Guidelines for Interacting with Party-Girls


 OK, Cameron, this is like an inside expose on party chicks.  I love it, but how do I use this information?

 Good question.  Well, first you have to learn to spot the party girls. You do so through their mindset, behavior/actions and speech.  

 If you need a review, read the colossal guide to Party chicks part 2, as well as,  Part3

  Well, right off the bat, you’ll spot the ones that are just screaming “party chick.” These are the ones who insist on dancing on the table tops, making out with their other female friends, flashing their tits at guys, and various other attention whoring activities.  Those are the obvious.  A blind man could see them a half mile away. 

 But then what if you’re talking to some girl at a casual house party and it’s relatively early.  She isn’t drunk and she hasn’t gone into the full party mode yet.  You’ll easy decipher from conversational topics.  The topics revolve around partying, getting drunk, shopping, drama with their various friends, back to parting and getting drunk.  You’ll notice that after talking to her for 20 minutes, you really haven’t really discussed anything of substance.   

 You’ll also find that most of the conversations revolve around themselves.  “I, I, I, Me, Me, Me,” is very common, and upon hearing you’re visiting from Switzerland, you’ll hear, “Oh, wow, my friend so and so was at Interlaken.  She was skiing, snowboarding, and partying all the time!  Fun to party there.”  And we are back to partying again.  They’ll know nothing about the culture.   Or sometimes, they may just ask you, “Wow, how long did it take to drive here?”  That one, you’ll have to just handle on your own.   (And yes, that is an actual response one of my Swiss friends received upon divulging from he was from Switzerland.  You can’t make this shit up)

 Lastly, mindset:  You’ll also find over a length of time that all activities and pursuit lead to high level stimulus.  You may suggest going to watch the Sunset on the Beach, or going to hike in nature, or going to do something relaxing.  Almost without exception, there will be an attempt to switch to some high stimulus activity, “Let’s go to such and such club or event where DJ Jerkoff is spinning tonight.” 

 It’s not some sort of a test, but rather, it’s just what they prefer.  If you happen to like the aforementioned activities, then you just have to find a girl who likes those things as well.  I know that sounds blatanly obvious, almost to the point of being insulting, but that points gets lost.

 I know guys will be quick to point out that, “This is true, but I’ve seen party girls become more relaxed once they have a boyfriend.”  While this can and does happen, the effect is temporary in my observation.  It may be 6 months later, it may be two years later, but she will revert back to the party chick persona, and the relationship is over.  It was doomed.  It never had a chance to begin with.

 Perhaps at some point you will run into the “Party chick engaged into my buddy” conundrum.  It’s a tough one to solve.  You have a friend who is about to an exclsuve relationship to a party-chick or worse yet, propse to her for marriage.  On one hand, you are not close enough with this guy to have a candid “Heart to heart” chat, and you are not distant enough to ignore the situation.  You hope that it works out for the best and they they’re happy together but deep down inside, you know beyond any doubt, that this is a disaster waiting to happen.  Most marriages may have a 50% chance of longetvity, but this one has a 99% chance of failure. 

So you’ve correctly identified the party girl through her mindset, actions/behaviors and words.  What to do next?  How does this change the game plan?

 Most women seem to have a  sexual side of themselves that is roaring to be released in the bedroom.  It’s probably why the old axiom exists.  “A lady out the house, a slut in the bedroom.”  I think given the choice, most men want a classy girl who can carry intelligent conversations with a group at a dinner party, and then turn into some sexual lunatic that looks like she walked out of the best porn scene you’ve ever seen.

 What changes the dynamics with party girls is that they like to wear their sexuality on their sleeve.  They like to flaunt the “Slut” attitude to get them attention.  These are the ones begging for attention.  Move too quickly, and you’re toast.  They’ll push you away and ignore ya.  Don’t make any move and you seem intimidated. 

 To walk that fine line is to exude the attitude of “Yes, I’d do bad things to you that make you scream and pant, but I am really not impressed with your antics.”  (Just to be clear, do NOT say the words outloud.  Exude the attitude.  If you don’t know how, well then, you gotta learn.)

 As for me, I’d like to tell you that I treat all people the same.  I’d like to tell you that I am classy, pleasant, and accomdoating to all folk regardless of how they treat me.  I’d like to tell you that I behave similarly towards all women.  I’d also be telling you a bunch of bullshit.

 Maybe I am not spiritually advanced enough, or maybe I don’t read enough Deepack Chopra.  Then again, maybe this is how a lot of us behave as people until the self-help movement of the past 20 years had us believing that if someone is screwing you, you ought to turn around and ask if they’d like to consume an ice cold beverage for all of their hardwork.

