Seduction Community Tricks – Flash Game


 I briefly wrote about this a few years back, but then a recent conversation last week reminded me that it ought to be mentioned again.   (Back when I wrote about it, it upset a few dating-coaches.)

 I was having dinner with a few people, one of whom has gotten particularly involved with the community. (He was involved a long time ago, took sometime off, then he is back at it again, unfortunately.)   So he tells me, “Wow, you’ve gotta see instructor xyz game.  He is so incredible.  He goes up to the girls and he has them wrapped around his fingers.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Man you gotta come out and see this guy.”

 I try to change the subject.  Oh, how I try….  “So, you excited about the NFL playoffs?”

 His reply is to torture me more. “Dude, this guy’s stuff is cutting edge.  I’ve been helping him out at his bootcamps.”   Btw, this is one of the surefire signs that you’re very likely dealing with a community-involved person: They don’t notice your eyes glazing over not being interested in the conversation, nor do they take notice repeated multiple attempts at changing the conversation.  (People are also encouraged to “Plow Through”)

 Finally, I’ve had enough.  This is 2nd time he has gone on a diatribe about his new bootcamp instructor infatuation, and I happen to know the instructor, and really I am not that impressed, nor do I want to waste my time hearing about it.    “Look man, I know you like these workshops and you’re excited about this alleged new stuff you’re learning.  It’s nothing new.  And plus your hero-instructor for the most part is regurgitating Mystery-Method and selling it as Natural-Game.  It’s kinda sad actually.”

 He finally gets it.  I am not interested in hearing about instructor xyz teaching “Pick Up Artist” dating workshops, an instructor who then blatantly lies about his results, but we’ll save that for later…  My buddy is not happy with me!  I liked our friendship better before he got involved into the bootcamp business where we could talk about normal hobbies.  He is a good guy and deserves better than being enthralled with “Dating Guru” scumbags.  Anyhow, moving past that…

 Why was this guy so infatuated with this new instructor?  


  •  What is flash-game?  How does it work?  What’s the purpose?  Why even do it?

 Flash-game is a hyperactive high energy way of approaching women, then machine gunning them down with a barrage of routines, [a verbatim memorized script], all designed to get them laughing, giggling and looking like you have them eating out of the palm of your hand.

 Why do this?  Because it impresses students!  It wows the paying customer into thinking he has just witnessed an incredible feat in front of his eyes.  To the student, it’s the equvialent of having watched live John Elway’s “The Drive” or Magic’s Baby skyhook in the 1987 NBA Finals against the Celtics.  It’s meant to be dazzle.  Not proud of it, but I’ve done it! Back in the Project Hollywood days, circa 2004, I’ve done quite a bit of flash game.

 What’s the problem? 

 Let’s put it this way: Flash-game is the equivalent of a fat guy who has not exercised in 10 years telling you, “Look, how athletic and fit I am” by running 50 yards (close to 50 meters) as fast as he can.  But then you know that if he had jogged another 50, he’d collapse and vomit all over himself.  Who knows, he might have even shit himself and soiled his underwear.  But for those first 50 meters, he can make himself look good.

 Point is Flash-game doesn’t really work in the greater context of attracting women.  It does not yield results  It’s designed for the instructor to dupe the students to thinking he can have any girl in the bar he wants.  So he does approaches the girls, tries to entertain them in whatever way he can for a few minutes. 

 Sometimes the instructors behave as over-the-top flamboyant effeminate homosexual men to ease the women into tolerating them.  I KNOW you’ve seen this, if you’ve been around the seduction community.  You’ve seen “Insider” footage of hidden-camera pickups that were the equivalent of watching Bruno approach women in a nightclub.

I'm a fabulous Pick Up Artist

  Again, this does not translate to attraction or turning a woman on sexually.  Don’t take my word for it.  If you have close female friends, ask them what they fantasize about when they play with themselves…  It’s not the effeminate homosexual guy (who is still in denial) sweeping them off of their feet.  That’d be the opposite of what they really fantasize.  

 Either way, Flash game is designed to make you look good for a 5-minute period and that’s it.  She has nothing vested in the conversation and it certainly doesn’t mean that she is interested.  It’s a parlor trick.  You ever watch a street-performer or a side-show?  You have fun, and perhaps give the guy a few dollars as a tip, and you walk away 

 Disclaimer: In the bar game, if an instructor is good at what he does, he could switch gears, slow things down, and create some rapport and perhaps work that into a one-night-stand with a specific type of girl but most guys teaching don’t have much personality to begin with.  So we’re back to square one….

  The problem is two-fold:  Guys teaching wanting to “Wow” the students and the guys learning wanting to be highly impressed.  You have to decide if you’re taking a workshop/bootcamp to experience more success in dating women, or if you’re spending money to be wowed.  If it’s the latter, then you just like spending money for your pick-up artist infatuation, and not really interested in becoming better yourself.  (And there are plenty of guys like that.)

 I recall speaking to a group of guys about a year and a half ago.  Afterwards, one guy blurted, “Man, I’d love to watch you game sometime.”

 Like I told him then,

 A.  I am not a dancing monkey here to perform for you.

 B. If you saw me talking to girl, it’d be most unspectacular “Pick up” you’ve ever seen. If I am talking to a girl at a supermarket, you’re not going to see me bounce off the walls, doing handshakes and spin moves….

 What you’d see from a distance is two people talking, and if it’s going well, a lot of laughing, and ideally to the unsuspecting eye, it’d look like two friends who haven’t seen each other in a few months catching up. 

 The more trained eye would see a lot of flirtatious sub-communication, but it’s not impressive.  It’s two people chatting, having fun and laughing…  That’s it.  Ideally, an approach represents the comfort of you talking to a male-buddy, (except with your male buddy, you don’t glance and talk with a tonality that you want to fuck him.) 

