An Edge to Attract Women

Well, here it is. 

This is the Forbidden article.!

 This is the article you ARE NOT supposed to read!  This is the article that’s going to have some Dating “Gurus” upset with me.  This is the kind of stuff we are not supposed to talk about.  It doesn’t sell…. It doesn’t deliver a quick fix magic bullet in a bottle you can drink overnight….   My peers who sell dating advice quick-fixes will frown upon this.

 What’s the big idea, Cameron?

 Well, there are a lot of guys who seek refuge on the Internet to learn to be better with women, to learn to attract women, to have more women in their lives.  There are no shortage of gurus out there trying to sell quick-fixes that’ll take you to the promised land.  Granted, a lot of guys have good pointers that they are teaching.  I am questioning the validity of the concepts.  SOME of the concepts are good to learn. 

What 90% of them fail to tell you is the advantages that they give themselves in this arena.  What are those advantages?

 Well, it’s that everyone has an angle he is working.  Angle is a harsh word because it sounds shady.  So I’d like to call it an “Edge.”  Everyone presents some sort of an edge which separates him from the rest of the pack of eligible men.  There is nothing wrong with this.  This is not to vilify anyone. It’s only bringing attention to it so that YOU can start working on your edge.

 But before I get into all of that, let us establish the common denominator that we are talking about cool guys with some understanding of what they’re doing.  (Regardless of whether they are in the seduction community or not.)  This means at least normal looking dudes who are presentable and men who possess decent social skills.

  • The Formula goes like this:  Be someone who is considered a “Cool Guy” First, then have an Edge.

 Why? if you’re a cool social guy with who has a little bit of balls and some social intelligence, you can get laid.   That’s not hard to do.   Thus, this post ain’t about getting laid.  It’s about having consistency in your results and having attractive women drawn to you on some level. (Even if they are the proverbial 7s which dating gurus like to mock.) 

 If you’re obsessed with having really physically attractive women at any cost, then you have to increase your edge. You want to date lots of models?  You’d better increase your edge by quite a bit.

Important note:

I’d reiterate that article comes with the assumption that the guy gets it on some level.  Edge without the basics means nothing.  I am going to cover this in more detail towards the end of the article.

So what gives one guy an edge over the other?  The edge has to be something that separates from the rest of the pack on some level.  It gives you some sort of ability to be distinguished.  This could be something you’re born with or something you develop, cultivate, or financially acquire. 

  • Let’s start with the obvious first:  Being very physically good looking, having a very athletic and appealing physique, being 6’5″ tall (195cm), and so forth… These can all serve as advantages. 
  • It could be personality or individual traits:  Being a great conversationalist or storyteller, great sense of humor, being charming, being charismatic, high social intelligence,
  • It could be things you worked for: Be it making lots of money, prestigious job, being a doctor/surgeon, or working jobs that are conducive to being around women, (club promoters, DJs, bouncers, even a yoga teacher).


 Calling being a medical doctor that an angle or an edge would probably inspire a couple of my college friends who are now doctors to shout profanities at me,  “Fuck off, I busted my ass to get through medical school.”    This is why I call it an edge and being a doctor (or other prestigious occupation) is an edge.   Being a club promoter and having connections to the hotspots in town is an edge.  I’ve come across men who live in 3rd world countries where the dollar goes pretty far.  In that milieu, offering sandwiches that have meat to starving people is an edge/angle.  People work with that they have.

 Guys who are good at drawing women into their life have an edge that they intrinsically and inherently understand.  It may be subconscious and they may not realize it.  They may even be super good-looking guys who genuinely think they’re pulling some game out of their ass, but in reality, they’re living off of their physical looks.   Then, after the fact, their conscious mind is rationalizing as to the reasons why.  I am fairly convinced that there are men who get laid despite their antics. That meaning that what they consider “Game” is something annoying women are willing to overlook because they’re interested in them for other reasons.

 Seriously, does everyone have an edge on top of the foundational building blocks? 

Yes, they do.  Let’s look at the Seduction Community and gurus you may know, or have heard of……  Let’s cut through the chase.  I am going to give you real life examples of dating-teachers.  I’ll explain what their edge is.  I am picking a wide range of people, their only common thread is that they do attract women. There are plenty of guys who lie and exaggerate their results.  So if someone is in the list below, at the very least, he does date actual, real, living breathing women.

 With that mind, I am going to describe the edge of each individual. 

Let’s start with the two most famous self-proclaimed “Pick Up Artists” in the World. 

  • Mystery:   Erik is 6’5 inches tall, (Yes, height is an edge.) That, in and of by itself is an edge.  Yes, there are plenty of tall dorks who repel women but if you have the basics down, the height quickly becomes an edge.    He is also a magician, a self proclaimed “Super-Star daredevil illusionist!”    He plays the status game.  A very tall individual who has always played the pseudo-celeb game.
  • Neil Strauss:    Neil does not have physical good looks or height to his advantage.  So what’s his edge?  He is a writer for Rolling Stone magazine, a Rock reporter for the NY Times,  best selling author. (There is nothing wrong with being a reporter for a major magazine.  If you have an edge, use it.  Nothing wrong with that.)   Lastly, he is highly skilled in manipulation tactics, uses his social status as leverage to make people feel below him..  (This will be explained later). 

