A Birthday Gift from Me to You!

 Hey all,

  Yes, today’s is my birthday, and I’ve decided that instead of the traditional route of receiving gifts, I am going to GIVE YOU a gift.

 I am going to do something crazy even though some may advise against it. 

 I am giving a 100 Dollar discount to my audio course for the next 24 hours!  Yep, on my Birthday, you get the gift.  If you’ve always been interested in listening to me preach about dating and related matters on 12 hours of audio, now is your chance to get it with a $100 discount. 

  Look at it as a gift for yourself as we head towards Christmas and the new Holiday season.

 To receive your 100 Dollars off, Go to my audio course page here:


Once you get to the shopping cart, enter coupon code: HAPPYBIRTHDAY

 It’ll give you an instant 100 Dollars off.  The offer is there for 24 hours should you care to take advantage of it.