This is a popular sighting in action films, which I used to make comments to my friends about.  Glad to see someone made a video of this phenomenon. 

 Here it is:   Cool Guys Don’t Look At Explosions


 An explosion of that magnitude is one of the coolest things you could ever see in life.    Well, not to mention that there may debris, shrapnel and flying metallic parts coming towards at a high velocity.  Forget the safety factor, you’re too cool to even look at it from a spectator’s point of view.

 Besides the comedy factor, there is a lesson to be learned here.  The proverbial “Cool Guy” characters in major motion pictures walk away without looking because they do NOT care.  Remember, that article about “Dating 9s and 10s?” I wrote last week?

 Same dynamic.  If she does not reciprocate the effort you put forth, you ought to be willing to walk away (preferably in slow motion.)  And if Mark Wahlberg can walk away from that spectacular explosion (1:25 in the video), then you shouldn’t have to worry about walking away. 

 So how does it relate to dating?  So, you’re not feeling the chemistry with that hot girl.  You’re willing to walk away (without setting her on fire. FYI.)  You don’t try extra hard to try and make it work.  You walk away….  (Btw, I’ve done my fair share of trying too hard to make a cold-approach work, and from experience, I’d tell ya that it’s not really a good idea.)    I still, however, would look at an explosion.

 But then you didn’t get the girl!.  Yes, You didn’t “get” the girl and you don’t really care.

 Your pals and acquaintances may say “Hey man, you didn’t get the girl” and guess what…. You don’t care about what they have to say about it either…   There are a lot of important things to care about in life, but initial approach interactions (and apparently explosions) are not part of them.

 Plus, remember there are tens of millions of attractive women in the world.   You will come across many of them.   How often in life will you see a movie-type explosions that uses 100s of gallons of gasoline to create spectacular fire?  Maybe a few times??  (Unless you’re in a war torn country in which case, you’d still probably choose to duck and take cover). 

 If Wolverine can walk away unconcerned about his beautifully permed & conditioned hair catching on fire, then you can walk away from someone who is not reciprocating your efforts….

Remember that  there are cool guy AREAS you have to walk to…