The Guru Epidemic.


Wise Guru


Gurus are an interesting breed of people.  Quite frankly, I never knew any gurus until I entered this world of dating-advice where I came face to face with a multitude of gurus and they’re not always in dating arena.  There are plenty of self-help gurus out there and it’s definitely a multi-million dollar industry.

The guru-epidemic is fascinating.  If you’ve read any portions of this blog, you know that I enjoy deconstructing behaviors of human beings, as well as looking at the social psychology of personal human interactions.   I’ve enjoyed doing this long before I ever found a dating-advice community.  Some people enjoy studying cells under a microscope, some people enjoy smoking various types of weed, and me, I enjoy looking at the human character, our psyche, and reasons for our behaviors.

And man, let me tell ya, gurus are a fascinating bunch.  They present themselves as these perfect infallible creatures who have all of the answers and underlying that presentation is layered with undertones of “Holier-than-thou” snobbery that’d make an art critic blush.  Perhaps people who have all of the answers feel entitled to a notion of pomposity for the gifts that the universe has bestowed upon them.

I have had a chance to personally spend time with many of these gurus and I am here to report my intriguing discoveries.  When you’re in awe of someone, you don’t see the angles.  At some point, I became of someone of equal stature to the gurus.  Being someone’s equal provides an entirely different perspective.   Gurus have a very unique social behavior that is specific to them, and after reading this, YOU too will be able to pinpoint it.

If you have 5000 Self-help books on your shelf, and you live and breath in awe and worship of a certain “Guru,” you’re about to have your illusion shattered.


  • The Appearance of Perfection:

Part of a guru’s selling point is the “All-knowing” frame.  This is an important part of the presentation because many people who seek self-help advice from gurus are seeking answers.  But it goes far deeper than that and I am going to get to that in a bit.  Stay tuned because we’re just getting started.

To their subjects, Gurus are the embodiment of perfection.  It’s similar to how a 12 or 14 year old teenager has posters of his/her favorite idols.  We all go through that phase, but when you’re 12, it’s part of the process of growing up.  You’re friggin’ 12 years old.  When you’re in your 20s or 30s, (some cases men much older), you have to let go of the concept of a perfect humanoid.

Nevertheless, Gurus present an appearances of Perfection which is so ever appealing to the crowd of folks lined up looking to get a piece of that perfection.

*PS. Hidden Dating Tip: If you’re ever about to date a girl who thinks you’re perfect for some reason, you must admit some flaws about yourself.  Say you met someone in real life or on the Internet for that matter, and you’ve been chatting on the phone lots and she just thinks you’re perfect.  You’re setting her up for disappointment.  You don’t want your date ever being under that illusion.


  • Limiting Time spent with Subjects

Gurus will often not spend a lot of time with you.  You will have been very lucky to get an hour or two of their time. They’ll repeatedly tell you about how busy they are and how much they have going on.  Truth of the matter is, they CANNOT afford to spend too much time.  If they did, most people would become disenchanted with the guru.  They’d see, not only the guru is not perfect, but he is incredibly flawed.  For the most part, they’d see a lazy person who doesn’t do a whole lot, except talk.  Action is sorely lacking.  Talking is profusely prevalent.

Personally, I always have a chuckle when I hear a guru tell me about how busy he is.  Ron Livingstone’s character, Peter, from the movie “Office Space” is a bona fide workaholic compared to most gurus… But the catch is, you won’t get the chance to ever see that. ;-)


  • Gurus’ Mode of Communication

To me, this is the most fascinating part of the social-behavior of gurus.  Gurus do not have conversations or engage in dialogue.  They engage in monologues.  More accurately, they engage in lectures.  It’s a one-sided conversation where they lecture everyone else.  Much like a University professor in a classroom, they have one-sided conversation where they lecture everyone else.  Well, except for that the fact, once the college professor leaves the classroom, he is able to have normal conversation with his friends and peers.

Self-help gurus never leave this mode.  Their only mode is “Lecture” mode where they will tell you how things are.  You could even be meeting them as equals on the same plain (Which in this case does apply to me), and yet they go to their lecture mode.  I find it fascinating, (and let’s be honest, their behavior gives me comedy material.  So I sit back and listen.)

If you’re skeptical of this, I’d invite you to have an encounter with a guy who claims to have started the “Seduction Community” by the initials of RJ.  10 Minutes is all you’ll really need.


