Seduction Community Myth busting


I’m continuing my march towards shattering various seduction-community myths.  Let’s talk about the notion of “Pure Game.”  There is this notion that has been perpetuated by dating advice “Gurus.”  It’s that you can run a sequence of words and tactics, when done perfectly, will produce the exact same favorable results repeatedly.  Every woman will succumb to your perfect game.

Nowhere outside the seduction community does such a paradigm exist.

If you’d followed Mystery from the TV Show pick up artist, you’d have learned that if you approached, looking over your shoulder, showing disinterest, then conduced a “DHV” followed by a “Neg”, then compounded that by another “Neg”, and continued these exact sequence of actions, you’d get the girl.

Of course, if you did all that and did not get the girl, it’s surely because you made an error in the tactics.  It can’t be that the system is flawed.   But if you veered outside of that system and DID get the girl’s interest?  Then you just got lucky.  It was beginner’s luck or something.

What if you have a nice lifestyle, good job, nice place, and have your life together?   In  that case, you cheated.

I don’t want to single out Mystery in this.  He is not responsible for this notion.  There are all sorts of dating advisors who want to shove a very rigid system down your throat.  Another guy who wants to teach you NLP Patterns in order to seduce girls in a “Speedy” manner will tell you that anything outside of his system is useless.  If you did get the girl, then you sure applied NLP concepts without knowing it.  You can’t win with these guys.

Well, I’ve got news for ya: There is no PURE Game.  You’re not opening a safe, and as much as you want a universal combination that opens every safe every time, it doesn’t work that way.

Put your best foot forward.  Be willing to show your strengths.  Your strengths could be within the “Edge” I have discussed before.  Whether it’s that you’re charming, funny, interesting, good looking, fit, tall, or have a conducive lifestyle, you ought to utilize this advantage.

You’re not going to see a guy who is good looking purposely gain 50 pounds of fat, dress like a slob, and smell like crap so he can prove he has “PURE” Game.  Because why?  There is no PURE game.  The game of attraction is not about systematic sentence that come out of your mouth.  Again, this is all very common sense outside the seduction community, but it becomes discombobulated within dating advice given to men.

Be a cool guy.  Have an edge about you.  I have said it before, and I’ll probably mention it in future posts.  If a guy is not a “Cool Guy, ” then the edge is meaningless.  But let’s say the guy is an interesting guy who has his life together and had a nice house where he hosts great cocktail parties for a professional crowd.  This is not cheating.  This is called being successful in life for most people.

In the seduction community, unless you’re an annoying pest accosting the women of a city, you are not running game.  You’re somehow cheating.  This notion is utterly ridiculous, and those who believe in it are usually the same people who don’t have many friends.  To them, having a friend introduce you to a girl is cheating.  To them having a female friend introduce you to another female friend at a cocktail party is probably beyond cheating.   It happens all the time at get-togethers.  To those who have no friends, having friends, is cheating. So be it.

At any rate, once you get over the notion of “Pure Game,” more doors will open up for you.  You’ll learn to utilize your best assets into your advantage. These won’t be your only card to play, but they’ll be assets you can consistently utilize.  Take sometime think about what your natural strengths are, and how you can futher enhance those.  It will help you in the long run.

Of course, there is a flip side to the “Pure Game” crowd and that is the ”Working a Niche” approach.   I’ll discuss that tomorrow.


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