The Secret To Never Being Rejected by Women


How To Get Girls Without Ever Being Rejected Again!

Have you ever had a moment where you felt rejected and ashamed?  Where there were butterflies in your stomach and you walked away with your head hanging low feeling like you were going to projectile vomit from the shame of being rejected by that girl you liked?  You felt like a total loser.

Remember what a piece of shit you felt like?  Well, you never have to be rejected ever again.  With my new system, you’ll never have that shame.

And if you send me 500 Dollars right now, I’ll share my inner most secrets, only held for my inner-sanctum club members who must sign an affidavit that they’ll never share this information with anyone again.


I bet you have seen that catchy headline in big bold letters before, haven’t ya?  Hey, I’ve seen it without even trying.  I am sure you’ve seen it a few times.  Quite frankly, some dating gurus do believe in that. (I’ll get to that later)

So then, how about Never Ever Being Rejected Again?

Guess what?

It’s bullshit.

Yep.  Sorry, I’m the one who has to burst that bubble, but you’ve gotta admit you were a bit of a sucker for believing that headline to begin with.  Before I discuss the dating aspect of all of this, you’ve got to wonder:

How did our society come to be this way?  Some would argue it’s rise of fanatical feminism, the emasculation of America, others would argue it’s the lack of father figures in the lives of the modern day men.  Well, let’s leave that philosophical discussion for a different time.

Regardless of who you are, somewhere, sometime, you’re going to have to deal with rejection.  It may not even be a person. I’ll get back to that in a minute as well.  But first, I want to share a story.

Several years back, I came across a girl at a house party who was a cocktail waitress.  She has just moved to Los Angeles from Las Vegas.  She had various tales of working in one of the hottest Casinos in Vegas.  However, there was one particular story that shared three different times!

Her claim to fame, the story she liked to repeat, was that while working at the Bellagio casino in Vegas, Matt Damon had hit on her.

Did you go out with him?  What happened?”   People curiously wondered.  Inquiring minds wanted to know.  I mean, it’s motherf**king Matt Damon.  Do tell!

To which she proudly and boastfully replied with a particular roar:

“NO way!!  He is so not my type”

I know!  I am with you!  Chances are your initial reactions were similar to mine!

Your initial gut reaction is to think “WTF?  Matt Damon wouldn’t use your hair to wipe his ass if he were fresh out of toilet paper after engorging for 3 hours at the Bellagio buffet.”

Then you have to allow cooler heads to prevail and realize that this is a statement born out of insecurity.  One that she had to repeat constantly and then mention on top of it that he was not her type made her feel better somehow.

It dawned on me at some point that she received more gratification from having rejected Mr. Damon than had she gone out on a date, (or perhaps just to his room for a shag.)  Now, she can be boast about having rejected Matt Damon.  A lot of girls may talk about having slept with him, but how many can proudly boast about rejecting him?

Yes, people’s psyche can be a bit screwed up.  That’s not the point of this story.  (And by the way, this is a true story from about 5 years ago.)


Not Good Enough........


The point is, at the end of the day, Matt Damon didn’t succeed in getting this girl.  Really good looking, rich, international movie star with all of his hits in the” Ocean’s 11” and “Jason Bourne” trilogies didn’t get this girl.

Most guys reading this blog are NOT Matt Damon.  Well, most guys in the world aren’t in terms of, let’s call it,  “Bachelor Eligibility.”  Point being, if it can happen to that dude, then it’s going to happen to everyone else as well. The key is: With what perspective do you look at it???

Well, sometimes, I like to speculate.  Right about now, I am speculating that what Matt Damon probably did NOT do is run to his suite at that famous Vegas Hotel and order a “Never Be Rejected Again” product by scam–marketers on the Internet.

Of course, that’s just a speculation on my part.  Well… you get the idea.



Trying to eliminate all rejection before ever stepping out is, not only impractical, but it’s a bit shameful.  Fact of the matter is there will be times, where for whatever reason, you may be turned down.  As I mentioned earlier, it may not even be by a person or a dating situation.

It happens man.  You go on a job interview and you don’t get a job offer.  You were by far the best candidate and the job went to someone the hiring manager knew personally.  A bit of nepotism at work.

It happens.  So what? Trying to live life so you can never fail is a weird proposition.  Not to mention most of the guys who advocate this type of behavior would never have your back in a fight.  I have no respect for that.

The fact of the matter is almost everyone experiences set backs.  It’s the resilient who keep pushing forward, and we are talking about far outside the scope of dating here.  You see it in business, politics, and sports, everywhere…

It’s extremely prevalent in sports.  Many times, sports are a microcosm of life.  How many times have you seen a sports team or an athlete fall short only to get back up to try again?  You see it from world famous champions, whether you watch basketball, football, boxing or MMA.

Now, in the dating world, different guys have different methods. I’ve had friends who hand women a business card and if she is interested, she can call them. (There is a way to set this up properly).   Even then, they are a lot female card-recipients who’ll never call. Others may say, “I’m going to social event XYZ.  Come join us.”  She may or may not show.

Is that a straight forward rejection?  Perhaps not, but it’s still a “Not all that interested” signal.

