Seduction Community Locust Attack


Locust attack the unsuspecting

They’re everywhere around you.  You may not see them at first, but look closely, and they’re there.  It’s a strange phenomenon that is happening all across the world.  It’s a plague that affects men and women everywhere.  They may be coming to a venue near you.

Sometimes I get to travel to different cities for this business and when I am there, I might meet up with the local guys I’ve known for a while.  Then I notice a strange trend in those various cities.  Having read Neil Straus’s book, groups of men are out in force approaching women nonstop everyday of the week.   It’s beyond a hobby.  It’s way beyond a job.  (What employee works that hard?)  It’s a ritual, an obsession.  It’s a cult.  They treat it as a religion.

Under the moniker of “PUA,” These guys wage non-stop war on the women of that city.

It’s broad daylight.  Beautiful Sunny day.

You’re walking the street, trying to eat your damn sandwich in peace.  You walk a around and you see one guy trying to spin a girl around, doing various handshakes, all old-school routines.  He has the PUA Starter kit, peacock clothing, New Rock boots, and a set of routines he saw online.

You walk on look the other way, trying to keep serenity while you’re eating that sandwich and you see another guy approaching any woman walking towards him trying to game them.  He is aggressive, over the top, and most of all,  miscalibrated.  This guy is about as smooth as a cheese grader.   Women keep walking past him having been accosted by a random stranger who seems like he is on a high after having joined some pyramid marketing scheme.

The next day, you go for a nice walk and you see it all over again.  They’re all out there again, “Sarging” the city nonstop.  There is not a lot of them, but enough to destroy a place.

They are the Locust.  A farmer could plant seeds and work his fingers to the bone all year so that he could harvest his crops.  A swarm of locusts can plow through that harvest in 20 minutes and destroy the entire crop.

A very similar dynamic occurs with the PUA Locust.

It doesn’t take long to burn out a place.  While the failed experiment called Project Hollywood went on, a group of determined guys burned out a gigantic city that has a transient population.

Asking  “Who lies more” got you an immediate roll of the eye.   Pretty soon, asking any “Opinion Opener” was pretty much the equivalent of who old “What’s your sign” clichéd question.

It made me think that once upon a time “What’s your sign” was probably a good solid opening line before it was burned out.  Now, “Who lies more, men, or women?”   and “Hey, My friend just bought these two pug dogs …… wants to name them affter 80s bands” had become the new burned cliché lines.  Groups of guys would repeat the exact same lines over and over every weekend.

Those were the old routine days.  It’s not just about routines at nightclubs anymore.  The new batch of guys is out trying everything and anything, daytime/nighttime.  As a result, you have a lot of creeped out women, who are suddenly bull charged by something equivalent of zealots, scientologists on crack.

So imagine you’re a woman.  You have one hour to run some errands during your lunch hour,  and as you’re walking between your destinations, you get stopped by 3 different guys who are rude [translation: trying to be alpha] You’re walking in opposite directions and some guy just pops in front of you, stops you in his tracks, puts his hand up, and yells out:

“STOP!!!  I want you as my girlfriend.”   You brush that guy off and a 2nd guy pops out: “STOP!!!  I desperately need a female opinion.”  And while you try to hurry the fuck outta there, a 3rd guy comes over, demanding:

“STOP.  You should come with me.”  (or whatever)

By the time, you meet a 4th guys, no matter how cool he is, you want to scream and run.

Seduction Locust Attacking local town

Teaching “The Game” was meant to help guys be able to SOCIALIZE with women and attract women on a normal basis.  It was meant to create pleasant conversations and dialogue.  It was not intended to be a non-stop assault on the women of a city/neighborhood/venue.

It’s not that approaching a woman is wrong.  It’s THE WAY the locust go about it that causes issues.  Guys during the day time, trying to spin women around, snatching pieces of their clothing in order to be playful, jumping out in front of them and yelling out “Stop” (Because a one armed man in Eastern Europe told them this is what “Alpha” men do.)  Yet, you’ll never see a “Natural” do these sorts of weird things.

These are not socially savvy things to do.  And yet, different cities seem to have that select group of cult-officers who want to practice their religion of the game.  Normally, anywhere between 20-50 guys dedicated to practice their game religion as a sport non-stop.  It’s not the average guy who wants to be better.  It’s that small group that, as I said, treats this as religion.  They’d probably prefer to have sex with Neil Strauss than a woman if given the choice.

It was incredible to observe the locust phenomenon in Europe.  A group of guys walked the streets of a city’s downtown area for 3-4 hours a day looking to assault the women of that city.

They also the hit the night club scene.  In the night club scene, you’ll find about 50 guys using the same exact lines repeatedly every single weekend.  It doesn’t take long before the place becomes dubbed as weird.  Pretty soon, many of the attractive women stop frequenting the place.  When the locus discover a new nightclub, they scare the women away!  Then they move on to a different venue and raid that place.

It’s come to the point that if you discover a new local venue close by that has a lot of cute female patrons, you have to preface it by saying, “Hey, I wanted to tell you about this really cool place we can hang out, but man, you cannot advertise it to the locust.”  In fact the conversation sounds like this:

On  a random Thursday, Swinggcat calls me up… “Got a new place to go on Friday.  Cool vibe, cute girls.”

- “Locust factor?”  I ask.

- Swinggcat: Low. They haven’t discovered it yet.  That’s what makes this place so great.

I recall talking to my pal Jon about venues I had been to in NYC a while back.

- ”Hey man, there was that place with the really nice roof…  I think it was on or off 52nd street…”

- “Dude, that place is hardly worth going to. The locust killed it.”

He continues, “That’s nothing.  London has it the worst.  Entire neighborhoods is London have been ruined.  Trying to strike a normal conversation with a woman in certain neighborhoods in London during the day is almost worthless.  She’s been attacked by the locust.”

If happen to be reading this and you’re part of the locust, stop it, please. .

  • Stop jumping in front of women, yelling “Halt” raising your arm like a Nazi salute;
  • Stop trying to spin girls around while they’re trying to grab some lunch, and
  • Stop snatching their purses.  (it’s not cocky or funny)

These things are not playful.  They’re annoying.  Jumping in front of people as they’re walking is creepy, spinning women around wasn’t meant to be done during people’s lunch breaks, and purse snatching is for thieves.

Perhaps you have not experienced the affects of the locusts.  Consider yourself lucky.  If you do live in a decent size city, expect that locust will one day arrive in forces, looking to suck dry all of the resources of the area until it is decimated.

The locust have come to the area and sucked all the resources dry.  Time to move on to a different city. The place is burnt out.