How about some of the guys whose teachings/writings/products I highly endorse?  What are their personal edges?  The following is a list of Dating Coaches whom I have spent a considerable amount of time with, and have great stuff to teach.  (And I think these guys would be honest in telling you these traits themelves.)

  • Stephen Nash.     Edge:  To start with, he is a well-dressed guy with a great classy presentation.  His biggest edge is that he is an interesting person, great conversationalist, very smooth, has traveled various places, well-read.  Very pleasant person to generally talk with.  Given that, he is going to be far more interesting than the average guy for a woman to talk with.  Talking with Stephen for 30 minutes will leave you with the impression that this is a guy who has experienced a lot of various things in life, worn a lot of different hats.


  •  Sinn -  Very high level understanding of social dynamics and social nuances. Sinn understands the process on a very Micro-detail level.  Getting social intricacies of circumstances is always an edge.  This means knowing when to escalate, knowing when to pull, & understanding logistics.  All of those things are crucial in a “Same night lay.” Not all guys are good at nightclub game. Sinn is also a good-looking dude who is athletic, and has the type of looks/presentation that can validate club girls.  Nightclubs can be a tricky place and you have to understand how you come across, and truth be told, nightclub game is not for everybody.   Sinn is also fun to hang out with. 


  • Swinggcat -  Another guy who is fun to hang out with; Also has a high level understanding of social dynamics, and has a good understanding of social-psychology which enables him to push people’s buttons well. He is well-read and articulate, and without going into too much details, he is able to work in sneaky angles as well.  Also working in his favor is that he can be aggressive with women, willing to push the envelope.  Also, well dressed, well groomed, and in good physical shape.


  •  Me, Cameron Teone – (since I do endorse myself)   Very passionate persona, Ambitious, high level understanding of social situations, strong intuition regarding people.  Presentable, decent physique, I enjoy laughing and I like making friends and people around me laugh.   More than anything else, I use spontaneity, passion, good conversation, & most of all, humor to my advantage, especially upfront when first meeting someone. 


  • Barry Kirkey -  Just to be clear, Barry doesn’t teach dating anymore, and has not done so in 3 years.    Regardless, he used to teach it and he is worth mentioning because he has a very Funny, interesting persona, very fun to hang with.  If you listen to his show, it becomes very apparent quickly that he is an interesting character!  That’s not something you can teach, but it’s an edge that separates him from most other men. 


With all of the endorsed individuals above, you’ll note that they all take the time to be presentable when they go out. They’re normally well dressed, well groomed, and in good physical shape. 

 How about some “Old School” gurus who have been around almost since the beginning?

  • Steve P -  possesses a very strong frame/identity; he is funny/satirical, and he is a metaphysical/Spiritual teacher.  Steve is an interesting person to hang around, and he is one funny dude.  Unfortunately, you don’t get to see that side of Steve when he is teaching on stage, but when you spend time with him, you’ll see he is a lot of fun.   He has a very unmistaken masculine vibe, which cannot be faked.   It’s not a gimmick, it’s something cultivated through life experiences.  Edge: Expert Teacher in Metaphysical studies & female sexuality, super masculine vibe, really interesting person.


  • Zan - Looks like a male model, charming, interesting person, has great stories of romance and fantasy.  Zan is able to draw people into his reality and the way he see things.  Fun and very pleasant to spend time with.    If you’ve seen Zan speak, you can clearly see how he can draw people into his world and how he sees things in a very pleasant non-threatening way.  Edge:  Male-model looks, and charm as well as the ability to suck people into his fantasy world. 

 Does this discount or nullify the teachings from the persons above?  Not at all!  They have valid points to teach, but on top of that, they have discovered edges that work for them personally.  

How about random teachers with various angles and edges that may be a bit unusual?  An edge that most guys would not have?

  • Brent -  Obvious edge:  He looks like a professional male model.  All he has to do is show up, chat with girls, be aloof.  He is that good looking where he has to do almost nothing.  He is not a relationship type of guy and he is not looking for a relationship type of woman.  His edge and person match his perspective archetype.   His obvious edge:  Dude looks like a soap opera star, and doesn’t give a shit about anything.  Granted, this works well with a certain archetype of woman and that’s the kind Brent wants anyway.  


  • David DeAngelo –     He is not the type of man to cold-approach women, yet I threw him in because he is vastly different that all of the aforementioned men (and he is a dating ”Guru” after all.)   How is he different?   He has zero fun factor and he has zero charisma.  Yes, he may be one of the most boring humanoids on the planet to spend time with in person.   However, being a decent looking man as well as a brilliant marketer who is worth tens of millions of dollars, owning a Ferrari and entire Apartment complexes and businesses goes a long way in bringing forgiveness to lack of personality.   Edge:  Smart dude, very successful entrepreneur worth 10s of millions of dollars, decent looking.


