Definitive analysis of Direct, Indirect, & Related Matter.


About 2 months ago, (Before I started my 60 day challenge), I was out with Swinggcat on a Friday night.  As Josh and I were standing briefly in line, I started to chatting with the group of girls in front of us.  Just par for the course, doing what I do, chatting with people.

There were 3 girls in that group and us 2 guys.  One of the girls was clearly the leader of that pack and she was the one I was conversing with.  The other 2 just kept quiet looking to their leader for guidance and approval.

Within a 3 minute time-span, the conversational took turns, it went from neutral to a bit of self-deprecating humor, to challenging the girl, and then it became very sexual, with hot & heavy sexual innuendos exchanged back and forth.

Swinggcat turned to me and said, “I know what you have to do now.”


“You have to break down exactly what you do word for word and how you go about doing that.  Most of the people who teach this stuff are socially clueless.  Maybe I should interview you,” Swinggcat replied.

Perhaps, we will do an interview sometime.  For the time being, I am starting an ambitious multi-part series on the Blog.  One that’s going to discuss,

approaching women,

direct versus indirect,

the proper mindset,

the proper beliefs,

what to expect,

how to discern what’s right for you,

obstacles you’ll encounter along the way,

the social vibe of the venue,

social grace,

social etiquette,

and social intelligence.

Most importantly, I am going to sort of reverse engineer and break down a lot of what I do personally, and my own mindset in how/why I do things.

I have a feeling you’re to gain a lot of know-how and applicable knowledge from it, not to mention that it will clear away confusion that is caused by so many gurus touting so many different ideas.

That is coming up all through the next few days. Stay tuned….

Tomorrow, I am going to kickstart this saga with one of the most important key elements: Subtext.