The Pitch Clock


 I started the sports theme so here is another addition to the series.  

 OK, the time has come for this!  It’s arrival is looooong overdue.  I know quite a few of the readers live Internationally and may not be familiar with the game of Baseball.  Nevertheless, even if you’ve seen one game in your entire life, you know that grown women can conceive babies, endure pregnancy, and give birth between pitches of a baseball game.  It’s one of the biggest reasons I no longer keep up with baseball too much. 

 This past season, both local Los Angeles teams (Dodgers/Angels) made it to the playoffs and it sparked my interest to watch the Baseball playoffs for a bit.  Even then, I could not endure an entire game.  I had to start watching after the 3rd or 4th Inning. 

 Look, NBA Basketball realized the need to speed things up long ago.  They devised a shot clock.  Simply put: You have 24 seconds to shoot the basketball, and on top of that, the ball MUST hit the rim or you lose possession.  With the emergence of today’s lazy players and slow-down, walk the ball as though you’re at a BBQ in the park style of coaching, I think the shot-clock ought to be reduced to 20 seconds or less, but that’s fodder for another post.

 American Football has a 25 second clock or you get a 5 yard penalty.  Normal football (AKA Soccer) has a 90 minute time limit.  It would have a possession clock except they change possessions in soccer every 3 to 5 seconds anyway. 

 Let’s get back to baseball though.  3 Balls, 2 strikes is what you’re allowed along with unlimited foul balls.  Those are the rules and everyone is clear on that.  It’s also a given that there is no time limit in Baseball.  In fact, it is the only major sport where no one is keeping track of time.   Football (American football as well as what we refer to as Soccer), Basketball, Hockey, Boxing, MMA, all have time limits. 

Yes, Baseball forgets time, but time does not forget you.  While you’re wasting away in front of TV, you’re still aging, and there really is no sense in prolonging what is an already lengthy game.  Games are going 4 to 4.5 hours!  This is your life that baseball is wasting away….

 So all of that considered?   How does the Pitch-Clock work?

 Is it really necessary to linger between pitches?  A pitcher throw the first pitch towards home plate.  Ball 1 or Strike 1, it does not matter.  The pitch clocks has started.  He has 30 seconds to throw the next pitch.  Otherwise, it is an automatic BALL!  That’s it.

 If a batter asks for time, it resets the pitch clock.  That really isn’t an issue since batters rarely ask for time. Even then, batters must have a good reason to step outside the plate.  You’re getting paid 5 million dollars a year to play ball, not to stand around like a jerkoff and loiter. 

 Only issue that could come up is throwing towards 1st base to keep runner on base. 

Would the pitch clock reset every single time he throws to 1st?  My suggestion is no.  It’d reset to 20.  The Pitch-clock operator resets back to 20 after the first baseman throws the ball to the pitcher.

 The benefits of this?  Games are a little quicker, more action for the fans and it’d bring in more fans to Major League Baseball.  Would it tire pitchers out quickly?  No?  30 seconds is more than enough time and let’s face it, today’s pitchers pitch about 6 innings before they hit the showers. 

 In decades past, starting baseball pitchers would attempt to have complete games or pitch 8 innings.  Now, they pitch 6 Innings.  7th inning goes to the “Mid-Reliever” and the “Set-up Guy” comes in the 8th.  Finally, we see “The Closer” in the 9th.  And yet, with such little workload, they still want to stand around and loiter.

 With the utilization of so many pitchers and so many pitching changes, often during innings, a pitch clock is sorely needed.  The game of baseball is not timed and it never will be.  Baseball purist will say that’s the beauty of baseball.  While I would not use the adjective “Beautiful” to describe that, I understand the point. 

 Baseball purist will also argue against the Pitch-Clock in anger and violence.  Major League Baseball will be hesitant to introduce such a change unless it affects their pocket books.  If there could increased revenue by bringing a new fan base, then baseball will suddenly show a spark of interest. 

See the photo below? 

After a 5 Hour Baseball game


It’s the Jonestown massacre, where the world witnessed a mass suicide.  While it is well known that this was a mass suicide, what is not well known is the cause of it.

 Yes, you read it here first:  Slow fucking Baseball game and too much time in between pitches caused these poor bastards to collectively kill themselves.  Let’s prevent more massacres.  Let’s bring on the Pitch Clock.