How Archetypes Affect Your Dating Success, Part 2


In the last Blog post, I discussed why it’s important to understand the existence of archetypes and how to apply the information.  I also talked about the context using sarcastic humor with specific archetypes.  Today, we are going to talk about an archetype that does respond to traditionally taught “Insult” cocky/funny and we’ll look at it from a pseudoscientific manner.

The 2nd Archetype:  The Super-Skank

The usual habitat of the superskank is normally posh nightclubs and after-parties where the cocaine flows as though it were snow in the arctic. These ARE the women that are seen walking hand in hand like a chain gang while ignoring guys who try to talk to them.

The overtop insulting cocky/funny can work well on these women so long as you have the ATTITUDE To back it up.  This is not to say that it’s the only thing that works, but it’s a good choice for the average guy who lacks status.

The insulting “Put down” style of cocky/funny is ideally designed for this archetype.  Why?  Because this archetype is driven primarily by one thing:  The Pursuit of Status.

  1. Pursuit of perceived social status
  2. Stimulus (on a secondary level.)

Once you understand this type’s value system, you’ll understand how the application of insulting-cocky/funny can potentially get good results.  The insult cocky/funny line’s application is to not only elicit a laugh, but it’s also a vehicle to show superiors social status.

  • Here is how it works:

Lines such as  “Nice Shoes, did you buy them new?”   Or “Nice Purse!  Man, I love Ebay Too!”  maybe somewhat insulting but they are also displaying superior social status.  It’s the old mentality of “Hey, I am too cool for you.”  It’s in effect reversing the framework of the situation.  The person who had the presumption that she had superior status has now been placed in the compromising situation of appearing to be of lower status.  This is why the insult lines with the insulting attitude can work on this archetype.

Let’s breakdown the social-psychology and context of the given scenario: Because social status is the most important thing that matters to the super-skank (probably right after breathing), the insult cocky/lines can be powerful.  Again, the lines have to be backed up by the proper attitude.  There are pros and cons as usual.

In a nightclub, this is the archetype that is quick to ignore you and she may condescend you especially if she deems you as a low status person. Yet at the same time, this type is readily available for a 1-night-stand. This is the archetype that you can pull to the bathroom of the club after 20 minutes of knowing her.

  • It all depends on what you’re looking for.  This is KEY.

Henceforth, you must value the positives and negatives of the situation and know what it is that you want.  Are you looking for a girlfriend, or are you looking to pull a girl to the bathroom after knowing her for 20 minutes?

Because social-status is really important to this archetype, they’ll sleep with anyone who either

  1. Has status or,
  2. Can somehow get them status

We’ve all seen or heard stories of groupies who hang around hotel lobbies where professional athletes when playing on the road, or groupies who push backstage to sleep with rock stars. This is a variation of the status seeking archetype.  These are the women you see on a TV Show like “Rock of Love with Brett Michaels.”  Status rules above all else for this type, and since that is the most important thing, guys in certain occupations understand how to dangle status to get laid with this archetype.

Everyone from Club promoters and bouncers, to professional athletes, to the “Roadie” working backstage at a Rock concert who has the power to sneak them in backstage, have figured out ways to cash in on the trade of “Status/ promise of status” for sex dynamic.  In essence, this may be the woman who’ll blow the Roadie at a Motley Crue concert so she can upgrade to the opportunity of blowing Vince Neil afterwards.

Let’s not get too far ahead. Back to cocky/funny applications:

The same line used on the archetype of woman whose entire existence is not about obsessing about social status every minute of the day, can backfire very easily.  The greater problem perhaps, is that even the people teaching the concepts don’t really realize the social context of the behavior and its ramifications.

I saw this clip a while back and thought it’d serve as a great visual representation of what the super skank’s attitude and behavior.  Although truth be told, the people interviewed aren’t anywhere as bad as the ones you see on “Rock of Love” (Be sure to pay close attention at 1:53 mark.)

