Scam Game

Ok, let’s talk about something we are not really supposed to talk about.  We turn a blind eye and yet it exists.  People may not want to acknowledge it but it’s out there: Scam Game

The world of dating can take different turns.  Depending on the type of women you seek, and the environments you spend time in, you’ll notice a drastic change in the variables.

It’s like math you learned in Algebra.  You have constants and you have variables.  Constants are: Men like women, and women like men.   You start with that basic premise.  The type of men and women and the environments they frequent introdue our changing variables.  (And you complained to your teacher that you’d never use high school Algebra in real life?)

So let’s talk scam game:  Certain type of men will resort to trickery in order to lure certain type of women back to their nest.  It’s been going on for millennia.  Somewhere during the caveman days, when clubbing a woman on top of the head and dragging her back to your cave became illegal, scam game started.    I take that back.  Scam game probably existed even during the caveman times.

In the latest podcast I did with Sinn, he discussed a few occasions where he pretended to have cocaine back in his hotel to lure girls back in.  Once he got back, there was no coke, of course.  Frantically, he searched through various drawers, changing, “Fuck, where is the coke?  What the fuck happened to it?”  He even made a phony strategic phone call asking about the whereabouts of missing blow.

Techincally, that may not be scam-game.  I’ve seen so guys use so many different baits guys will to pull club-chicks.  When “After-party” isn’t enough of a lure, then you gotta step it up a notch.  That’s not so extraordinary.   So today, I wanted to take it a step deeper into the real realm of Scam-game.  The  point is not to advocate or advertise it but just to share observations.

Yes, there is a scam game and a lot of guys engage in it.  It’s the game where one shallow individual pretend to be something he is not in order to attract another superficial individual.  So on some level, it ends up working out.

Yes, this is the clichéd , “Hey, I am a movie producer”  game.

In cities like L.A, NY, and Miami guys will pretend to be fashion photographers to lure women in to their houses.    As we speak right now, somewhere in LA or NY, there are men pretending to be fashion photographers in order to get women.  They are not even part of the seduction community or any such thing.  They just have their scam.  Heck, you could even call it “Scumbag game” and the guys who conduct it would agree with you while laughing about it.

  • The Greatest Scam ever told.

This reminds me of a friend of an acquaintance of mine who consistently pulled the greatest scam I’ve heard of to date.   After noticing what a drag it was to try to meet platinum haired club skanks and get them to show up to anything, he decided to devise a scam.  This scam took effort.  It took prep work.  It took research.  It was the equivalent of the Casino-heist in Ocean’s 11.  The stage had to be set.

Finally, he found his scam to sleep with hot aspiring models and actresses.

Well, a little back drop to this story:

If you’re reading this right now and you live in Dallas or Chicago, you’re thinking, “What the fuck is Cameron talking about?”  So, let me fill in the details.

In Los Angeles, there are 1000s of women who are aspiring actresses.  Problem is 80% of them don’t have any talent.  To make matters worse, they don’t have any logical business sense either.

Disclaimer:  I should preface this by saying that I have quite a bit of respect for people who are artists.  I do have friends who are actors, comedians, musicians, and the like.  For crying out loud, I’ve even done stand-up comedy myself.  Generally, artists are one of the archetypes I really get along with personally.

However, we are not talking about the 20% that actually take their craft seriously.  It’s the 80% that run amok and think they have something to offer.  And they’re flaky as hell!   If you’re visiting Southern Cal, and you meet a girl who tells you she is an “Actress”, remember that 8 out of 10 times, she is going to be a flake of enormous proportions.

I remember my friend Seth was casting for his movie a couple of years back and he was auditioning actresses.  Now, this was not scam game.  This was legitimate.  It was a paying gig, which in Los Angeles, is a very big deal.  Still, people flaked.

I recall telling him:

So let me get this straight. These people’s career goal is to be working actors.  They have a chance to audition for a part that pays them money for working as actors.  Not to mention this also helps them build their resume, and it pays money, enabling them to further their career and what they’re pursuing.  And still they flake and just don’t show up?”

He replied with a smirk, “Yep!”

This gives you an insight to the type of people you’re dealing with.


