Lakers Win!  Lakers Win!

L.A. Lakers

 Those of you who read the Blog on a consistent basis have probably figured out by now that I am a pretty avid Laker fan.  I’ve been since the mid 1980s, and even if I am not as fanatical as I used to be, I am still a pretty ardent supporter of the team. (And my fanaticism during my teenage years was quite legendary in its own right and perhaps now somewhat embarrassing in retrospect.)  Then again, maybe it’s just the way people in their early teens react and I am certainly not ashamed of it.    

 This year’s Laker run was somewhat tumultuous and nerve wracking and compared to previous Laker Championship teams, this was a unique one.  Unique, because clearly they were the best team in the league as far as talent/personnel was concerned in 2008-2009, and yet, they were at times fragile and disinterested. 

 This HAD to be the year for the championship.  The window for the championship was wide open this year.  Though the Lakers have a young Nucleus that can start a dynasty to win a few more, this had to be the year.  With two key players becoming free agents this summer and Kobe Bryant turning 31 in August, the time to win was now. 

 As for the Orlando Magic, their inability to have any post presence outside of Dwight Howard, terrible post-entry passing into Howard, and poor execution late in games did them in.  (Not to mention Dwight Howard’s utter lack of offensive Basketball skill.  Supreme athlete, low on skills.)  Oh, I should probably mention their dependence on outside shooting. Yes, I am a bit of a basketball purist and believe in the concept of “easy baskets.”  The further you go from the basket, the less easy the shot become.  A plethora of shots from 25 feet are questionable at best. 

 Howard’s young and will continue to improve.  If he develops some basketball moves, he’ll be a force to be reckoned with, and it’ll be interesting to see Howard go against Lebron James with a better supporting cast next year.

 As for Kobe Bryant, much fanfare will be made of what his 4th championship [1st without Shaq] means.  Where does this place him in the all time greats?  I don’t even care.  I don’t hate or love Kobe.  He plays on my team so for that, I am grateful.  Where does it put him though?  Is he as good as Michael Jordan now?  Seriously, I really do not care.  I never liked Jordan and don’t care for either of them as people.   All I know is that we get a new championship banner on the Staples Center Wall next year.  Lakers, 2008-2009 NBA Champs.

Now, if I can figure out a way to get seats next to Jack Nicholson…….

 And for good measure, those of you who completely did not care to read about basketball one bit, here is something you would appreciate.  A photo of the Laker Girls. 

Lakers Girls for Non-Basketball Fans

(As for Blog related, I did meet a “Laker Girl” at her other job last year, had some nice convo, exchanged info, and we exchanged a few emails too, but never went on an actual date, so nothing became of it.   Somehow that non-story seemed relevant….)  One more photo if you’re still not interested in Basketball…

Gratuitous Hot Girl Photo