Barry Kirkey & Project Hollywood


 It took 4 years, a trip to India, meditating with nut-jobs who weren’t allowed to speak all day, living with a horrible girlfriend, and putting out seduction-obsessed community induced demons behind him, but Barry returned to LA.

 If you do not know who Barry is, then you are probably familiar with his character as personified in Neil Strauss’ “The Game.”  He is “Extramask” otherwise known as 26.  Out of all the guys I’ve met, he is probably one of the few who is a friend.  Back in the “Project Hollywood” days, we didn’t get a chance to hang out doing normal stuff we wanted to.  There was the famous weekend road-trip Barbara, but aside from that, I had a full time sales job during he weekdays and weekends were filled with “Pick Up” programs.

 While everyone thought living in Project Hollywood was the lifestyle of Kings and Noblemen, in reality, it was a nightmare for Barry.  He fled the scene, traveled for a few months, and went back to his hometown.  We’ve kept in touch since then, and it was good to finally catch up again in person.  And yes, we did goof on the scene and some of the ludicrous nature of it all, but most of all, it was good to be able to hang out, and do normal stuff.  Suddenly, the days of peacocking, outlandish clothing and extreme haircuts see like looong ago.  I think the ONLY thing we did not discuss the entire week Barry was here was the topic of dating tactics  and how to attract girls. 

 Speaking of Dating, however, I do have a miniseries of Blog posts coming up that you’re going to salivate over.  It’s on the topic of Party-Girls, what they are, what drives them, how to identify them, and finally, how to deal with them.   Stay tuned for the multi-part detailed series on Party Girls.  Perhaps, you’ll learn more about party girls than you ever wanted… And it’s all Free!

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