Of course, I'm a Movie Producer

So back to the ultimate scam game which I heard about over 10 years ago in the late 1990s.   I never met the scammer, but I’d hear of the details of the account every so often from one of his friends whom I used to chat with a few times week at the gym.

The Scammer to be, let’s call him Mr. Smith searched for a solution that would bring these actresses to him.  A movie-producer was the natural choice, but so many guys try to pull off that line of bullshit that it’s been clichéd since the 1970s…

This scam had to have credibility.  It had to have an air of respect and power.  And it had to be consistent, meaning it had to be something that could be repeated.

- Enter Paramount Movie Studios.

Apparently, the Paramount movie studio lot in Hollywood has offices for rent which are available to anyone who is willing to pay the money.  You don’t have to be affiliated with Paramount or even be involved in the movie Business.  [I don't know if this is still the case now.]  It was back in the mid 1990s.

Upon discovering this, Smith is elated.  He gets the brilliant idea to rent an office at the Paramount lot.  It was not a huge office but big enough to look like a legitimate business for a producer and damn it, it was on the friggin’ Paramount lot.

Smith furnished the office with a few chairs, a beat up computer, and plastered the wall with a few posters of various famous movies, memos, and even a couple of fake plaques.  He then spread a slew of headshots and resumes across the messy desk that he was “Too busy” to clean up.

He even carefully placed a few headshots in the trash bin, to show what happens to those who don’t make the cut.  The jig was set.

He would then hold mock auditions for hot bimbo/actresses in his office.  Granted, there tons of guys pretending to be producers in Los Angeles, but this guy had a motherf*cking office on Paramount.

This was the foundational piece to his scam.

That means the would be visitor had to drive up to the Paramount gate, talk to the security guard, give Mr. Smith’s name, have security contact Mr. Smith to see if the guest was acceptable, then grant the visitor entrance along with directions on how to drive to Smith’s office.

By the time, she drove to his building on the lot, the movie producer gig had been completely legitimized in her mind.  Sure, some even flaked on that, but not many.  Most made sure they showed up on time to meet a Paramount producer.   He then ran them through some phony auditions and attempted to seal the deal right there in the office.  Granted it didn’t always work, but really, like a good baseball player,  Smith was going for a 30% batting average.

Mr. Smith carried out this scam for over a year, consistently luring some of the most attractive bimbos on to his lot in the Paramount office, where he proceeded to have sex with them right then and there.

He carried out this scam for an entire year constantly repeating this formula.  After a year, he quit the scam and moved on.  Like I said, I never met the guy, and I lost touch with his friend so I don’t know what happened to him.   It would have been interesting to meet him.  I am sure he is probably on a sleazy side, and doesn’t have too many ethical bones in his body.   You’d have to be unscrupulous to fool that many people.  Nevertheless, it’d be intriguing to interview him for this Blog, to find out what made him go to such lengths and invest so much into his scam.

That is that story of the greatest scam I’ve ever heard.  You can be sure that even right now there are plenty of guys either running or trying to run some sort of a scam to lure women.  (And they’re not in the seduction community.)  This is to encourage anyone to resort to that, but it’s interesting to be aware of what’s out there.  If you’re a female reading this, well, maybe you’ll think twice about taking someone’s word about being a movie-producer next time.  So it ends up working out for everybody.

a bit of charm to go with

The point of Smith’s scam above was two-fold:  One was to have a vehicle to draw attractive women to come to him, and the second was to hold a social hierarchical position of power over them, social leverage that could be dangled in front of them.

Wait, what if you’re a legitimate producer? What if you have a legitimate position that is NOT a scam?  What if you are able to draw women in because of the nature of your occupation and social leverage?   Much like the movie-producer who wrote a tirade on “Craiglist” a while back, you still need the attributes to be attractive.

Even Smith, the scumbag that he was, knew how to charm women and attract them emotionally.  Those are essential skills every man needs.  Without that, you have nothing. If you want to develop those you may want to get a copy of my audio course for your own benefit:

Other than that, beware of scam-game.  It’s out there. It’s designed to get money out of men and sex out of women.  Chances are, you may have met a few guys or heard a few stories yourself…..  If so, feel free to share.