  Again, if you know a guy in your neighborhood who is the proverbial player, (I mean a real player, not some dweeb in the community, or a sleazy prick wearing devil horns).  Observe the player guy a few times from a distance.  You might you use the adjective “Smooth”.  It’s like watching Mickey Rourke in his prime!  And let’s be honest here, not all guys can come off that smooth but at least, Mickey Rourke is a better visual representation of what Smooth ought to look like than your average dating-coach.


 For the record, I’ve traveled 1000s of miles on American highways through at least 20 different States, and never seen a hot woman like that hitchhiking.  OK, so it’s a bit of a fantasy, but again, if you’re going to have a visual reference in your imagination for what cool is……… Please remember the clip above, not the socially creepy guy giving social advice.  This has been a public service announcement, brought to you by Cameron.  Thanks.  Back to our regular programming..

    I do understand the dilemma from both perspectives.  Even the FEW instructors who are worth learning from run into the dilemma of people reporting back, “Well, I took this bootcamp and it wasn’t that impressive.”  So sometimes, they’re forced to resort to Flash-game for business reasons.

 At the end of the day, a lot of this comes down to the consumer: If you decide to take a weekend workshop/coaching/bootcamp, have a clear cut idea of what you want to get out of it!

 After I did that “Charlatan Podcast” with Sinn, guys started writing me emails telling me about feeling like they were duped, conned and ripped off by various dating-gurus.  I am not the community-police, and unfortunately, there is not much I can do about it.  I am sorry you got ripped off. 

  You ought to know that a lot of the claims by “Seduction Community Dating Gurus” are phony testimonies.   Socially awkward guy is laying women left and right after xyz bootcamp… BULLSHIT. 


Regarding testimonials from dating-gurus teaching in-field bootcamps.  Let’s see here:

 Phony: Guy who is a bit socially awkward takes bootcamp and by the end of that week, he has a 3some with girls. 

More realistic: He has a 3some with his effeminate male instructor and his male lackey hang-around.  OK, just kidding.  That’s my sick sense of humor… Couldn’t help it.

More realistic (Serious this time!):  The following week, that student meets a few girls, some of whom flake, and then 1 who shows up for a date!  Success story!!

Congrats.  And seriously, if you’re taking a workshop, when was the last time you had a date with a girl you liked?  A date that went well!  Seriously?  I mean a girl you looked FORWARD to seeing… When was it?




  Wow, three of my students got laid this weekend! 

First Reaction: Was there a 3-for-1 deal at the local brothel?   Rarely, if ever, do students get laid on bootcamps.  And seriously, if you’re looking to take a dating-workshop in order to get laid that weekend, you’re a silly bastard.

 Save your cash.  Go where the pros go!  To a prostitute.  You pay them a fraction of what you paid Mr. PUA and the sex is guaranteed.  A 100% guaranteed.  If it makes you feel better, run a routine stack on her.  Tell her it’s part of the foreplay for you.  You have her for an hour!

 Tell her you want to come in the room, do an 80s dogs opener, ask her if she thinks if David Bowie is hot, or hire TWO GIRLS and do the best friends test!   Then isolate one, make the other jealous, and have sex with both ANYWAY! It’s great!   You’re the stud! 



  There is actually a guy out there who teaches “How to date professional women” seminars.  You know, like dating “porn stars”, escorts, strippers, street-walkers ….

 That’s like going to the butcher, paying him lots of money to teach you HOW to get a steak by chasing down a cow!   You ever try to tackle a cow in an open field?  Me neither, but seriously, it’s gotta be pretty difficult.  I mean, they have 4 legs….

 Point is: Go directly to the supermarket. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. (or pay 3000 in this case.)    Go directly to the meat-market.  They got lots of steaks you can buy there… (and yes cheesy pun intended. Thank you.)

 To bring it back to point: “My students get laid at my workshops” is usually bullshit.  It rarely happens, and when it does, it’s to guys who really didn’t a workshop that badly.  They just needed a few minor points.

  Have realistic expectations and focus on what you want to get out of that workshop.   Remember there is no “Pure Game.”  There is no competition.  It’s only you being happy with your social life.

  •  Whether you meet women during day time or nightclubs/bars, whether you meet them at house parties, school, or online, whether you meet them at conferences/seminars or the school’s science club, is irrelevant.  If it’s working for you, that’s what matters  
  •  Whether they’re tall, short, big tits or small, the bimbo or the nerd with glasses, you have to make one important distinction:  Are you out with that girl because you like her or are you trying to impress other dudes?  Think about that one….. Seriously.




  In conclusion, don’t get sucked into PUA-infatuation like my buddy whom I mentioned in the beginning. Easy to do flash-game to front load the interaction to be impressive with no follow-through.

 Know what you want to get out of the workshop, and focus on your goals.  Don’t be duped by glorious reports of “My students are getting laid left and right and getting 3somes.”  If you want to get laid that badly, hire a professional girl for a fraction of the cost.  Don’t go to a pick up artist asking him to provide Vaginas for you.  There is a profession for that, they’re called pimps.

 The only way you’re going to get better is by improving yourself a little bit at a time.  Someone mentioned working on your attributes (It was me! I have to boast sometime!) and really work on becoming more interesting, dressing better, raising your social awareness, and being more at ease with yourself when you talk to girls (which comes from raising your self-image as well as practicing lots of socializing with various women).  

 That’s the way to improve.  Otherwise, you’ll be writing me emails (or at least you’ll want to) about how some dipshit pickup artist duped you and now you feel ripped off…. 

 I don’t want to have to tell you, “I told you so…….”