We have a letter from devout Blog Reader, Eric.


Hey Cameron,

My names Eric and I just wanted to thank you for helping me out with my personal evolution into being a guy who… well, whatever… is a real guy, I guess.

I gradually climbed my way from a place of ‘no skills’, through doing 600 approaches to a guy who was dating and banging a few different girls. From my POV that was a massive improvement. More than that, I felt competent that I had the skillset to never be without a date again, if I chose.

Listening to Stephen Nash and yourself – which I know about from the podcasts you did with Sinn, Kirkey, and Nash, which I listened to over and over again, literally laughing my ass off multiple times – I took the next step, which was to ‘de-game-ify’ myself and become authentic.

By nature I’m a painfully intellectual guy, doing my PhD right now, and it was through listening to what you’ve said and reading your blog, along with Nash and McKay, that I’ve gradually been able to own up to this strange position. The reality that not everyone connects, and that that is just fine.

Now I date a lot less than before, paradoxically, but each one is more meaningful and closer to what I actually want, which is a girlfriend. With each girl the quality and connection become better, and things are less forced. I am able to have the experience of having butterflies in my stomach, and genuinely caring for the girl, but not being scared at all - in fact being quite direct, and now she is the one that is nervous (the most recent chick, I mean). This is what I always wanted.

Your articles and perspective were invaluable to me, especially how you spoke the truth about club skanks and demographics.

Your voice resonates with unmistakeable integrity, and you give guys an example on how to remain true to themselves – instead of offering themselves up as slaves to pussy and female validation. I wish you would do more podcasts with Sinn, since just listening to you two has me laughing my ass off, with an enormous smile on my face.

Keep up the good work




Thanks for the good words.  You probably best represent the demographic this blog is meant for: Intelligent guys who need a little boost in their dating life.  I highly doubt my blog appeals to the average Neanderthal, and truth be told, I don’t want to appeal to that segment.  Each time I sit down to write an article, I envision a certain audience which you well represent.

There is an important piece to all of this that you have ALREADY Figured out: Improve your dating life while reducing the need for the validation of women.  Being a “slave to pussy” is unfortunately what a lot of seduction-advice breeds.  The sad thing is that you may have NOT been that way when you first discovered the so-called “Seduction Community.”  However, along the way you adopt the perspective and mindset  of the dating “Gurus” who teach dating advice which very much encompasses what you described in your letter.

It’s important to be able to gain confidence and a skill-set where you’re able to effectively FLIRT with women while being able to rediscover what it was that made you enjoy the individual interactions with people to begin with.

Glad you enjoyed the various podcasts.  I enjoyed doing those.  At the moment, I don’t have any plans for doing podcasts that relate to the seduction community.  If I do more comedic podcasts, it’ll  be more mainstream and wouldn’t have to do anything with dating.

Take care