So we are 10 days into April and the 60-Day challenge is really kicking my ass.   Not going out on the weekends is tough.  Yesterday, on Friday, it was even tougher.  A few days before, I had received an email invite to a birthday party at a club on Sunset blvd.  The email was from a girl who was hosting a birthday party at this club.  I had met the girl who invited me at a movie theater, but that’s not even important right now. 

 The Birthday party was for Playboy Playmate, Spencer Scott.  Truth be told, I didn’t know who she was either, but a quick Google Search turned up the following:


So there it was….  To go or not to go…. And it’s not that I’d be going to meet the birthday girl, but it’s that you know an event like that on Sunset Blvd is going to be filled with a LOT of attractive women. Granted, most of the girls in that scene are people you want to pursue anything serious with, but as a man you still want to go. It’d be a fun event…

 To have attended that outside the establish parameters would have violated the 60-day challenge in its 2nd weekend.  (And I thought about the old, well, I can start the challenge AFTER this weekend trick) but really, you can’t fool yourself.   I am also guessing that some guy may stumble upon my Blog while sitting in a basement somewhere in a small town in Nebraska yelling in sarcasm, “Yeah, it must be so tough for you Teone.  You can’t attend a Playmate’s birthday party because you are on some dumb challenge.  Wow, you have it rough.” 

 The 60-day challenge is not just about bars.  For me, it’s about establishing new boundaries and grasping new found knowledge.  It’s about seeing things from a different perspective.  Already, 10 days in, I’ve made quite a few realizations.  Only 10 days in, and I’ve experienced a small epiphany of sorts.  It’s not from the actual act of not going to these places.  It’s the actual mental switch that takes place. 

Anyhow, all that notwithstanding, not going to that party last night was really tough.  There will be plenty more parties later.  Time to get back to work.