Straggler Game & Swinggcat

 Friday Night, and a bit of reminiscing…

My buddy Jon (Aka Sinn) was in LA to conduct a super-conference and we had a chance to hang out a bit.  As things worked out, we were joined by longtime “Dating Guru Swinggcat” and we decided to hit some of the local spots on Hollywood.   I hadn’t seen Swinggcat either for a while, so it was nice to catch up!

Now, you have to understand that I don’t go out that much to bars anymore, and haven’t during this past year (Ever since my 60 day challenge which I blogged about) so I was a bit out of touch as to how various nightclubs are holding up currently. 

 The first place we stopped by was a bust, not because the place wasn’t doing well.  To the contrary, the place was a madhouse, but our promoter contact was off that night.  That’s sort of the nightclub scene, as different promoters handle different nights of the week.  Show up when the guy you know isn’t working and you’re not getting in! 

 After a brief stint at another venue, we decided to head back to the heart of Hollywood and hit up Les Deux.  Last time I was at Les Deux was about a year ago, and the place was packed.  It was one of THE places to be if you were going out.  Long random formations of people dwelling outside trying to get in, red carpets, promoters, lists, and etc…

**How things have changed in one year. 

  Les Deux still requires you be on a guest list from a promoter and Swinggcat happened to know someone there.  This is just part of the show for them to try and establish that they are a place that’s in demand and it’s an attempt to appear prestigious. 

In reality, it’s like a Playboy playmate trying to charge you modeling fees, because she was hot in 1985,

  Les Deux wants to be hot, and yet, when you get in, half the place is empty and the other half is a somewhat ghetto crowd.  There really aren’t too many people worth talking to, and the high rollers have all abandoned the place.  This is just the Nightclub business days and this place really has followed the cycle of a nightclub very accurately.  (See reference post about Nightclub cycles here:

 In the entire place, there were really two girls that were actually pretty cute.  Two blondes from “The Valley” who had somehow ended up here, and conversation with them was pretty much like equivalent of spending time in Guantanamo Bay: Torture. 

 Although the really tall blonde did work her way to a bottle service area where she scored free drinks and then started to dance on the chairs in appreciation of free alcohol.  At this point, I thought, “Wow!  This’d make a great Blog Photo!”  So I made the sacrifice.  This is how committed I am to the Blog!   By taking this photo, I was categorized in the douchebag category in her mind, meaning there was no chance for an interaction with shit-for-brains, but it was well worth it to serve the Blog.   

So here is the photo of party blonde dancing on couches in the bottle service area for the readership.

 OK, you have the typical patters of behavior!  Posing for Cameras, whoring for attention and douche with cocktail staring up at her in awe.  (Not to mention Some asshole taking a photo, but it’s undercover work for the Blog, damn it!)

 You will run into girls like this in L.A and other major metropolitan cities.  You may think you need some supreme game, doing “Merge-sets,” pulling rabbits out of your hat, or throwing down lightening bolts like Zeus.  That’s all nice, but in reality, it’s really simple

Despite all of the “game” you study, whether it was some super cool routines you learned from Mystery, or some first class scumbag telling you about his “Nimbus,” or some woo-woo spiritual thing where you found you inner manliness while spending time with wolves in a remote forest somewhere, the formula remains the same.  

 The most efficient way to convince this particular type to leave with you, is to have minimal conversation, be dominant, and invite her to an after-party where you tell her there will be free flowing cocaine.  It’s either go or no-go.  Make it easy on yourself.  If no-go, then cut your losses, and move on!  Don’t analyze “How you should have gamed her better.”   It’s not the only way, and it’s not my style, but I have an obligation to tell you how it really is, and what the most efficient method would be!

 There, I just saved you a 1000 dollars once again!

 That’s a free tip to ya for reading my Blog ;-)  If you’re payin for dating-advice from some super guru who is going to teach you the ultimate dating technique, you’re getting rimmed in the ass without the benefit of a reach around. 

 All in all, it was fun hanging with guys and catching up.  It also was revealing in that I discovered one of the reasons why I don’t enjoy going out to these places.  Too often, guys are committed to staying the course.  They want to stay at the club til 2 AM, until it closes.  Problem is that after midnight, the quality of crowd plummets faster than Enron Stock after the scandal.  Upon closing, then guys want to stick around switching to limping gazelle/straggler game where they want to drag some drunk idiot home for a quick lay. 

 Not interested. 

 Once you go, you’re sort of stuck.  It’d be nice to go, stay for 30-45 minutes, chat with a few people, and then get the heck out of there.  However, as is the case with a lot of hotspots, there are so hoops to jump through that once people are in, they’re not leaving.  There is a whole laundry list: Contact the right promoter, show up at the proper time, pay 20 or 30 Dollars to get in, and now you’re stuck at that venue.  Too much vested just to get in.   

 Swinggcat is one of the guys who is committed to staying the course!  If he has to stay up until 3, 4, 5, in the morning, so be it.  He is committed to the hunt, and like a machine he will methodically try to capture something. 

 As for me, it’s become increasingly harder to talk to people whom I jokingly refer to as “Scum of society,” a phrase which Jon seems to enjoy quite a bit.  You could pretend to enjoy chatting with such people for so long.  Eventually, they figure out you don’t think very highly of them….  Sometimes, even then, they seem to still stick around wanting to talk to you even though they have a sense that you don’t think much of them.  That’s the weird oddity in all of it.

Which brings to me another unique dynamic: Limping Gazelle game.  (or Scavenger game.) You could read about it here:

 Stragglers and those who seek them out create an interesting dynamic, and it should probably be explored more.  You may or may not ever be interested in going that route, but most guys have at some point, and either way, it’s interesting to read about.  If you stay the course ‘til bars close down, it’s an amazing thing to watch!  There is a mad feeding frenzy of men trying to hunt down stragglers.  It should be filmed and put out on Discovery Channel with the proper commentary! 

  I’ll write more about that in another blog entry, or maybe I’ll do a podcast with Sinn about on the topic.  “Stragglers” are a fun topic to discuss. 

 Aside from all of that, it was good catching up with the guys, and a good reminder that I don’t miss spending hours upon hours in a nightclub anymore….