  • Gurus Do Not really have Friends.

I know.  Shocking, isn’t?  Am I really serious about this one?

Well, this one is really simple: If all you do is lecture people, what sort of people are you going to keep around?  Anyone worth a damn with decent self-esteem who has something going for himself/herself is not going to stick around very long.

Only highly insecure people are willing to stick around and spend time with someone who does NOT consider them equals.  You don’t have to be Einstein to figure this one out.  You’ll observer a multitude of lackeys, cronies, and yes-men surrounding your favorite guru.

By the way, WTF!  What’s with the friggin’ Asian assistant?

yes, I assistant to Guru.

Some “Gurus” have an Asian assistant  Now, this is usually an Asian guy with a very thick accent who is very submissive.  I’ve yet to see an assistant was born and raised in the United States.   There are actually a few such gurus in the Seduction Community with such minions.  They have an Asian assistant who runs errands for them, keeps track of their appointments, and does daily activities.

These people are not paid any money or if they are, it’s minimal.  (Properly paid people would be employees.)  These assistants are people who are under the impression that if they hang around the Guru, somehow through osmosis, the guru’s perfection can rub off on them.  Hence, they offer free labor for the opportunity to be in the vicinity of the guru and be part of his life.   Pay close attention and you’ll see the Asian Assistant three steps behind the guru.  The assistant is a lackey who is virtually a free secretary.

If you step away to look at it from a distance, you’ll note that this is very much a Master- Slave relationship. It’s a bit sad, but really, that’s what it really is.  It may be a willing slave not held captive against his will, but he is still a slave being treated like a 2nd class citizen.


  • Gurus Cannot Function Well In Normal Society.

If you’ve been following the article thus far, you know that gurus like to spent short amounts of time with people whom they can lecture, who in turn will not challenge them.  For this reason, most gurus cannot function in a normal house party, (Of course, there’ll be some exceptions always.)   By the way, we are not talking about a frat-party full of drunken 21 year olds.  It could be a sophisticated party.  It doesn’t matter.  Gurus are NOT used to people who assume equal stature to them.  They feel out of their element, and if they cannot lecture you, they will not participate.

Furthermore, a lot of gurus are just pretty fucking ignorant.  If they cannot talk about their one specialty (be it dating or whatever), they have nothing to say.  You could start a discussion regarding a hot current event such as providing Universal Health Care for all Americans.  They’ll have nothing to say because, well, they don’t know anything about it either way.   Take a guru to a non-assuming down to earth dinner party, and notice how they start to sweat like a whore in church.  They’ll have a very difficult time making small talk (that normal people make all the time)  about how the New Orleans Saints won the SuperBowl a few weeks ago, or anything else for that matter.


  • Gurus will shun you if you disagree:

This is the greatest cloak-and-dagger trick gurus ever pull. They will never engage you in a discussion.  First, remember, that you are NOT their equal, so you’re really not in a position to disagree with the wise being.  If you do muster the courage to do so, you will fall out of favor with the guru and be shunned from the group.  You’re exiled and ashamed.  The majority of this blog’s readers are pretty smart people.  The blog tends to attract intellectuals, and some of you may think you can easily disprove a particular guru, but you’ll never have that opportunity.

The one thing a guru will never ever EVER do is have a discussion based on reason, logic, and rational.  You want a concrete example?  OK, here you go:

You have an equation that reads as follows:  (2X + 10=20)  Solve for X.    Simple algebra tells you that X would equal 5.   But then, a guru may tell you a variety of numbers and you may try to prove to him that X equals 5, but you’ll never get the chance.

You’ll be met with Vague references such as ,  “You have a scarcity mindset”  or “You don’t come from a place of Abundance.”  Hey, if you did, you’d know that X can equal 55, 21, or negative 5.  Only if you understood the “Laws of Abundance.”    (FYI, This is pretty much the point where the guru will walk away from you, by the way.)   A guru may tell you about “The Secret” and the “Genie in the universe waiting to take your order,” but the moment you challenge him, you’ll meet personal attacks, “See, that’s why you are where you are in your life.  Because you haven’t tapped into the genie yet.” The number of fallacies in the logic of that statement is so profound, it’d require its own article.

You could try to reason, but it won’t work.  You may say, “But Ol’ Wise guru, I attempt to build a bridge.  If my calculations are off, the bridge will collapse and result in great tragedy.”  They’ll tell you that you don’t have enough faith, and perhaps you’re not confident enough.  They’ll find something along those lines and then walk away from you.

