Dating Secrets of the Naturals


There seems to be a mystery wrapped people who are labeled “Naturals.” What secrets do they know that the rest of men do not?  What forbidden knowledge was passed down to them from the trees of dating prowess?

What is a natural, you make ask.  It simply refers to a guy who is generally pretty good at attracting women.  He hadn’t really ever had too many dating issues and for this reason, he is dubbed a “Natural.”

What system do the naturals use?  Well, it’s a system that can be learned in about 10 minutes and once you learn it, you will have success with the hottest women in the planet 8 out of 10 times you approach them.  Send me $99 and I will share with you what it is that they know.

OK, seriously, what makes a natural?  (By the way,iIf you want to be bullshitted, go somewhere else.  Come back to my Blog when you’re tired of people bullshitting you.)  Back to our question:  What system do Naturals use? Some naturals have a good cognitive understanding of what they’re doing but in my experience, that is rare.

Many guys who are dubbed “Naturals” have become good at meeting & attracting women through Pavlovian conditioning.  It’s no different than the way a pet dog behaves on a daily basis.  It knows that a certain pattern of sequences lead to certain results.

For example, when a dog wants to go for a walk, he paws at the door.  It’s a simple cause and affect.  He knows that pawing at the door will get his owner to walk him.  If that dog wants dinner, he’ll scratch his dinner bowl.  He doesn’t know why, or how.   He doesn’t know where the food comes from, or how the can of Alpo was made.  He doesn’t care which factory manufactured it or how the product was marketed.

He just knows that a certain sequence of events lead to a certain result.  Scratching doggie bowl gets you him/her dinner.

Many guys who are successful with women operate on the same principle.  They don’t have a system or a grand explanation for what they do.  What they know however is this:

If they go to certain venues, talk a bunch of women of similar ilk, say certain things, and lure them back to their house, they’ll get laid.  So on any given weekend, they’ll go out, say the same usual bullshit to the same type of women enough times, and those sequence of events lead to certain results.

There is no system, no method, no complicated schemes.  In fact, some of the guys who are good with women are not that intelligent.  Heck, some of them are kind of dumb.  In particular, I know a couple of guys just like that.  As a goof, a couple of friends and I try to figure out their IQ levels.  We estimate it generously at a 103 or so, on a good day.  On a bad day, it’s around 95….  (Average human is around a 100.)

It’s just that this one particular guy, not the sharpest tool in the shed, knows that if he goes to a bar, says his usual bullshit, talks to enough girls, eventually he’ll get something out of it.

On any given weekend, bars from L.A to N.Y, across the nation host guys just like the one I mentioned above.  This is not to imply that they’re all of average intelligence, but to indicated that they are guys who have sort of figured out what works for them in a very general format.

So then what can you learn from such guys directly? Well, not much, because a lot of them don’t have any details as to what they’re doing.  If you asked them to give you pointers, they’d tell you, “Well, I just go to the bar, have a few cocktails, and talk to some chicks. “  If there is one common belief amongst them it’s that they don’t give a shit about the process.  There are nights they’ll go out, get wasted on alcohol and pass out. It’s not that big of a deal.

So then, what makes these subset of dudes more successful than others?

First and foremost, these guys possess a certain combination of Attributes & Characteristics that make them attractive to women.  It is for this reason that so much of what I teach is geared towards these “Attributes.”    If you have possess the right attributes, you can do OK for yourself.

One of these Attributes is confidence but it goes beyond that.  It’s how the confidence manifests itself, and the demeanor a person with confidence possesses.  These attributes also include certain social skills, and a sense of social intelligence that sometimes certain guys lack.  They can be learned, however.

You also see guys who are not “Players” by any stretch of the imagination, and yet, have a really cute girlfriend.  How does that happen?  They have some appeal to them and while they may not have the intuitive social intelligence of a guy who is a “Player,” they are able to get what they want and be content with it.

On the other hand, you can have all the methods in the world and without the attributes, they mean nothing.  You can be like a robot pushing buttons but not getting results.  Unfortunately, this is the paradigm many seduction-community guys get stuck in.

It sounds like this:

“Let’s see.  I am going to approach her, and then I’ll have 3 distinct DHVs lined up.  I will use two of these DHVs, save one for later, I’ll then neg her, and then for good measure, throw some cocky funny in there.  If that doesn’t work, I will resort to the clown micro loop.”

Is learning openers and such a bad idea?  Not at all!  Anything that can enable you to talk to women is a good idea.  It’s getting sucked into complicated schemes and becoming married to concepts that are counterproductive.

So what could you learn from Naturals? If you looked at their behavior, what could you deconstruct from it?

  • Possess Attractive Attributes
  • Possess good social skills
  • Develop Confidence
  • Know what kind of women you’re aiming for
  • Know the places to go that are most conducive for you to meet such women
  • Don’t take the idea of approaching and meeting women so seriously
  • Be more focused on having fun than trying to execute “Perfect Game” of the right sequences.
  • Be congruent with your lifestyle/hobbies
  • Don’t sacrifice your lifestyle to appease women, but rather incorporate women to your lifestyle.  Draw them into your world.

In other words, pretty much the things I talk about on this Blog.  Once you discover the ingredients, then you have a working model that is specifically geared for you.  Now, we can discuss each of the individual components above and break into a detailed, and more importantly, applicable format that you can implement.  If you’ve been reading the Blog consistently, you’ll note that some of the articles are an attempt to do just that.

It’s a process of implementing newly learned knowledge, that attracting women is not just a process of doing something, but rather it’s a way of being. Thus, if there were a “Secret” to the game of naturals, it’s that they know how to be.  You can learn that too.


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