Blog reader Inquires about Archetype, and Hates Cocky Funny


Dear Cameron-

To be honest, I found your blog by mistake when I was searching for answers about why women flake.  Google brought me to your blog and while I didn’t like (or rather didn’t wish to believe) your response, I kept reading and am very glad I did.  The reason I wasn’t responsive at first was my own frustration and being tired of being rejected, and your content forced me to accept that it is what it is and there isn’t a grand conspiracy of women trying to make me fail.

Your blog has given me a huge number of answers, and restored a lot of my confidence.  I fell specifically for David D’s materials, but I kept returning them once I kept hearing non-answers in his programs, plus I HATED cocky funny.

I haven’t bought your program yet, but I intend to sometime in the future.  I’m fascinated by the different personality types especially with your post on the Myer-Briggs test.  My result was “INTJ – The Scientist” which I suspect many of your readers to be.  My question for you is that since I believe that many (if not most) of your readers are “INTJ” would you write more blog posts on the personality types (or archetypes) that would relate well with “INTJ”?

I was fascinated with your series on the party chick, but I think you’re too focused on this archetype.  If that’s what your audience wants, then that’s your call, but I’m voicing my opinion here.   I also have a question for me personally.  Reading through I believe that the personality I’d like best in a woman is “ENFJ – The Giver”.

My second question to you is where can I find this personality (or your equivalent archetype) of woman?  My biggest problem is that I feel comfortable with women, I’m hardly afraid to ask them out, I just need to MEET more of them.  I’m a home body, I hate going to bars and clubs to meet women, and I really don’t want to waste my time dating women I know I wouldn’t connect with.

I admit, I’m looking for a relationship because it’s been awhile for me, and I’d like to get involved with someone of quality.  I read your Casino of Dating post which was brilliant and I’d love to throw some house parties, but I’d like to find where an ENFJ woman would hang around so I can invite them.

I’ve only met one in recent memory, so it’s tricky for me to tell.  Obviously there wouldn’t be a “meeting place” for women that are givers (ENFJ), but I just wish to know more on how to spot them.  Even if you wrote a piece about this type of woman, I’d be incredibly grateful. I’d like more information on this subject Cam, and I know you won’t dissapoint.

Your loyal fan, -Ben



Hey Ben,

Thanks for the very honest and sincere letter.   I am glad Google pointed you the right way. Lol

You’re correct in your assessment of my articles.  There are probably a number of articles on Party Chicks and how to get those type of chicks.  That’s the type most blog readers struggle with, and it’s the type of woman most commonly found in nightclubs and bars.  I’ve gotten request/emails from quite a few different guys to write about the type of girls who are actually WORTH dating and so the next article is going to cover one such particular type.

I don’t know that it’ll specifically discuss the “ENFJ” personality type but I’ll discuss a type of woman I’ll dub as “Nurturers and Givers.”   You may not like going to bars and clubs, and the amazing thing is, neither does this archetype.

After the next article, you’ll have a good understanding of the type, and you’ll know when you have met one.  There are behavioral and conversational clues that once you know are so obvious, you’ll probably think, “Wow, why didn’t I notice that before!”

Thanks for reading the blog, and spread the word regarding it when you can.



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