Eitherway, I don’t treat all girls the same.  This is not to say that this is something yoshould do.  It’s what I Do.  Let’s be clear on that.  What you do is your business and it’s your own responsibility.  Stand by the consequences of your actions. 

 Remember that there are some party girls who are fun and some who are just a pain in the ass.  This particular one, who looks like a pain in the ass, was in the news recently.   








 One more photos for fun.  By the way, Anyone, male or female, who constantly flips off a camera
in every photo is pretty much a douchebag. 

 This is the same girl in both photos.  The news people felt like they had to preserve the reputation of the other fine folk in these photos by blurring their faces out.








  • Tip # 1:  Have FUN, and Be Cooler than They are.

 During a conversation, I will determine if the person I am chatting with is a party girl or not.  Pretty quickly, I decipher what type she falls into.  Party girls are easy to spot.  Someimtes, I even know it before having a conversation.  Hence, I’d say things to them that I’d never say to someone I’d actually respected as a person.  (And a few of the girls I’ve slept with, I didn’t really respect.  And to be fair, maybe they felt the same way about me.) 

Party Chick: “Oh my gosh, I’ve been doing sooo many crunches.  I do sit ups like everyday.  Like all the time.  Like I have been taking “Bootcamp”  on Mondys.  Oh my gosh, we do, like, so much ab work.”

 Me:     Well, to be fair, abs are not your issue.  You ought to start doing lots of lunges and squats, baby.  (Friendly, friendly, friendly.  With a smile, not hostile.  Did I mention friendly?)

PC: oh my gosh, can’t believe you just said.

Friend chimes in- Cameron, did you just say, her ass looks terrible.

Me:  Come on.  Don’t twist my words now. 

Friend: Yeah, but you just said…..    

ME:    Seriously, come to the gym with me.  First lesson is on me.  Free of charge.  I’ll show you a good routine that’s going to make a big difference.  (Do NOT engage in an argument.  Pointless.  State your case, move on.  I am the nice guy here! Offering a free training session free of charge.)

 The point is to:

 1. Have Fun
 2. Be Cooler Than They are.

 Now, how you care to conduct yourself to create that dynamic is your business.  You don’t have to copy me.  Timing is key here and you have to know when to say the right thing.  My statements could be construed as insulting and probably will come across as insulting when said by the average dating-advice seeker.  Thus, beware of that dynamic.



  • Tip #2:  You Must Ignore Sexual Baiting for Attention. 

You could make a case that a musician performing in front of 10,000 people is also enjoying the attention from the crowd regardless of how much he enjoys his art.  (By the way, I said “Musician” not some disgusting boy-band or repulsive concoction like Lady-gaga.)

 Receiving attention for something that took effort to create, years of practice to hone is to be appreciated.  Trying to receive attention because you realized you were born with a vagina-orifice between your legs seems just a little bit…. Lazy, shall we say?

  • Wearing sexuality on her sleeve

  Going out of her way to tease you and everyone else sexually.  Dancing provocatively with her girlfriend on the dance floor trying to garner the attention of everyone.  You have two choices.  More often than not, you’re better off ignoring it.  The other option is go in and get involved, if you’re ballsy enough.  They may try to push you away, or reject your advances, but that can’t bother you.  There an entire species of men who score with these types of women solely because they’re aggressive and oblivious. 

 It’s more like watching animal kingdom on disvoery channel than it is watching humans with evolved brains interact. However, it can work, and sometimes, it can work very well!   That is if you have the balls to do it, and if rejected, not give a damn, and do it again with someone else 5 minutes later.  It’s not classy nor it is all that cool, but it can work!  It’s not my style but since it can work, then it ought to be mentioned.

 However, whatever you do, please, do not ever get caught as part of a large crowd of admirers.  If there are two girls making out to attract attention, the last person you want to be is part of the group of guys watching with jaws dropped admiring the scene as though they just saw Aliens land on Planet Earth.

  Is ignoring them going to attract them to you?  Not necessarily.  You see two girls making out on the table tops, and your turn your head away.  This is not a tactic to get them salivating over you.  It’s merely to save you from being the chump bystander observer.  That, they might be intrigued as to WHY you are not smitten by their attention-seeking ploys is more of a by-product of the action than a directly intended result. So, yes, it may work to your favor by arousing their curiosity should they even notice, but that is secondary here. 

 More on tips on the next Article… (part 5)

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