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  A while back, while in Scottsdale Arizona, Jon and I started talking about sports again.  Both avid basketball fans, we enjoy little discussions about the NBA.  I, of course, am the long time Laker fanatic and he hates the Lakers mainly because of one Kobe Bryant.  Our personal team differences aside, a common observation you’ll make is that a lot of guys who seek dating advice are not into following any sports.    Actually, a common theme is that a lot of the guys even teaching dating don’t follow sports. 

 One could dismiss that as just another hobby.  I’d like to make the observation that the majority of the guys have never played any sports.  As a side note that may explain the lack of interest in following sports  Normally, if you play basketball, football or even Tennis, chances are very likely that you’ll end up following the professionals in the sport you enjoy participating in.  There is a natural curiosity to watch that particular sport played at very high level.  Back to the point:

 What’s the relevance of having played sports?  It helps develop and define certain aspects of one’s life and it plays a role in an individual’s development.  Obviously, not everyone is going to have equal athletic skill and yet even those who claim low athletic talent can still participate in sports as a hobbyist.  Let’s take playing pick-up basketball games.  (Pick-up basketball does not denote any sort of seduction.)  It’s playing games at local courts where random individuals (or friends) form teams to play against each other.

 Just playing those games helps you learn to compete on some level.  It helps in reinforcing the importance of practice and it probably instills some humility because unless you’re a superstar, you’re going to lose some of the time.  It also helps build camaraderie between guys who play often together and it also teaches you to stand up for yourself.  There are typical experiences shared by all.  For example, let’s take playing “Pickup Games” of Basketball on the playground. 

 At some point, on that basketball court, some guy is going to push you around, and chances are it’s because he is bigger than you.  You’re going to have to push him back.  You may not want to do it, but you know that you have to.  It may even escalate into something more, but as the saying goes, “you gotta do what you gotta do!”  That act will help build courage.   

 This is not to say that it’s a comprehensive solution to all problems.  One look at certain professional athlete’s today will you that they can behave like petulant children as much as anyone officially enrolled in Kindergarten.  It’s just one piece of the puzzle.  It’s an important piece that guys seeking dating advice have potentially have missed out on.  I am sure you’ll run into plenty of guys who do play sports and still have issues in meeting women.  So, just to be clear: I am not saying that playing sports makes you a ladies man.  As the saying goes, “It helps round you out”. 

 There is a certaind demeanor that comes from having been involved in athletics and sports.  At times, you look at a guy and you know he’s never a played a sport in his life.  It’s not that he is fat or out of shape, but from the sheer stance of his wobbly body language, you know he has not partaken in athletic endeavor.  I think at one point, Jon and I tried to figure out how many of the “Dating gurus” of the “Seduction Community” had really ever engaged in sports even in high school.  And…….. we couldn’t find very many.   

  How can this information benefit you?

  For one, get involved in doing some sort of physical activity.  If you do nothing, then start with something.  Doing anything is better than doing nothing.  What if you’ve played any sports in your life?  If you want to take it one step further, then enroll in some sort of sport that’ll enable you to compete for fun.  If you’re older, you may find it to difficult to suddenly start playing a sport like basketball or American style tackle football. 

 But then, you could still pick up a sport like Tennis, and learn to play against other people in your age range.  If you live in the U.S, you could join a weekend softball team.  Team sports would usually be preferred because they force you to interact with other people.  I’ve even seen cycling clubs where swarms of people meet up to go bicycling together on weekends.  You may not be competing in the latter example, but you’re partaking in something fun, productive, with social circle potential built into it. 

  Any of these activities are going to help you much more than joining a “Seduction lair” where you swap stories with other guys who have no social circles about how many girls you’ve just approached the past week.  If you don’t know what a seduction lair is, you’re better off.  Please ignore & forget this paragraph you’ve just read. 

 Getting involved in activities will pay dividends that are far more fruitful in the long run.  It may not be easy at first, especially if the last time you exercised was when Clinton was President.  Being able to get along well with other dudes is at least half the battle because it enables to individual to form relationships and friendships outside a community solely devoted to “Sarging Women.”   You can still read good advice and apply it, and you’re more than welcome to read my Blog and take what you can away from it, but get away from lairs, get involved in fitness, sports, and forming more relationships with normal guys. 

 My guess is 8 out of 10 guys reading this will probably not get involved in any sort of fitness program nor will they start playing some sport as a hobby.  They’ll like the idea and it’ll sound good on paper (or as electrons on screen) but application is different than information.  Strive to be the part of the 20% who’ll move forward and do something.


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