  • Recap of the Super-Skank
  • Chief goal in life is pursuit, and the maintaining of social status
  • Secondary pursuit is seeking high stimulus.
  • Accomplishment, in the traditional sense, is not important to them.
  • Travels in large female group.
  • Responds well to arrogance that displays higher social status
  • Available for one-night stands, and even bathroom pulls.
  • Clingy and needy.  Will follow your every move once social dominance has been clearly established.

Mistake Most men make with this type:

  • Trying to establish rapport too quickly BEFORE establishing social hierarchy.
  • Thinking they could maintain a relationship.
  • Trying to change its behavior upon dating this type.  (Quit smoking, snorting cocaine, etc…)
  • Becoming angry/bitter when the above fails
  • Thinking that all attractive women fall into this category

Next time your tune into VH-1, watch about 10 to 15 minutes of the show “Rock of Love with Bret Michaels.” (That’s all you’ll really need to watch to get an idea).  You’ll see the super-skank in its full glory.  Then, wait for the next show, which is probably going to Mystery’s “Pick Up Artist” and realize that MANY of the tips and tactics you see on that show are designed to get you the girls with the personalities, intellect levels, and Values of the previous show.

Now, if that is what you want, then understand what you’re in for, and understand the social intricacies of WHY you’re doing what you’re doing.

Understanding this information encourages you to think about what archetype you’d like to go out with and it enables you to have the knowledge of what approach to take when meeting a person of that archetype.  You also fall into a certain archetype. We all fall into certain categories of people.  These archetypes are defined by value, behavioral patters and most of all, VALUES and personal SELF-IMAGE of the person. While there are a set of fundamental universal principles that apply to dating and attraction, the more advanced level has to do with understanding and calibrating the type of person you’re engaging and the circumstances involved.

  • This is by no means a gender specific issue.  Men fall into certain archetypes as well.

On a somewhat intriguing level, it’s important to note there is also a direct MALE equivalent to the club super-skank and believe it or not, sometimes those guys call themselves Pick Up artists and teachers of “Seduction.”  Remember that this archetype’s chief goal, above all else in life and the universe, is perceived-status at any cost.  It doesn’t matter if he has to backstab his friends or push his own grandma out of a moving car so long as it buys him status. It’s principal value is an exact match of female the Super-Skank.

Perceived social status comes first and stimulus comes second.  Hypothetically speaking, this is the type of person who’d walk around with a bamboo stick hanging out of his ass at a party, BUT only if it meant he is higher status.  (Remember stimulus is 2nd after Status.  And yes, my blog post can start as pseudoscientific and delve deep into the crass.)

But this article is about teaching you how to better your dating skills with women, so let’s get back to that.

You, me, our friends all fall into certain archetypes of human beings.  If you look at your 2 or 3 closest friends, or a few of your best romantic relationships with whom you had amazing chemistry, you’ll start noticing patterns of which archetype of person fits your particular personality. That’ll give you a good understand of the people you’re best suited to be with in the long term.

As for the short term thing, you have to take that one case at a time and realize that you just may not vibe with some people….

If you’re enjoying what’ve you read so far, then you should probably come out and see me speak at the seminar in Los Angeles on March 20th to 22nd.  I am going to spend 90 minutes discussing the archetypes of women, what they respond to, how YOU would click with them, and which ones to avoid.  It’s stuff that I haven’t ever talked about before.  And unfortunately, most guys who give dating advice out there seem obvlious to it as they usually teach a sequential “Method” of seduction.  You can’t treat every archetype the same, and some archetypes, you’re never going to get along with in life.

Understanding which particular archetypes you best get along with is going to become self evident through trial and error and experience.  One thing is for sure, when you do come across the right types, you’re still going to need the right characteristics to attract them. There are certain basic universal truths to the process of attraction.  Otherwise, you’re not going to get anywhere even with the right archetype of person.  If you care to learn the core foundational skills, then you owe it to yourself to get my audio course: