The Dating Industry is a funny place.  You got guys who have some good tips to teach that can help you and then you’ve got the really whacky bunch.  The ones who want to teach other individuals how to “Socialize” with other human beings, but they’re social misfits themselves.

 Taking them to a casual house-party is the equivalent of taking the elephant man to participate in a beauty pageant. 

 While making fun of the real elephant man would be in poor taste in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with making fun of unnecessarily arrogant socially retarded pricks who want to teach social dynamics and charge money for it too!

 Jon, aka Sinn, does a wonderful job of pointing out high forms of douchebaggery by one such instructor.  It’s a fun read:  Enjoy it reading it here:

 As always, there is a silver lining.  So those of you who want to see the positivity, you should know that there are useful tidbits that do come from such people. They could be used as a barometer to measure if someone gets it.  For examples, you may know people in the seduciton community who religiously hang on to every word of such individuals.  They even mention some jargon like “Nimbus” every 3 words.   Right then, you know a few things: That the dude doesn’t have too many (or any) friends, does not really attract any girls (or at least sober ones), and can’t really teach you anything.

 That’s today’s practical tip of the day.