Hey All,

 I am excited to unleash a new feature on the Blog!  Recently, I realized that since I started the blog, I’ve written over a 100 articles on dating and social interactions (and some purely for entertainment) .  And If I may be modest, most of it these articles are far superior advice and more informative than most of the Ebooks and various products you’ll find out there from the socially creepy dating wannabe gurus. 

 So with that in mind, I created a compilation archive of various articles which I categorized under varies topics.  On the top right of the blog page, you’ll see a “Starter Guide” tab which will take you to this archive page.

 Any feedback appreciated.  It still needs more work, and for some reason, WordPress does not seem to like headers very much.  It distorts headline sentences so I gotta figure how to fix that.

  Anyhow, enjoy the new archive.  Whether you’re new to the blog, or a veteran reader, you’ll get a lot of this free resource.   (Which for some reason I haven’t seen on any other dating Blog.)

Take a look, Enjoy, Bookmark, and come back again:


 Take care,