  • Johnny SoPorno:  Interesting character and also different than the guys on the list as he self-admittedly likes women in the “Skin-Trade” or sex business, (Porn, Escorts, prostitutes, etc.)  What’s his edge?  Social dominances over his target demographic.  He talks nonstop, no one can get a word in edgewise when he is around, and more importantly, he is involved with the porn industry.   Being in the porn business, he can dangle a career upgrade to women in the selling-sex business, (Porn, prostitution, escorts, etc.)  These are the type of women he desires and he can leverage his position in the industry to draw them in. (Remember, it’s important to know what archetype of woman you WANT!)   

(Ps.  Do you see how knowing your demographic, identifying the right Archetype you want, and having the right edge are all synergistic?  And that’s why this motherf**king blog is awesome.  It all ties in together)


If you want CONSISTENT results, then you have to give yourself the proper edge.  You also have to KNOW what kind of women you want, and figure out if you want short-term or long-term results.

 It’s about knowing your demographic and going forward with the right edge. I mentioned Mystery plays the “Status game.”   That is game based on displaying social status to club skanks who crave and want to devour social status.   (If you’ve read my “Archetype” posts on this Blog, then you know how that works.)  I am sure he has dropped the “Super-Star Daredaveil” thing now days that he is legitimately on Vh-1.  That does not mean he doesn’t have good points to teach, but at the core of his presentation, is playing “Pseudo-Celebrity” game for a demographic that treats social-rank as its god.  Hence, the core of the method, (Neg, DHVs, etc) is built around that very dynamic. 

 Neil’s demographic of women is similar to Mystery’s and Neil is a master of manipulation.  While this tactic fails in the long term, (It does not win you male friends, or quality women), it does work in the short term.  Reading Neil’s book, you’d think that he was just highly skilled solely due to gimmicks that he had devised but what he doesn’t tell you is how he works his social position into every single conversation.  He has a unique way of making people feel uncomfortable.  He sets this up by sneaky attempts in establishing himself as a high socialite, and then putting you down as someone below him in the totem pole.  Short term, it works great.  Long term complications: The more people know you, the more they dislike you.

 How about guys who don’t necessarily make a lot of money or are not prestigious in normal society, but effective within a certain eco-system?  DJs, Bartenders, club promoters, bouncers, all are in power positions in their perspective fields.

 If you want to delve into the shady areas of male/female dynamics, you can get into leveraging drugs and alcohol.  There are rich dudes who cruise nightclubs, and invite women over for lavish after-parties where they can snort cocaine free of charge.  There is a price to pay for this and that’s sex.  This probably is what I’d call playing “An Angle.”

 Man, I’ve even come across guys who’d rent out rooms in hostels pretending to be tourists so they could sleep with tourist women while pretending to be visiting from out of country.  We’re talking about slick talking used car salesman type of vibe who cruises hostels even though his real apartment is 5 minutes away. 

 So, yes, some people do delve into the sleazy realm and that’s an angle for some people.  I only mention the shady side of things to paint an overall image of the entire scenario of possibilities.   

You could opt to go for a respectable edge that you can proceed in good conscience or you could go the shady route.  It also depends on if you seek a nice filet mignon or leftover lowgarde groundbeef.


What does this mean to you?  How can YOU achieve consistent results?  It’s to encourage you to do 2 things:

      1.  Handle the Foundational Skills.   This is the path to being considered a generally cool guy.    Remember a 6’5 inch dork is still unattractive and there are plenty of guys who have money or are doctors/lawyers who have a LOT of problems with women. (and yes, I’ve actually met doctors and lawyers who were clueless).

 In my previous career, I used to interact with 100s of doctors and most of them were socially awkward and despite their job/finances were terrible in attracting women.  I’ve also personally met guys with 4 million dollar homes on the Beach whose main source of “getting women” was doing prostitutes in 3rd world countries. 

The point is: Edge without being a Cool Guy first, means nothing.  The basics of not being needy, being interesting, possessing attractive attributes still apply.  Without those, edges are mostly nullified.  

For grasping the foundational skills to become that cool guy, without any hesitation, I recommend my audio product.  You may or may not choose to learn that from me, but learn it somewhere, somehow. 

 2.  Work on cultivating your niche edge.

 Only you know what that is.  Back when I used to teach in-field workshops, I used to come across all sorts of guys who were completely going against the grain.  They were going according to doctrine they had read which was very much against their core persona.  Instead develop that core persona. 

In Part 2 of this post, I am going to discuss how YOU personally can go about developing an Edge for yourself.  I’m going to describe an outline of the 3 categories of “An Edge” and how you can best apply them to your life.

Stay tuned for that post……..  Meanwhile, feel free to bring on the comments on your personal observations & experiences.