Seduction Community Sofa


Well, I’d been talking about this with pals regarding this couch for the last year and I figured it’s time I put it out there for sale!  It seems like it’d be a waste to throw it away!  Plus, let’s be totally honest here

  • If David De Angelo dares to sell a product attempting to teach you a sense of humor,
  • If Thundercat dares to sell product teaching you personality,
  • If Neil Strauss can regurgitate Mystery Method, call it Annahilation and sell it  for $4000,

Then I definitely ought to be selling the PUA-Couch

  I moved to a new place a while back and finally got a new sofa.  This means I am giving up my famous PUA Sofa that is truly a historical piece of the Seduction Community.  Throughout the last few years, I’ve had a plethora of PUA visitors, the who’s who of the community, who have come to visit me and have sat on this couch.  It’s truly a remarkable piece of memorabilia.  I am not saying I am proud of it, but it is what it is.  This sofa has provided comfort for many pick up artist, some in transit, some in vagabond states, and some who needed a place to sleep after a few alcoholic beverages. 

It’s a noteworthy list if you’re a fan of the Community.   Without further hesitation, let’s get to the list of individuals who have either sat or slept on my couch.. This list ranges back may years.  By the way, an asterisk denotes that the PUA was mentioned in “The Game” by Neil Strauss.

  • List of Seduction community Pick Up Artists who have either sat, or slept, on this sofa:

Mystery*, (Aka Erik Von Markovik).
Tyler Durden*, (aka Owen.)
Papa Kho*, (Aka Nick Kho.)
J-dog (from VH-1′s Pick up artist) 

Barry Kirkey,* (aka Extramask, aka “26″)  You’ve heard him on Revolution31.
Stephen Nash*  (PlayboyLA.) 

Toecutter* (An original who has disappeared from the scene.  Your last chance to capture part of him.)
MTL PUA* (An original who has completely vanished.  Now Married.) 

Christophe, (RSD Instructor.)

Jlaix*  (During a visit to LA in 2004. Before he joined RSD.  Old school Jlaix.)
Wilder* (co-founder of pick up 101.  Vanished in summer of 2005.  Whereabouts unknown.)*
Johnny Soporno. (with girlfriend.)  (Couch has been since tested for STDs.  It’s Clean.)
Cliff (from Cliff’s list.)* 

Steve Piccus*, (at least over 20 visits)*
Zan*, (even spent a couple of nights on this couch)*

Formhandle,* (Founder of Fastseduction)
TokyoPUA* (Co-Founder of Fastseduction)

 Will H.  

Sebastian Drake (formerly Dimitri.  Dating teacher, now retired, living an antisocial life.)
Swinggcat* (Known as Grimble in “The Game.”) Even slept on couch after a night of drinking.

And lastly,

Sinn.  (aka Jon.) (We even have done two podcasts together for Sinnandthecities from the PUA-sofa. You can listen to those on his blog. Yes, those podcasts were completed as we sat on the famous “PUA-Sofa.”)  I doubt you’ll find any such such sofa on the planet.

 By the way, there were even late comers to this couch.  “Entropy” and Erika have been on this couch as well.   (No, I did not have sexual-relations with Erika, let the court records show.)

And yes, lots of women have set on it too, but come on!   Who cares about that???

 Why is this couch important? It’s not just memorabilia.  It’s not just a museum piece.  Even though it should be in the Louvre one day.

  •  It’s more than that. 


It’s the couch of Empowerment.


Because when YOU are on this couch,
 sitting next to a girl,
you have the power to make any move you want.

You have permission to escalate anyway you want.

 G**Damn it, this is the couch Zan slept on. In some ways, he is there with you in spirit supporting your efforts to kiss that girl.

  • Are you nervous to get physical with her?
  • Nervous to hold her hand? 
  • Afraid to go for the kiss???

 Not anymore.  When you think about the cumulative power of all those PUAs, who are there with you, you can do anything.  All limitations are removed.   You could spent 20,000 Dollars in the next year going to Tony Robbins seminars… Or you could get the PUA couch!  Tony can’t give that to you! 

  • Imagine, the force of Nature that is Steve P. being with you!
  • Imagine, the knowledge of Swinggcat transferring to you. 
  • Imagine the charm and suave of Zan transforming you into the kind of Don Juan man who can make the next move with all the ease in the World…….

 Couch goes to highest bidder.  You’re responsible for shipping/picking it up.

Famous PUA Sofa

 The famous PUA-sofa has a distinct color, a grey that leans towards green.  It comes with two cushions as seen and the power of many Pick Up Artists….