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“Limping Gazelle Game”


I’d like to bring you a comprehensive perspective from all angles on dating so that you recognize things for what they are.  Whether you choose to implement a certain style, that’s your business.

Today’s topic of discussion is what I refer to as, “The Limping Gazelle Game.”  It’s not something I teach my clients during consultations but it’s something that is out there, and if it’s out there, you should be aware of it.  It exists in every bar and nightclub you’ll step into.

How does this work?

Normally, it takes place late at night in a bar with a drunken bar chick who is intoxicated as well.  She is the proverbial limping gazelle.  The fit and the strong, ahead of the pack, have all gone home (or never came to the place to begin with.)  What you have left is that limping gazelle trying to keep up with the rest of pack in the Serengeti.  It’s the easy one to capture.  It’s an easy meal.

Yes, most of us have seen the discovery channel or some animal documentary program about lions hunting down their prey.  This is the limping gazelle game.  There is one difference, however.  There is no victim here.  The analogy of the gazelle does not denote that the male in this scenario is preying upon the female.  This is mutual, and in cases, symbiotic.

You can see this dynamic in action in bars across America, from LA to NYC, every small town has its share of good-looking guys who are drunk themselves and hit on enough girls to get that “Limping Gazelle” in the back of the herd. Go to any bar near closing time, usually around 1:30 to 2 in the morning, and observe it for yourself.

The Lion On Discovery Channel

It’s normally conducted by guys who are good-looking and/or fit.  (Superficial judgment in a glance is an easy filter in a drunken state.)   The guy also has to be aggressive and he must become very sexual quickly.  Tips # 1 and # 10 (From my 10 Tips Blog Entry) really apply here.  That is being comfortable talking to girls and being very comfortable BEING SEXUAL with women.

If you need step by step instructions:

A lot of touching, bringing your face close to hers, as if you’re going for a kiss, then pulling back.  Each time you do this, you gauge her interest level.  It’s also a tease.  It also builds sexual tension.

For those of you who are computer nerds, think of it as pushing the “Refresh” button on your browser every 10 to 15 seconds for an update.  Otherwise, known as being present and reading the person’s emotions.

After a few teases to ramp up sexual tension, you actually for the kiss.  Yes, after a few fly-bys near the runway, this time you actually land.  Chances are very likely, she’ll comply.  She wants it too.

What kind of girls are you pulling?  Well, sometimes, it’s a girl who just got caught in the circumstances.  A lot of the time, however, it’s the limping gazelle.  It’s the drunken girl who likes going home with random strangers.  She’s a public playground.  Guys get their heads wrapped up in big egos about how they pulled some girl home, but let’s be serious, if it were not you, it’d be some other dude she’d be going home with.  Heck, she may have done that same thing 2 weeks ago with some other guy.

She is not very discriminating, but then, if you’re playing the limping gazelle game, neither are you!!  So it ends up working out.  Most guys who frequent bars have delved into this dynamic.

Most of the time, this is going to be the Archetype of girl I call the “High Functioning Loser.” It’s one of the Archetypes of women you’ll run into, especially around closing times at a bar.  A lot of the dudes loitering outside a club at 2 am are not that much better either, but you’re not interested in meeting dudes.  So let’s leave that out.

You may recall from previous Blog posts where I discussed an Archetype called the “Alpha Female.”  This is the opposite: Whereas the Alpha female is an ambitious “go-getter” type, the high functioning loser suffers from very low self-esteem and her ambitions are somewhere below the guy whose dream job is to operate an elevator all day.

It is not an end-all, be-all solution.  It’s just one type of approach for a certain type of girl in a specific context.   My attention was brought to some “In-field” footage of some company trying to advertise how great their method is.  The normal pattern of such companies consists of the company hiring a good-looking guy, filming him as he approaches enough drunk girls and starting a “makout” with one of them.

There is nothing wrong with it, per se.  The problem with this is that it’s not transferable to the dating advice seeker who may be socially awkward, poorly dressed, not to mention one who suffers from bad breath.  It’s good to see it, but it’s by no means “Cracking the code of pickup” which is, unfortunately, how it’s sold.

However, if you do find yourself drunk at bars late at night, this is something you can apply to land yourself a limping gazelle.  It’s one type of game and it’s part of my ongoing pursuit of exposing you to various sorts of approaches out there.  (You may recall “Scam Game” from another Blog entry.)


How to run limping Gazelle game broken down into general guidelines:

1.     You have to be comfortable with your own sexuality.

2.     Having a Few cocktails helps.

3.     Stand in high traffic area.  (Note: Do not stand by the female restroom.  It’s a bit creepy.  Lots of guys loiter in that area.  Stand somewhere on the WAY to bathroom, or on the way to an exit or smoking area.)  Lots of foot-traffic going through and coming your way.

4.     Look for the Limping Gazelle.  Drunk and intoxicated female, alone for whatever reason at that moment.  Most likely has very low self-esteem.

5.     Start conversation with a very generic line such as: “Hey, where do you think you’re going?” Must be said in playful manner.  Repeat this process.

6.     While conversing, grab her hand.  Hold on to it.  Don’t let go.  (Don’t squeeze too hard either, champ.)

7.     Do your Fly-bys.  Imagine you’re Tom Cruise flying in Top Gun if that helps.  Take your face close to hers, lips almost meeting, but not quite YET.

8.     After a few fly-bys, land on the carrier.  Err….., Actually, KISS her.

9.     Take her to a different location, away from the heavy foot traffic area.

10.  After some more kissing, invite her to your place.  Remember this is a different archetype than the club skank.  To lure the club skank, men sometimes offer a place that has cocaine.  For this archetype, you just need the place.

There it is.

A complete breakdown of Limping Gazelle Game.  Depending on your needs, your personality, and comfort level, you may find it useful.  Again, it’s not something I’d teach personally, but I figure the Blog should cover a wide range of possibilities.

There you go.  I just saved you $1500 from taking a super duper bootcamp with some outfit to show you how to get a “Makeout” kiss with some drunken girl at late a bar.  You’re welcome.



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