A Guru cannot afford to engage an intelligent person in a discussion based upon reason, logic, and a scientific approach.  You will be shunned immediately using the methods above.

The one thing a guru will never do with ANYONE is engage in a discussion of reason.

  1. Most gurus sell fluff.
  2. Even the ones who believe their own fluff still KNOW that they are not analytically blessed individuals.

Luckily for the gurus, this situation does not come up.  Why?

  1. People with high self-image do not hang around them.
  2. People, who do stick around, are submissive to them.
  3. The submissive folk run the risk of falling out of favor with the guru, so they won’t challenge him.

That’s the beauty of being your typical guru:  Lack of accountability.   In a war, they’d call you a war-criminal and attempt to put you on trial.  In a guru-ship, they call you enlightened, and put you on a pedestal.

Just make sure most of your teachings are VAGUE statements that sound enlightened but could never be pinned down to anything specific.  You won’t be challenged, and if you are, you throw your vague teachings at them, and then ostracize them from the group.

So the guru will go around and just throw fluff out there. Sometimes there are truisms mixed in there to give you the appearance of legitimate philosophy.  Truisms are important because they satisfy people’s need for a tiny bit of rationale.  One self-proclaimed lifestyle guru (I’ve known personally) will actually tell you verbatim,  “The most important thing you have in this world is your time!”

REALLY?  No kidding?  Was this the same excerpt taken from the same speech given to “Son of Jor-El from Planet Krpyton??”

Because maybe, these are earthlings  out there under false of impressions of immortality?    So, we needed reminders of this?  I could see how Superman (Son of Jor-El for the comic book challenged) would need a reminder every now and then.  He is immortal and bulletproof and so he could become complacent.  I think the rest of us are somewhat aware of the importance of time spent alive.

But this truism makes people have that typical enthralled reaction of “Uhhhhhh, ooooh”.   Heck, sometimes the proverbs might even get a slow-clap from the followers similar to the one Pacino’s character gets at the end of the “Scent of a Woman” (where he actually does make a compelling and thought provoking speech.)  [By the way, I admit it, I love the ”Slow-clap” in movies.)

Sometime the philosophy could even be a helpful to an advanced person, but useless to a beginner. Let’s say you just wanted to learn to throw a few punches and started a boxing class for the frist time in your life.  They’d teach you how to throw a “Jab” and a maybe “Cross.”  A few weeks later, they’d teach you how to throw a “Hook” punch and you practice those combos.

A guru-equivalent would tell you that you just need to come from a place of abundance and need to go of your scarcity mentality.  That doesn’t change the fact that a jab is a jab, a cross is a cross, and a hook is a hook.  No matter how you cut it, you need to learn those basics at some point.  If your social skills, or Financial skills, are broken then you need to fix them, one step at a time.

You need to learn how initiate conversation, or learn how to start spending less & saving more, and so forth.  Baby steps, one step at a time.  Simple, devisable formula to get you going.  Fluff rhetoric sells and it’s guaranteed to have you back (Because it’s not going to solve your issues anyway.)  Hence, the real challenge at hand is formulating an actual plan that starts with some frame of reference.

If you want to grow your business, you need some sort of a reference point where you are, and a strategy that you can properly execute to get to the next level.  Sounds really simple, but sometimes, we can all get lost in the fluff.


You won’t fully realize the impact of this article until you do come face to face with a  guru one day.  At that point, you’ll probably scream, “Holy crap!  It’s exactly like what Cameron said.”  You’ll probably note that the guru will immediately take a position of higher authority to you on all issues, ignore subject matters your bring up which happen to be out of the league of his guruship, and he’ll shun you if you assume yourself his equal.  He will answer you with vague ambiguities that sound cool but due to their vagueness could be interested a 1000 different ways…

And hopefully, having read this article, you’ll have a good laugh instead of feeling slighted or snubbed!  Just realize that you’re dealing with an individual who can’t have any real friends or meetings of the mind with peers… because he can only lecture his ever attentive & thirsty subjects who yearn more for the juice the guru wishes to feed them.


Come on Cameron.  The picture you paint is not very flattering.  Why would people worship these individuals?

The reason for why people flock to the gurus is an interesting social phenomenon by itself.  I’ll get to that in the next article where it becomes even more interesting and twisted…  Stay Tuned……