What does it mean? Nothing really, outside of at this point in time, for reasons we don’t really know, she is not interested.

In the same manner, YOU may not be interested in a woman.  It may be her physical appearance, it may be her personality, or maybe you can’t stand dumb girls.  It doesn’t matter.  As far as she can tell, you’re not interested in seriously dating her.  A random individual could read the above and says, “No duh.  That’s common sense.“   He’d be right.  It is common sense, and yet that seems to elude so many who seem to come down with a serious case of cognitive dissonance when it comes to dating and women.   Their logical circuitry is completely overwhelmed by their emotional zeal to discover a new method where it can lessen the burden of rejection.

No one really likes rejection.  Some people are more sensitive to it than others. Part of it is life experience, and part of it is how your brain processes information.  If you look at Myers’ Briggs personality test based on Carl Jung’s work, you start to make more sense out of it. An individual who is feeling/perceiving is going to be more sensitive for example.

Fresh out college, I once had a sales job where I had to make cold-calls on the phone.  I hated it.  I did it, but I fucking hated it.  I couldn’t even explain why, but I absolutely despised making those calls. I didn’t know these people, they didn’t know me.  We didn’t even know what the other looked like, but I despised it.

A buddy of mine on the other hand, didn’t mind it so much. He could make 6 phone calls where people used profanities, insulted him, and hung up.   ”Oh, that just means they weren’t interested.  Next person” he’d say. To him, it was no big deal. he plowed through like a bulldozer.  So some people seem to be wired differently, but everyone can learn to deal with rejection.

  • Back to the dating world, there is no magical formula that’s going to free of rejection forever and ever.

People are writing these (Never Be Rejected Again) headlines are

  1. Full of shit
  2. Assuming that you’re a total pussy
  3. That you are a sucker who’ll believe anything.

They might as well sell you a book/dvd on how to contact the tooth fairy and Santa  Clause.

Some girls are not going to be interested for a wide variety of reasons.  Instead of working on becoming more attractive by being more appealing engaging and interesting in general, men, get lost in the magical kingdom of trying to never be rejected again.

To think of how silly that notion is, I want you to imagine a tough character; and hey, who serves as a better example etched in people’s minds than Clint Eastwood!

Whether it was in his early cowboy films (the Spaghetti Westerns), the “Dirty Harry” series, or most recently in “Grand Torino” (at age 80) Clint is the quintessential tough guy, a man’s man, a throwback to the old days.

Now imagine, someone like him sitting behind his computer seeking advice on how to never be rejected by a woman again.

It’s like trying to imagine someone intelligent and well-informed watching fox news constantly.  You can’t do it.  It’s hard to even imagine that in an alternate universe.  It’s almost like your brain would rather have you push diarrhea into your pants than try to imagine in detail one of those Clint Eastwood characters sitting behind a computer attempting to seek advice on “How to never be rejected again.”

So, I say go for it.  Take calculate risks and if you fall short, pick yourself up, and go for it again. She doesn’t want to go out with you?  Fine. Happens to everybody.  It’s how you handle it from there that separates the men from the boys, so to speak.

In attempting to avoid rejection at all costs, what kind of precedence are you setting for yourself?  What sort of precedence are you creating in your psyche?

If you were to have kids one day, how would you want to raise them?  Think about that for a minute.  Then consider how full of shit the guy giving you the advice is.



Granted, you can choose to view rejection in different ways.  It’s basic psychological reframing.

  • The Law of Averages

I was involved in doing Sales for many years where you come to learn about the law of averages quickly.  Let’s presume you sold a product that 1 out of 10 people actually purchased.

So, you have a good presentation, a decent product, and you make your pitch. You ask 10 people to buy and on the average, you get one sale.  It’s just the way it goes.  On the average, 9 out of 10 people are not going to buy your product.  With each rejection, you know that you’re getting closer to a yes.

Mathematically speaking, there is no guarantee that the tenth person will buy or say “yes.”  Nevertheless, in the back of your mind you know the law of averages.  A lesser salesperson may get 1 out of 20.  You can 1 out of 10, and if you’ve had 7 nays thus far, a “Yes” is around the corner.

What’s important to realize is that rejection or “Not Interested at the moment” replies happen to almost everybody.  The key is to take it in stride, and learn from it.  It’s easy sometimes to take to take matters we consider intimate personally even when they are not.

In the dating realm, do remember ultimately, if you’re seeking more confidence in dating, you have to arrive at a point where you can be OK with the fact that some girls just will not be interested and that’s OK.  It even happens to Mr. Matt Damon hitting on a confused (But attractive) Vegas casino cocktail waitress.

Lengthy article, but well worth your time to revisit it time to time.  What you can take away:

  1. People selling “Never Be Rejected Advice” are usually scam artists.
  2. They’re assuming that you’re a completely spineless pussy.
  3. They’re also assuming you’re an idiot, or at least, naive.
  4. Rejection happens in Dating to all people.
  5. Rejection does not feel good, but happens in all walks of life
  6. The important thing is to keep moving forward.
  7. Learn something from it, and take it stride.
  8. Remember the law of Averages.
  9. You’re not the first, nor the last.
  10. A “No” is getting you just one step closer to a “Yes.”



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