The Drama with Johnny So-Porno

Shifting gears for a second here, I am going to switch from Dating-Advice to just Entertainment for a minute.  If you’re seeking wholesome dating advice, the next couple of posts aren’t for you.

 If you’re curious to see what freaks of nature walk amongst us, then you’d be pleasantly surprised and perhaps even pleased.

 Johnny Soporno sends me an email asking why I’ve taken “Potshots” at him.  He alleges that “Someone” sent him an email regarding me.  Johnny would like to know why on the “Barry Kirkey Radio Show”, I’ve said that he is condescending.

 I write him an email that’s very blunt, straight from the hip, and very sincere calling him out on his antics.  I figure he asked and hence, he deserves to know. Man to Man. 

 His reply back is simply amazing in its cantankerous nature.  Suddenly, Barry contacts me and wants to talk about Johnny’s reply  on his podcast.  I then realized that Johnny copied Barry (and a girl named Janine) on his reply back to me.  I can’t quite figure out why he’d copy Barry Kirkey on an email that had nothing to do with Barry. 

 Nevertheless, it’s what he did, and the second he did that, he opened Pandora’s box.  Telling Barry is like Telling CNN or (would it be more like TMZ?), everyone is going to know about it.  He is going to talk about it on his podcast, because it is intriguing and entertaining.  So it all became public.

Since it is somewhat public,I am going to print the email on my blog.  It’s entertaining and even educational. It’s not really even drama.  Just a bit of entertainment. 

Here we go.  Below is my letter to Johnny. 


Hey Johnny,

 Your anonymous emailer makes a lot of assumptions.  There are a lot of people in the “Pick up/ Dating” business I enjoy joking about including “Mystery.”.  I don’t hate them, but the weirdness of it all is so rich, it’s fun joking about. 

As for the alleged “Potshots.”

  1. I don’t agree with the “Seductive reasoning paradigm”  I know it’s your source of epiphany, but I find both its reasoning and effectiveness faulty.  I don’t think that’s a potshot.  Just a professional disagreement. 
  2. Being condescending.   Johnny, you’re very condescending to people around you while hanging out with them.  At first, I thought it was just accidental, but after prolonged exposure, I realized that it’s very deliberate.  You’re not dumb.  You’re a smart guy, so you cannot not know that you’re blatantly condescending to others (Me, Barry, and many others.).  There is no way you can be unaware of the constant games of “one-up-manship” and condescension. I am sure you have your reasons for doing what you do, but I don’t hate you for it.  It is what it is man, but is it interesting? Yes, it’s fascinating to me.  Do I want to be around it? No. 

 Lastly, the most peculiar part of it is that you’re doing this to people who study & TEACH social dynamics for a living.  They can deconstruct what you do down to every bolt and screw within a matter of minutes, and yet you insist on continuing this behavior:  The NLP reframes, slipping in embedded commands, and positioning yourself in some sort of a hierarchy through constant games of 1-up-manship. Man, you must think the rest of are pretty damn stupid.  It’s either that, or that you think no one will ever call you out on it. 

 I find irony, in that  for a guy who admonishes “Mystery/Markovic” for using “Negs” and put downs on women, you far outdo him in your fair share of put downs on men.  As a matter of fact, for all the times I hung out with him, I cant’ recall Mystery using “Neg” type of behavior around his male buddies. 

 So there you have it. It’s NOT for me to tell you or others how to live your life or how to conduct yourself.  I don’t make it a point to talk about you, but if someone (like Barry) mentions being belittled by you, then I am going to agree based on my personal experience.

Take care,



So there you have it!  The personal letter that became public.  My personal philosophy is that if a man confronts you with honor and respect then you owe it to him to deal with him on that save level.  His reply came from a different mindset I suppose.  It’s intriguing and astonishing. 

Stay Tuned for that reply tomorrow…