My buddy Jay told me about this and I found it hilarious.  It’s too good not to share.  And the timing is awesome!  Fits right into the theme of the last two articles about the Guru Epidemics.

 It’s a spoof very reminiscent of self-help gurus.  To truly appreciate this clip, you have to have had some involvement with self-help and I am guessing most of my blog readers fall into that category. 

 A joy to watch the :39 second mark of the video : His telling of the origins of how he founded the system majestic hawk in his field of vision…  While totally ridiculous, I’ve seen too many people present this sort of thing as serious fodder for thought.   

 Enjoy the Hawk Panther system, and remember, we’re animals too:


 The key is to combine the freedom & majesty of the Hawk, and the Strength & Instincts of the Panther.