Party Girls – Conclusion


Let’s contintue with more real world guidelines and practical tips on interacting with Party chicks.  (And by the way, you are receiving more valueable information here for free than workshops you’ve paid 1000s of Dollars for.)  So with that note, let’s talk more Real-Life Applications!


  • Tip # 3: Dealing with Drama

I briefly touched upon this in part 2 but let’s talk about how you deal with it.  Keep in mind that we are way past an initial cold-approach here.  These girls could be ones in your social circles or someone you’re dating.

Everyone is bound to have a bad day here and there, and they’re entitled to vent to get it off his/her chest.  With party girls, it’s never ending.  There is drama in everything, and everywhere regardless of how irrelevant or minuscule the situation or dynamics.

Whether you’re out on a date, or just talking to one at the club, you have to learn be to non-reactive to the drama of this archetype.  It sounds simple enough, right?  In reality, it’s a bit more difficult to be non-reactive to the bullshit drama thrown at you.  This mistake, I’ve made quite a few times.  You’d think you’d learn after the first mistake, but nope.  Well, I definitely didn’t.   I think most of us are conditioned to want to be helpful, or perhaps it’s our human instinct.  It’s noble and it’s dignified, except when it comes to this archetype of person.

The biggest mistake men make in this situation is giving in to the hero complex.  It plays out something like this: Party chick starts drama, guy tries to be the hero who “Helps” her, he becomes worse for it, she forgets about and moves on with no real resoultion to the matter.   The best thing you can do, specially if you’re a 3rd party who is not even involved in the matter, is to leave it alone.  Ignore it.



  • Tip # 4 – Expect Flaking.

Yes, this is going to happen.  At first, you may be disenchanted that the person is not being honorable, or perhaps they’re not “keeping their word.”  That’s a normal reaction when you operate under the umbrella of those value.  In dealing with party chicks, (And Party men), you’ll learn quickly that their word means nothing.   They meant to come join you, and it was certainly their intention when they sent you that text.  It’s just that something providing more stimuli presented itself.

You could have been engaging back and forth in various texts and things seemed fine.  Two days later, you send a couple of texts and you get…………nothing.  It’s not personal.  A bigger stimuli presented itself.  That’s all.

There is a silver lining in all of this.  Remember that you’re operating on different value systems equivalent to speaking two different languages.  So while YOU perceived the lack of reply (or the flaking) as a rejection, that’s not really how it’s perceived by the party chick (or the party dude.)  They just sort of forgot about it.

So let’s say you invited a party-chick to a house party and she agreed to go.  Then, on the night of the party, she is a no show.  You can ask her to the next event again next week!  The key is to do so nonchalantly and casual about it. This may seem like you’re chasing a bit, and you probably are.  However, if your social currency is lower, then sometimes that’s what it takes for you to get laid with this kind of girl.  And yes, let’s be honest, you’re not pursuing this archetype for a relationship.  You are not looking to make her a girlfriend or even date her.  You’re doing it for sex.  Let’s not kid ourselves here.  Well, welcome to the jungle.



  • Tip # 5: Understand the Social Value Scale:

The last paragraph segues to the social currency scale.   Most party girls are good looking, and even physically average looking party girl at age 22 is going to have more social value than a man at age 22.  It’s just the way it goes.  How do you best engage this archetype?

Well, go with your best foot forward.  But you gotta realize what your best foot is.  Also, realize that the gimmicks you learn in many “Methods” of pickup are designed as artificial tools to provide a temporary illusion that you hve high social value.  Whether it’s a neg, a cocky funny insult, pretending to be a rockstar, preteding to be whatever…

Good looks, a nice physique, money, connections, resources, all play a part in the social value scale.

You’d be better off as a douchebag who brags all the time. While socially unpleasant, it can serve its purpose.  It won’t win anyone high quality circle of friends, but it can win you low self-esteem women.  Guys who deal often with this archetype have found ways of upping their social values.

