the “Seduction Community”, mixed with trying ever so hard to be the coolest guy on the planet.   

 You combine that together and well, the results speak for themselves in the Evite that is ever so entertaining.  It’s been fun to goof on, and as the English say, we’ve been having a good time “Taking the Piss out of him.”  All that aside, the dude is actually not a bad guy.  He got sucked into community bullshit and its way of thinking.  Add that to a controlling personality and it’s a mess.  If he relaxed a bit more, learned to incorporate humor in a non-threatening manner, and gave a bit more respect to people he calls friends, he’d draw a better class of people to his life.  As for now, he is stuck in his ways, and none of his intelligent friends and “Kids” have the inclination to tell him otherwise.