How Seduction Community Advice can make men Weird


In the last article, I talked about how atrocious mainstream advice has men perpetually dateless and womanless, and hence, those men turn to an underground Dating Community.    The advice suddenly improves drastically, and the guy gets some results, but then, things get out of hand.  They go too far.  Today, I’m going to post an encounter that is the polar-opposite of the last article.

I rarely read Dating forums or other websites because, well, (Except for a handful) they’re mostly shit, and a waste of my time.  Out of curiosity from an old school-newsletter that arrived in my mailbox, I decided to take a look.

I found something interesting.  I’ll post with my comments in blue.


“If you really want to work on your game, the gym is the perfect place to
work on your active AND passive value.”

Hint:  If you’re WORRYING about your active & Passive Value, you’re not that cool!  That’s the first problem.  Thinking about issues in such “Dungeouns & Dragons” terms is the first sign of maladjustment.  “Oh look, grand-dragon slayer, my active value is at 8, but passive value is a 6.5   I win!”

It’s really not that cool


If you look at Matador, even though
his active game is extremely well honed, his passive value is exceedingly
high, which makes him an extremely powerful PUA. So use this as an
opportunity to work on both parts of your game.

Grand Dragon-slayer, replies: “Yes, but I know Matador!  He is on my side and his PUA powers dwarf those.”

We Seek Powerful Matador

PS.  If you actually did play Dungeouns & Dragons, I can respect that.  (just not when mixed with player wannabes)

One of the main advantages (assuming you’re going to the gym on a daily
basis) is that you’ll usually see the same people there over and over again.
This gives you the luxury of having lower investment interactions, and when
you have them on a day to day basis, she develops MUCH more comfort with you
than in most other pick up situations.

Yes, a bit of good advice.  I wish he’d applied the above common sense to the beginning.  If you cut out the bullshit, things become simpler.  Simpler works better for the beginner.

So I just joined a new gym in my job relocation and I noticed that there are
7-8 girls who are regulars and are HB8s and above…… (Skip)  ………..So I’m on the calf machine. I look at her, smile and nod my head as she
passes by me. She stops:

Her: Hey, I see you here all the time, are you new here or
something ?
Me: Yeah, I just moved here from Los Angeles (MIND YOU
Her: (INTRIGUED) Oh wow, what made you move here to
this small town ?
Me: New job here. Offered more competitive pay than what I
had back in Los Angeles.
Her: Oh, so what do you do ? (HER WAY OF GAUGING MY
Me: I’m a Financial Cost Analyst for a medical consulting
company. I work over at the Wachovia Building right off
Her: Oh cool, sounds exciting !
Me: Not particularly. Definitely pays the bills and then
some, but nobody likes being trapped in a box. I have a few
business plans I’m getting off the ground once I’ve massed
up some more capital.

We banter for a little longer and then right at the end, I drop in the time

Me: Well hey, I need to bang out a few more sets before the
gym closes, but are you on Facebook ?
Her: Who isn’t ?
Me: Cool


So the guy writing this moved from Los Angeles to some small town, told a girl he makes good MONEY, and got her facebook information.   What’s wrong with that?

It’s the robotic nature of it that screws up most of the guys who come to learn dating advice.

  • Thinking about conducting a “DHV”
  • Negative view of women “they’re all gold-diggers”, he claims.
  • He does a “Time-Bridge”   (More nerd lingo created by Mystery)

The above is just one example that I am using for demonstration.  It’s not to pick on the author.  He is a representation of a lot of dudes out there, who suffer from the same mental anguish.  Their thinking represents the paranoia of the Christian Bale character in American Psycho.

“She is just trying to gauge my direct value… All women are gold-diggers.  I must show her I am not broke.  I use Oil or Olay facial scrub.  Women can appreciate such a scrub.  This adds to my direct as well as passive value.”

See where I am going with this?

On the one hand, we have the completely clueless idiot from yesterday’s article, and today, we have Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.

Trying to balance the advice from both sides can be difficult.  Now, you add to that various dogmatic methodologies (Always Be Direct) or (Never show Interest), and you compound it further with “Spiritual Seduction Teachers”  who want to help you get in touch with yourself, and you’re really fucked.

Man, you’re more confused than the doctor being told by Michael Jackson to give him another shot of his desired medication…    ”On the one hand I don’t want to get fired from this kickback job, on the other I cannot just let this freak have whatever medication he desires…..”

So, in the next article, I am going to discuss how you can work around this paradigm and create a game plan that makes sense.