My buddy Jon wrote a good short article recently regarding “Naturals.”  We talked about it during the past week, and it’s concerning the fact that a lot of guys who are deemed naturally good with women exaggerate or embellish their stories to no end. 

 I have a few pals like this and it’s my repeated observation that they love telling stories about how great their life is.  Everything is embellished.  If they went to a nightclub that was nice, it happened to be the one of the hottest nightclubs in LA and consequently, in the world.  If they somehow sneaked their way in, it’s that they were given the royalty “VIP” treatment. 

 And if they actually went on a nice vacation, forget about it. 

  Everyone has things to work on and for me, this has been a particular sticking point. I do the opposite of exaggerating.  I play things down.  Let’s just assume hypothetically that I had just sat at a private dinner function with President Obama last night.  I wouldn’t talk about it, I wouldn’t mention it (Besides to close friend), and you definitely wouldn’t read about it.  It doesn’t matter how cool or extraordinary the event, I’d refrain from talking about to strangers in most cases. 

 Actions are driven by beliefs and in my experience, I’ve always deemed “Bragging” as a douchy thing to do.  It’s annoying and no one appreciates a bragger.  While I don’t aspire to be a bragger, I know that playing things down is not a positive quality either.  In my own mind, I don’t want to be associated with being a bragger and so I take the opposite approach.  Hence, it’s a bit of a personal sticking point for me. 

 What does this have to do with you?  While I am not encouraging you to brag, I am encouraging you to talk proudly about your accomplishments and experiences in life.  Too often, guys taking advice do not take the time to present themselves in the proper light.  Talking about yourself in high regard pays dividends. 

 As a matter of fact, you’re far better off being a bragger than a humble guy when it comes to general dating.  Yes,  you can even take it to the extreme and be a douchebag and still get girls.  I’ve known sleazy characters who made their bragging a full time job.  All the did was name-drop or brag about something they had done.  This particular group wouldn’t have been deemed naturals but they were guys who did OK for themselves.  Brag enough and someone will bite.

 You can read Jon’s article here:

  One of my buddies loves to repeat the same stories about his accomplishments. He is not a bad guy by any means.  I’ve known for years and we have fun when we hang out.  In his case, he does not even exaggerate.  It’s just that within a short time of knowing him, you’re going to know that he once did this or that, backpacked through Europe, slept with such and such model, and so forth,  Should you mention you like Led Zeppelin, he’ll tell you that he was there in 1975, Front row center.  It’s all true, and he is going to mention it to ya. 

 At this point, it’s automated.  I don’t think he deliberately thinks about doing so.  He just does it.  It’s his Modus Operandi.  Good guy, fun to hang with, and if you got into a physical scuffle, he’d have your back!  True to form, he’ll tell people the next day about how he had to put a beating on some chump in the bar.  As I said,  it’s a repeated observation and it’s worth mentioning.

 I was passing through AZ last week and got a chance to stop by to see Jon.  We did talk about this article, and then after some good sushi and happy-hour priced beers, we went to watch an 80s hard-rock cover band.  Gotta love 80s Hard Rock cover bands who dress up in costumes.. That and sharing a beer while there….