Party chick, the Sociological and Anthropological Perspective.


 This is a continuation from, Defnitive Series on Party Chicks, Part 2

In the last article, I discussed what/who party chicks are, what drives their actions, what motivates their behavior, and what their core values are.

 I’d like to take a sociological perspective on this.  Now, let’s be honest.  It’s doubtful that any university is going to offer me a guest lecture spot for my amateur stab at sociology, but then again, I’d bet you that a team of pencil pushing professors from prestigious universities of our fine nation couldn’t break down party girls for ya the way I can.   So, let’s get to it:

Let’s look at this from Afar:  Imagine you’re an alien-being living in a different galaxy and you decide to watch your version of what is the Discovery Channel.  You turn on your television or hologram tube and see a program on people and animals on Planet Earth:  

  • Today’s Show: Part of a series on Humanoids on Planet Earth just a few galaxies away. 
  • Today’s Episode: The Party Chick and its social mating habits.

 There is a subcategory of females that are, for better or worse, categorized as party chicks.  They like to have a good time, and they’re self absorbed.  WE already know that.

  Most “Party Girls” are in their 20s, and they happen to be more attractive than average.  The age range can vary from 18 to 30, a being a party girl is not a matter of age, but rather it’s mindset. This is of the utmost importance. We’ll get to that later.

 The party-chick possesses physical attributes that she trades as social currency.   Most guys will wilt and bend when faced with the promise of sex.  More than anything, the party-chick has learned to dangle sex like a carrot in front of the old donkey.   Keep in mind that the party chick comes in various flavors of socio-economic class.  There can be clichéd “Trailer Trash” to the socialite.  So you could be talking about Britney Spears or Paris Hilton,   

It’s not a one sided affair, however.  There are hordes of men waiting out there to trade monetary currency to hang with party girls.  These are the guys who will spend lots of money buying the girls drinks, the ones with the limo waiting outside of the club, and bottle service inside the club, all part of the package deal to get back to the house to snort some blow. 

 Contrary to popular belief, these guys are not losers who just don’t have game.  This, for better or worse, is their Game.  Party girls want to have fun and have a free ride.  These guys provide it and receive sex as compensation. Well, there are a lot of steps in between, but that’s what’s basically occurring here.

 What’s in it for them?  They want sex with thin girls in their 20s.  The men’s age range could very from 20s to 50s.  It doesn’t matter.  They dynamic does not change.  What type of guys are these?  These are guys who have lots of money.  Money provides access to hottest nightclubs (remember the need to be seen socially, stimulus junkies), bottle service, lots of free flowing alcohol, and cocaine [amongst other hardcore drugs.)

 The Money-man provides these in return for the party chick's company and sex.  It's a weird symbiotic exchange that goes on.  It's a tacit agreement that is intuitively understood, yet never discussed, nor is it ever mentioned verbally between the two creatures. 

 Well, it's all fun and games until father time and mother nature start exerting their will. 

 Suddenly, a funny thing happens on the way to the big three zero.  When the Party chick hits the age of 30.  She is no longer in demand by the type of guys who entertain, wine and dine party chicks.

  The men spending lots of cash do so because they desire girls in their early 20s.  The dynamic works because party girls respond to social value.  So it's irrelevant if the guy lacks charisma, personality, or charm.  He has what counts: Financial currency. 

The party chick has looks to trade as social currency.   Make no mistake about it.  At its most basic component, on a primitive scale, this is an exchange of currency.   Once the party-chick turns roughly 30 years old, she no longer possesses that social currency.  The men spending 1000s of dollars on a nightly basis are not looking to catch 30 plus year old women.  They want the young girls, and there is a new crop of 20 somethings has been harvested, a new generation has surfaced. They're about to be introduced to the wilderness and the old generation is irrelevant.

 Suddenly, the 30 year old party chick is put out to pasture.  Past her shelf life, she has gone the way of the audio-cassette tape, obsolete and irrelevant.  The majority of the time, party chicks are not career women or well educated.  They have been too busy partying.  (This is not always the case.  Just the majority of the time.)

 What type of guys are these?  These are guys who have lots of money and are willing to use it to attract these types of women.  Money provides access to hottest nightclubs (remember the need to be seen socially, stimulus junkies), bottle service, lots of free flowing alcohol, and cocaine [amongst other hardcore drugs.). 

The Money-man provides these in return for the party chick's company and sex.  It's a weird symbiotic exchange that goes on.  It's a tacit agreement that is intuitively understood, yet never discussed, nor is it ever mentioned verbally between the two creatures. 

 Having no real education, trade, or career, the party chick turns into a state of semi-panic.  She must now ponder her future and how she will maintain her lifestyle, or even provide a decent standard of shelter, food, and such. How will she do this?  It's scrambling time for the party chick.  Having spent the bulk of their 20s partying, they usually don't have much of an education, and since snorting coke and shopping do not come across that impressive on a resume, they don't have much of a career track either.

