The 3-year Check Point. Dating Perspective.


Welcome to the spectacle, a new system of dating, a new method of picking up women, and well, a whole bunch of bullshit piled on top of each other.

I come across guys who have been around the seduction community for years and years, jumping from system to system, becoming infatuated with the latest guru, and then repeating that cycle all over again.  They are a little better off than when they began but they still don’t have the results they want so they look for a new idea to latch on to.  Heck, the may even join some disgraceful concoction that starts with the word “Project.”

If you have been involved with the seduction community over 2 years (maximum 3), and are still in it trying to learn more pick up, you need to STOP right now, and take a good look at yourself in the mirror.

Think of “The Seduction Community” as a vaccine.  Most people don’t seem to have any idea how vaccines work.  A Polio vaccine actually has the Polio-virus in it.  It’s an injection of polio-viruses that are weak, dead or on the verge of dying.  They can’t make you sick, but introducing them to your immune system allows you to create “Anti-bodies” to fight that particular organism.  Thus, if at some point, you do contract the Polio-virus, your immune system remembers the DNA structure of the intruder and is to combat it.

But you take that vaccine ONCE when you’re a child.  That’s it.  You don’t take it every 3 months forever.

Let’s do a better analogy.  Imagine if you have some grotesque looking thing growing out of your skin that’s absolutely disgusting.  You use 3 sessions of Gamma Radiation to fry the bastard and then you move.  The Radiation was helpful in enabling you to achieve something, but then, you DO NOT go back for treatments once a week/month for the next few years.  That sort of radiation would bring down all sorts of diseases and potentially kill you.

That’s exactly what the seduction community is meant to be:  A Small dose of needed radiation to help you overcome something.   It’s Gamma Rays that serve a very specific purpose in small doses until the problem is eradicated.  Then you stop receiving the radiation and move on, because otherwise that very thing that started helping you can also destroy you.

Hence, if you have been in it for over the 2-3 year time period, and you feel like you are still searching for answers, still seeking help, still jumping from one seduction “system” to another, then you have to stop, look at yourself from distance and ask why you are in that particular predicament.

It’s not that the issue can’t be fixed.  It’s that the remedy may be wrong.  Imagine you have a car that has severe engine problems and you keep giving it new paint jobs.  It’s not going to run any better.  It’s not going to perform any better despite how many super waxes you use to polish it.  Gotta fix that engine man.

Often times I meet guys at various seminars or meetings and they’re there seeking the answers to their problems.  And there is no shortage of people trying to sell quick fix answers.  A guy approaches you to tell you about some issue he has and he starts off by shaking your hand, except he gives you one of those weird soft shakes, one of those shakes with such little pressure that it feels like he is holding a jelly filled donuts and doesn’t want to squash them.

From the soft jelly-donut holding handshake and his eye contact, you know that he has dug himself a hole starting out any interaction.  It goes beyond women.  That handshake could cost him employment after a job interview.  It could cost him an admission to a college after his interview with a faculty member.   No one wants to teach social-adaptation skills, but they’ll want to give that same guy NLP patterns and embedded commands he project into a woman’s brain so that he could infiltrate her psyche.  OR that same guy now wears a fuzzy hat, carries a 5th grader’s lunch box looking like a goth reject.

It’s fucking silly.

Oh, and let’s not forget the opposite of the jelly-donut holding handshake guy: It’s the guy who wants to take your arm off because he heard a strong handshake is appealing and attractive.  He thinks crushing the other person’s hand wins you respect.  He isn’t doing too well either.

These are really simple examples, I realize.  It’s to illustrate a point that there are fundamental  Social skills that have to be learned.  There are also limiting beliefs that must be eradicated and replaced with empowering beliefs.

Back to the original point:  If you’ve been in this past 2 or 3 years and still find trouble in approaching women, having a decent pleasant conversation, then you have to take a look at yourself and what it is that you ought to improve.  You have to dig deeper, and yet, concurrently realize that the solution is not embedded within a system of “Pick up.”

I won’t be doing much more in-field coaching anymore.  I am tired of it, and the idea of taking guys to a bar with me so I can talk to women while they watch and take notes does not appeal to me.  If I do decide to teach workshops in the future, it’ll probably be something based on providing solid-foundational-social skills. There are 100s of guys chomping at the bits to teach you how to attract women with their fancy systems, and yet not a lot of people who want to teach core skills that are really almost necessary to possess.   Notable exceptions being guys like Sinn and Stephen Nash who do emphasize certain social skills as part of their curriculum.

The point is this: If after 3 years, you are still having issues with talking to women, maintaining a normal conversation, and attracting them on some level, then take steps to fix the issues.  Well, how do you fix something, if you don’t know what it is?   Good question. I’ll tell you what it’s not.  It’s not Pick Up.  The new flavor of the month guru is not going to solve your issues.  Some guy walking around telling you how bangs porn stars, or another guy walking around telling you about how he is just “Indifferent” is not the remedy.

It may be that you need to increase your core skills or it may be that you have certain limiting beliefs about yourself and your own self-image of who you are.  One place to gain those core skills is my Audio product. Regardless, take sometime to fix those iissues, and get that part of your life fixed.  (And no, you’re not going to gain “innergame” through spending an hour with someone who tells you to shrink images, make them black and white, while enhancing other images in your mind.)

What if you are having some success but find this stuff so fascinating that you want to learn new systems all the time?  That creates a whole set of new problems which I’ll save for another post all together…..  For the time being, let’s get back to the basics.  The point of the Seduction Community is to enable you to learn certain skills, develop certain attributes, at which point you leave it behind, moving on to other endeavors.