I thought this story seemed interesting.  We live in a country where people have the time to worry about such things:

 Fifteen minutes of fame turned into four months of bitter remorse for the Chester County woman who sold the Bidens their adorable little German shepherd puppy.

 Linda Brown’s been investigated, scorned and had her life threatened.

 ”I thought when Joe Biden bought a puppy from me, what an honor,” Brown told the Daily Local News. “Out of millions of breeders in the country, in the world, he picked me.”

 That was December.

 When the story got out, Brown faced backlash from pet lovers who thought the Bidens should have opted for a shelter over a breeder to find their new puppy.

 PETA seized the moment as an opportunity to blame the killing of shelter animals on people who buy from breeders. The organization’s TV commercial, “Buy One, Get One Killed” ran in Delaware after the Biden puppy story made headlines.

 Dog wardens from the state showed up at Brown’s Wolf Den kennel, repeatedly, for inspections.

 ”I was cited for a piece of kibble on the floor and five strands of dog hair. They took a picture of that, they walked around, snapped pictures and don’t tell you why,” Brown told the newspaper.

 She was found “not guilty” for each citation, but hiring a lawyer for the court hearings has cost her $4,000 so far in legal fees.

 Brown says she and Biden both received death threats from animal activists.

 Never, never, never again,” Brown said about selling a dog to anyone with a high profile.

 Her advice to breeders who’ve called about the Obama’s puppy search: Don’t do it!

 ”It’s been horrific since December,” she said.


 So members of PETA, and animal-rights activist are angry that Vice President Joe Biden has decided to buy a German Shepherd puppy.  As you read the story, you may find yourself getting very mad.  “What a bunch of fucking asshole nutjobs these PETA people are….”  you may think.

  • Then I realized something: PETA people don’t do enough. 

 They really don’t care about the animals enough and do NOT do enough to help the animals.  I had a great epiphany suddenly.  I realized that all PETA people breathe Oxygen and return Carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere.  That is Oxygen that a perfectly good animal COULD HAVE been breathing, but instead, it went to a PETA member. 

 PETA members also drink quite a bit of the Earth’s water; Water that could have been quenching the thirst of parched animals in the African plains during dry season.  (Ever seen the Serengeti during dry season on the Discovery Channel?  It’s horrible.)

 Since PETA people believe that they ought to set the example first, then I think it’s only logical that they all kill themselves.  Mass Suicide by PETA members to help provide more Oxygen and H2O for the cute animals.  

Until the day where PETA members start committing suicide, I shall question their integrity and commitment in saving the animals.