While in Europe this past August, I spoke to a group of guys who were dedicated to learning more about dating and attraction.  They had a wide variety of questions and I am guessing some of their questions/concerns echo your thoughts and concerns!

This is basically underground footage.  

  • No High-Def camera,
  • No fancy-schmancy lighting or sound,
  • No pyrotechnics,

Just sitting in a living room answering questions straight up to a group of guys who are dedicated to become more successful in dating women and improving themselves.  If you know my style by now, you know that I don’t pull any punches.   I speak my mind on what I believe and I think the information will benefit you as well. 

Important Note before you watch: The language is GRAPHIC at times so if you’re easily offended by such language, you probably shouldn’t watch.  Then again, if you were that much of a pansy, you wouldn’t be reading my blog to begin with! 

Question: A student of “The Game” wants to know what type of women “Gurus” date and why.

This is a great question and if you’ve read my stuff before, you know that I am a huge advocate of understanding archetypes and demographics.  This is a topic that most “Gurus” would not want to touch with a 10 foot pole, but you guys read my material because you want the straight up truth, without any of the hype.  Here are some things covered:

  • What type of women do gurus date?
  • What type of women does Neil Strauss date?
  • What type of women does “Mystery” Date?
  • What is a “Demographic?”
  • Where did “Negs” come from?
  • How “Methods” are limiting you!!
  • What is your type of woman?
  • How can use this to garner more success in the field?

Understanding the concept of demographics can enable you to achieve the highest level of success.

This is PART 1 of the video.  [This is the first half.]   

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Stay tuned to see part 2 on this blog.  If you want to see MORE of these clips, you can click here to get the links to all of the other videos (as well as a free bonus PDF and a free MP3 Download.)  


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