Johnny Soporno’s Epic Reply


Here we go!  Johnny “So-Drama-Porno” replies in epic fashion:

Here is Johnny’s reply & it is amazing.  Breath taking some would say!

Let’s review first: I write the man a private email, an honorable one, calling him out for being condescending.  (Which he knows he is.)

Even then, he still can’t help himself from being condescending, so after being CALLED OUT for being condescending, what does he do?

- Write an email that’s his most condescending to date!

If you read the email I sent to him, you noted two points of contention:

  • Being condescending and belittling those around him
  • Constant games of 1-up-manship to place himself above others in some hierarchy

Basically, using advanced manipulation tactics on people who teach social dynamics.

In his reply, he quotes part of my email.  My original email is in normal black color indicated by arrows.

Johnny’s replies are in quotes, in brown color,

My commentary is in blue …


Hey Cam,

Thanks for taking the time to respond; I feel much better having heard what you have to say :)

When people began sending me reports of your being disloyal and backstabbing, that got my attention, so I wrote to you directly, to prevent this getting stupid.

All Hail the King!  All hail the King.  “People sent him reports of me my disloyalty.”

If you know Johnny, you know that he is a stickler for the English language. No verb, pronoun, adverb or adjective is used by accident.  Every English Word is planned out carefully. Reports of Disloyalty have a connotation of hierarchy.  Wait, what did I write to him in my straight up email?  Oh, that’s right.  His games of 1-up-manship become tiresome after a while!  It drives people away.

So he can’t even help himself in the 2nd paragraph from starting off with reports of disloyalty.  By the way, it wasn’t a person!  There people, as in plural, who decided to type up reports and have a courier take it to the fearless leader.


>>> Hey Johnny,

>>>Your anonymous emailer makes a lot of assumptions.  There are a lot of people in the “Pick up/ Dating” business I enjoy joking about including “Mystery.”.  I don’t hate them, but the weirdness of it all is so rich, it’s fun joking about.

Sure, ALL self-described Pick Up Artists are creepy fucks, and overwhelmingly socially maladjusted, it makes them easy targets. I get that.

–OK, partial agreement on some of the dating gurus.  I wouldn’t say “ALL” of them.  (Anyone else notice the “ALL” in all caps?   Obvious attempt to set himself apart because of the blessed Sed-reasoning. More on that later….

>>>As for the alleged “Potshots.”

The ‘Potshots’ I was referring to which I had been overlooking were nothing to do with the Kirkey show – they were things like your STD comments about your sofa, etc…  and your accusations of my saying “Trust me” to you…

The stuff you’ve said about me on Sinn’s podcast or Kirkey’s show I presumed were just your trying to make ‘good radio’ and since I never listened to them myself, I didn’t care.

—  Sensitive, sensitive.  I made a comment that he & his girlfriend sat on my PUA-sofa, and it has since been tested for STDs.  Well, you’d think he’d get the joke.  His name is So-porno, brags about his various girlfriends who are escorts.  He alleges to have had sex with 1000s of women.   STD joke would seem appropriate.

>>>A) I don’t agree with the “Seductive reasoning paradigm”  I know it’s your source of epiphany, but I find both its reasoning and effectiveness faulty.  I don’t think that’s a potshot.  Just a professional disagreement.

No, that is certainly not taken as a potshot – although I can’t see how it could be a ‘professional disagreement’ either, since it’s got nothing whatsoever to do with any profession we share?   Nor, frankly, to do with any professional or commercial aspect?

— Let’s see:  I SELL Ebooks and Audio products on Dating.  He does Bootcamps that he charges money to teach guys a new dating paradigm, not to mention workshops on how to get laid with women who are “professionals”  {i.e porno participants, Escorts, hookers, streetwalkers, “Crackwhores” and the like.).

Although I can’t quite figure out why you’d pay 2000 Dollars for a Bootcamp to learn to sleep with “professionals” when you can take that money and pay the professional straight up and cut out the middle man!  Oh, only if I understood things better….

Since it’s not a ‘seduction tool’ at all, nor a device for picking up women, nor a routine, I can see why you’d have such trouble comprehending it, since you continue to insist on framing it as though it were.