I’ve seen it all. Well, may be not “All”, but quite a few variations.  The following are different types of characters I’ve come across who use some sort of social leverage to gain an edge:

Rolling Stone reporter, porn-business guy who can you porn jobs! American in foreign country;  White guy in an Asian country, drug provider, connected guy, club promoter guy, porn-producer guys, fake producer guy, real actual producer, after-party guy, broke drummer of shitty band, actual retired drummer of good band, big fish in a small pond guy, small town guy from town’s influential family, the bad ass, the bad boy adventurer, drifter with an edge, flat ass broke but con-man charming guy.

At bars across various States of the Union, from CA to NY, I’ve met some form of the above.

A big party of the perception of you by others is going to be Fueled by your attitude as well.  Unfortunately, you can’t fake this one.  Well, people try but core-confidence cannot be faked, at least not in the long term.  It’s not sustainable.  Having a high self-image of oneself is going to pay good dividends in this matter.

Without the proper attributes, this knowledge will only partially help you.  To develop the attributes, you know where to go… Well, I’ll make it easy. Click here:



  • Tip # 6:  Perspective.  Look at it for what it is.

This has been a lengthy series on the archetype of Party-chicks.  You may have various perceptions of such girls but it’s important to know that they’re not good or evil.  The acquaintance partygirls I’ve known over the years are not some sort of evil people.  They’re a bit self-absorbed, too concerned with their social value & hierarchy, and too much in need of constant attention regardless of where they’re at.  They may not be the sharpest tools in the shed, and they won’t win any intellectual awards any time soon, but they can be fun to hang with. They can be friendly and fun and you can even learn a thing or two from the way the move their way in social situations.

As the evil judge once said on the classic Rodney Dangerfield movie, Caddie Shack:

“The World needs ditch diggers too!”

And the World needs party girls.  Have you ever been to a bona fide Rock Star’s house party?  A real Band that is notorious for their tendency to party, (like a Motley-Crue type of band)?

Neither have I.   But I’ve heard stories.  It looks like something like the morning-after scene from the recent comedy movie, “The Hangover” except without the Tiger.  Want girls to do naked hot oil wrestling and then snort cocaine off each other’s tits?  A normal girl with dignity and self-respect isn’t going to that.  Party girls will.  Party girls will do almost anything so long as you are cooler than they are and have more social value.

Remember this motto: The Party girl who is a bitch to you, is someone else’s bitch.

That simply means this: A party girl may act standoffish towards you if you’re in a position of being deemed uncool, and yet 10 minutes later, she’ll be doing lewd acts even the government of Mexico would frown upon. Yes, there is a need for party girls.  We want them in the same way we feel for the desire for plastic beer cups, or disposable hand wipes.

So while guys complain on one hand about party girls, they don’t seem to mind the actual partying part of the equation.  Can’t have it both ways. If you like to party with this archetype, then you’ve gotta learn how to deal with such persons.  The other option is, spend time with a different type of person.

You may read the article and think that you are poor at attracting such women. First question you have to ask is, do you really want such people in your life?  If yes, then learn how create the proper social milieu.  As difficult as it may seem to get such girls for you now, it’s that easy when you tip the social scale in your favor.  Such is the nature of the beast.



  • Quick Recap:
  • Party girls seek constant high stimulus environments. (loud clubs, alcohol, drugs, etc)
  • Conversational Topics are very limited:  Partying, Gossip of various forms, Shopping, alcohol.
  • Bigger Better Deal.  They will upgrade to the next highest bidder who can provide more stimulus? What, better drugs?  I’m there.
  • Difficult to maintain conversations with depth.  Will not ask personal questions often.
  • Seek Attention all the time.
  • Social value is of the utmost important to them.
  • Ignore the drama that is bound to happen, (repeatedly.)
  • Don’t take flaking as rejection.
  • Don’t fall for the obvious sexual baiting
  • Have Fun
  • Don’t take it seriously.  It’s not that big of a deal.
  • Have fun and be cooler than they are.


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