 She must turn to a provider to provide this.  Her looks are fading quickly and remember she only has her physical appearance as the only social currency for trade.  Things are going to get dim unless she cashes in what currency she has left.

 She finds that provider.  The provider is also referred to as husband and he is legally bound to provide for the party chick.  He is the chump.  In America, there is a service called carfax.  Before you purchase the car, you can get a document telling you what the car has been through. There is no carfax service to for party chicks.  The husband to be has no idea of what kind of unsavory character she has been spending time with, or if her nostrils are padded with a snowflake trail of cocaine. 

 Unfortunately, this guys is the biggest chump in his habitat.   He has bought a thrashed vehicle that was no good to begin with.  The writing is on the wall.  This man is going to be one miserable son of a bitch.  In fact, we have a photo of a man taken a few years after his marriage to a party chick.


Divorced from Party-Chick


 All kidding aside, I’ve had pals who succumbed to this and ended up having a party chick as a girlfriend or fiancée.  You wish them well, and you hope that it works out but then again, you know that the writing is on the wall.  It’s 99% likely to fail miserably.  And it does.  Wait!

Well, what if she change her ways?  
What if she saw the light?  What if she is now a person with goals and ambitions, perhaps even someone who wants to raise a good family?

That’s the big question, isn’t?  Is the person reformed?  Actually, the real variable here is cause of the reform:

Did the person change her/his ways because

-         She experienced some sort of an epiphany?  Perhaps she had a paradigm shift?


- Did the person change because her circumstances forced her to?  (But she really didn’t want to…)

 If it’s the latter, you’re screwed.  Why?  She still seeks stimulus.  She never stopped WANTING to party, snort coke, and spend weekends wasted in a drunken haze.  It’s just that the circumstances of the world forced her to change.  That’s what she really wants to do, but then there are these minor inconveniences, like paying rent/mortgage, paying bills, car payments, food and various bills..  Someone has to pay for these. That guy is set for misery, as seen in above photo.   Don’t become like that guy!



  • The Insider Perspective

  One of my greatest insights over the years came from knowing party girls whom I knew platonically because they were related to my friends.  It’s one thing to observe this dynamic when the outside but it’s enlightening to watch it from the inside.  These are girls that were off-limits because they were a friend’s sister or cousin.

  Time provides the luxury of experience and it you pay attention long enough, sometimes you learn a thing or two.  When you get to your 30s, you realize that there are people you’ve observed well over a decade and most of the time, their behavioral tendencies don’t deviate much.  Yet, it’s interesting to note how a change in life is created through change in circumstances.  

 Such is the case with one particular party girl I’ve known for years.  She happens to be a cousin of one of one of my friends who is a few years old than me.  As a teenager, I observed her to be the queen of her social circle.  In demand, sought after, and taken care of, she had no worries.  We used to watch her leave the house with no money in her pocket which was always intriguing.  What about club cover charges, alcohol, taxicab rides?  “Ha!  We don’t pay to get in ever!  And we just find guys to buy us drinks.”

Said with the confidence of someone who didn’t take a dollar with her, so self-assured that she’d never need it. 

  The story takes a turn as you might imagine.  You watch them go from in demand to obsolete, out-dated , put out to pasture, marry a guy and divorce is sure to follow 5 years later.  That particular script, I’ve seen numerous times.

 That’s because party girls seldom change. People seldom change.  Really heavy  people stay obese and alcoholic stay alcoholics.  It takes hard work and dedication to change, something most people are not willing to do.  That applies to party girls as well.  Man, I can drag you by the hand to the South Bay tonight and show you 39-year old party-chicks.  They got married, had kids, got divorced (not necessary in the sequence), and here they are still seeking chasing the dragon. You know what they did last weekend?  Got drunk, went to some clubs, talked about nothing.  Want to guess what they’re doing next weekend? 

Hey, nothing wrong with a few cocktails and nothing wrong with having some fun!  However, when that is ALL someone is about, you have to ask yourself a serious question: Do you want to have a relationship with such a person?

 If you’re someone who is seeking a long term relationship, a companion, or wife, you probably ought to stay clear from party girls.  That seems like common sense, but then, it’s not always that simple.  She could be reformed because she is husband shopping and that makes thing a bit more complicated.  We’re back to the question I asked earlier.  Was the reform a result of some sort of maturity, mental/spiritual growth, or was it the circumstance that forced her hand?  If you can answer that, you know the answer to your question.


  OK. but what if you want to become better at interacting with these types of girls?  Now that you are aware of this information, how do you apply it?  That’s the next article!  You’re going to want to read that one!

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