——Not a routine?  I’ve personally heard this “Paradigm” on at least 3 occasions, not counting the other times, I walked away as soon as I heard him start explaining to women around his vicinity.  Getting past that,  his entire schtick is to have guys walk up to women, sit them down for say………….  30 FUCKING Minutes,  and say, “Hey, I’d like to discuss a new dating paradigm if I may,”  and then explain “Seductive Reasoning.”

I am disappointed that you still feel this way after you’ve had it explained to you so many times, in the most basic possible ways.

I’ll be happy to again try to help you understand it next time we meet, if you still can’t wrap your head around it.

—-So gracious is Johnny.  It’s not that he is could be wrong or bullshitting us.  The rest of us can’t be as intelligent as he.  We just can’t get his paradigm (Which is essentially all women are sluts or whores unless they decide to fuck Johnny and go into the prostitution business.)

Essentially, that is the paradigm and if a woman is falling for this, you really ought to check to see if she successfully received her high school diploma.

>>> B) Being condescending.   Johnny, you’re very condescending to people around you while hanging out with them.

I’m sorry you’ve seen the brunt of that; it’s never my intention to condescend to anyone, but when a person simply can’t or won’t meet me on my level, it is murderously challenging to ‘dumb things down’ sufficiently without it’s being obvious.

—Again, he can’t help himself for the rest of us Neanderthals.  Fuck, we just don’t get it!

What is wrong with us?    If only he could dumb down the paradigm (all women are sluts and whores unless they fuck Johnny), then we could get it.

- Never mind that the condescending remarks having nothing to do with his dating paradigm but remarks he makes to belittle people to establish himself as King.  The most interesting part of this is how everything ties to his dating-paradigm.  My point of contention was that he is condescending to those “Hanging out” with him….

You are absolutely right for calling me out on this.  I have nothing but respect for my peers.  Steve P, Hypnotica. Jamie Smart, Zan, Dr. Paul, Doc, and equiv. men have never experienced my condescension, as I’ve never felt compelled to patronize them, nor even to remain tolerant of their juvenile behaviours.

— OK, so now, not only we are not as intelligent as he, but we are also juvenile.  By the way, equivalent men have never received condescension.  Again, we cave-dwellers are treated differently.  Come to think of it, maybe Zan has never experienced condescension because Zan doesn’t even think about such things, and Steve P. will hit you in the head with a claw-hammer after about the 2nd time.  And as for Dr, Paul: Well, thatguy is creepy enough that fully coherent parents would rather let their children spend the night at Neverlandranch than to be around DP.

>>> At first, I thought it was just accidental, but after prolonged exposure, I realized that it’s very deliberate.

Not so, as a matter of fact. – It’s explicitly NOT deliberate, and now that you’ve drawn my attention to it, I will endeavour to keep it from happening going forward.

–Really?  Out of curiosity, was this email part of that endeavor?  Or is the endeavor a long term plan like Universal Healthcare in America?

>>>Lastly, the most peculiar part of it is that you’re doing this to people who study & TEACH social dynamics for a living.

The only such people to whom I’ve condescended were people who were actively teaching misinterpretations and misapprehensions about social dynamics, particularly stuff which they’ve dogmatically accepted as fact because they studied these teaching of others who were no more insightful than themselves.

—Again, application of misdirection.  He brings it back to Dating Advice, which is clear misdirection and I am sure he thinks it’s clever.  The beauty of this email is that its condescension is layered.  There multiple layers of condescension.  First one is the obvious one, “Trying to dumb things down for us Neanderthals.”

The second one is obvious misdirection which he thinks we’ll never get. ”Hehe, they’ll never see through my misdirection schemes….I am so smart.. I was born seductive reasoning…heheh”

It’s like he is trying to sell a car with a faulty fuel pump to people who are expert car mechanics and when asked about the fuel pump, he talks about the alternator.

As I mentioned, my condescension is reflexive, and ‘comes on’ when I recognize that reason is not an option, and that the speaker knows not what he’s saying, but genuinely isn’t aware of it.

—So again, those of us who have been condescended (me, Barry, Sinn, and list goes on…)  it’s because we don’t know what we’re talking about, and reason is not an option.

The reason for why we were condescended in itself is condescending!  While trying to explain why he is condescending, he belittles us.  Awesome!  You can’t make this shit up!  You really can’t.

>>>Man, you must think the rest of are pretty damn stupid.

You omitted the objective pronoun in that sentence.

This shit is AWESOME!  The Condescension is dripping off the page, onto your keyboard down from your monitor.  Leave it to the king for pointing out my typo.  A typographical error where I skipped the word “Us”

- By the way, Told ya he was a stickler for the English language.

>>> I find irony, in that  for a guy who admonishes “Mystery/Markovic” for using “Negs” andput downs on women, you far outdo him in your fair share of put downs on men. As a matter of fact, for all the times I hung out with him, I cant’ recall Mystery using “Neg” type of behavior around his male buddies.

I can understand that! ‘Negs’ are designed to lower the subjective value of a person who presumes or asserts that they are at a higher ‘value’ than you can be.

With women, I never feel as though their confident sense-of-self  puts them on a level out-of-reach from me – I don’t need to ‘knock them off their high-horse’ to feel I’m on an even footing with them, and they sense this intuitively.


This is amazing.  Please read the above paragraphs a few times.  I didn’t realize the impact of it at first glance. (Shit, personally, I realized on the 3rd time.)  And I’ll tell you what, I felt like a combination of Indiana Jones meets Perry Mason when it all hit me.  Johnny ”So Porno”  subconsciously gives himself away without realizing it.

Read it again and Replace “Women” with “Men.”  Then let’s rewrite the whole sentence the other way around.  Like turning a photograph negative.  Black is white, and white is black.  It’d then read:

But with men, “I feel as though their confident self puts them on a level out of reach for me.  So I need to “Knock them off their high-horse” to feel I’m on an even footing with them, and they don’t seen this intuitively.

Well, think about what he says.  With WOMEN, he does NOT feel the need to knock them off their high horse, which means…..   (Drum roll please…. )   With MEN, he does feel the need to knock them off their high horse….

Whoa! I feel like a detective for a second here.  Or perhaps more like Tom Cruise in  ”A Few Good Men” where he got Jack Nicholson to confess that he ordered the “Code Red!”

Holy Porno Batman!

He unknowingly gives us the solution to the riddle.  He unknowingly subconsciously gives himself away.  With women, he does NOT Feel the need to knock them down in order to feel on even footing with them….. which once again means….. WITH MEN, he does feel that need.

I don’t know whether to be annoyed by him or feel sorry for how he pathetic he must feel to have to resort to this.

With ‘Pick Up Artists’, nearly everything I hear come out of their mouths is so alarmingly misguided and misogynistic, I am continually overwhelmed by the need to pull their heads out of their asses.

-Ya know the expression about people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?   Well….   “Misguided and misogynistic?”   Yes, many pick up artists in the seduction community reek of that.  However, this coming from someone who shows random men photos of various women’s faces with his semen splattered over them? Or encouraging financially desperate women to turn to a career of selling their bodies for sex?   (Which by the way, is an important part of emancipating women in the seductive reasoning paradigm.)

This is the kind of guidance that is chastising the PUAs for misguided behavior and misogyny?

That’s cool – and I appreciate your being so up-front about it :)

I am sure you appreciate it.  Very obvious in this email.

If you get the chance, grab a copy of my interview with Barry – listen to it and make up your own mind as to whether I belittled him at all.  I think you’ll be surprised and impressed by my composure and conduct, despite Barry’s fifth-grade antics. (I suspect he felt that my behaving as an adult while he was being a disruptive and annoying brat constituted ‘belittling him’.)

–I’ve listened to that interview. I don’t claim t be a mind reader but you snickering at him when he said didn’t know what the word “Emancipate” meant that constituted “Belittling” him.  Well, that amongst other chuckles, and little remarks.


Well, there you have it!  That’s good entertainment no matter how you slice it.  And I’m sure there’ll be more remarks about I don’t understand Seductive Reasoning… But all comedy aside…. The sad thing is that I DO Understand.  I do get it, andmaybe that’s the problem.  Maybe if I didn’t get it, I’d accept it like blind people grasping at straws trying to find a cure for their dating woes….

Enough seriousness for now.  Need to go brush up my skills on how to date “professionals.”