Balancing Dating-Advice & Your Personal Life


In the last two articles, (How underground advice makes you weird) I talked about two polar opposite ways of thinking.  One is clueless and the other resembles a sociopathic style of thinking where everything is analyzed to the nth degree.

How do you balance these two a blog reader asked?

First and foremost, your first objective ought to be improving your SOCIAL SKILLS, Social Intelligence and SOCIAL Confidence.     If you’re looking to improve your dating life, you probably need improvement in one or more of those areas.  Some guys need major improvement in all 3!!!

Take concepts and principles from the seduction community and apply them in a way that is socially pleasant.  Apply them in a way that makes sense in your world, your town, and your culture.

As a concrete example:

  • Having a Strong Reality:

This is a fantastic concept.  It implies believing in yourself and believing in your ideal.  You remain steadfast and undeterred in those standards which you value.  Great idea!  Present a strong reality.   But then you wouldn’t go to a Christmas dinner party with your cock hanging out of your pants, would you?  “Hey, I have a strong reality, and it doesn’t bother me.”   Well, it bothers everybody else, and it’s not socially cool.

Such a ridiculous example, Cameron!  Of course, I wouldn’t do that.”

Well, OK, a bit ridiculous, but is this too far off?

count Mexicula

(photo compliments of BKRS)

At least with the guy whose cock is hanging out, you can ask him to put it back in.  How do you make this guy normal again?  That’s fodder for another day.

Pictured above is a guy who  at some point lost touch with common sense and sensibilities. His emotional zeal for becoming a “Pick Up Artist” overpowered his brain’s logic and reason.  Granted, this can happen to any of us to some extent, but this dude took it to another level.  Point is that you have to balance the concept and its application.  I am for pushing social boundaries but then you have to know how to do so without repercussions to yourself, your lifestyle, and your career.

As another example, you may get away with dressing up like a flamboyant rock-star in Los Angeles or NY, but you just might downright get your ass kicked in a smaller redneck town.  Now, this is pretty much common sense, but it becomes lost in the zeal of “Pick Up Artist Mastery.”

If you can remember the objectives in the back of your mind,,

  • Chief goal is improving your social skills, social intelligence, social confidence,
  • Staying true to your identity and ideals
  • Applying fair-Balance between the outrageous advice and your particular lifestyle.

When you come across ANY concept, you have to apply the following questions:

-Does this fit in within my lifestyle?
-Is this conducive to the TYPE OF WOMEN I desire?
-In which Area is this going to benefit me?

The 3 areas for potential benefit are:

  1. Social Skills.
  2. Social Intelligence.
  3. Social Confidence.

Which area are you improving in?

  • Example:  NLP Infatuation

Some guys become obsessed with learning NLP, hidden phrases, embedded commands.  So, let’s say you’re being bogged down in NLP. What areas are you going to improve you in?

–Social Skills?  Definitely not.  It’s sold as a better communication tool, but have you ever observed NLP people trying to socialize at a party?  Enough said.

–Social Intelligence?  Probably not in terms of getting girls.  Unless you consider trying to manipulate people with embedded commands a tool of social intelligence.

–Social Confidence?  Well, I don’t think so.  If you think it helps your confidence, go for it.

Apply common sense and decide for yourself.  As a side note, now that you know that, you’ll see a trend amongst my dating-related articles.  Each article fits into one of the above categories.

Example of my previous articles (Yes, this is where I get to boast) :

  1. My recent Articles on “How to spot promiscuous and/or toxic girls“: Social Intelligence.
  2. Recent Article on “How to develop Charm“:  Social Skills.
  3. Various Articles on “Understanding the importance of purpose & Identity“: Confidence (Better Self-Image.)

I know you’re thinking,  “Clever Cameron!  How did he do that!” I know, right???   [Inside joke if you follow the blog]

OK, but now that the secret is out, let’s get to another important issue in the AREA OF SOCIAL SKILLS that will ENABLE you to gain SOCIAL CONFIDENCE.

That’s coming in the next article, I am going t share one of the most profound secrets that’s been staring you in the face all along!

Stay tuned,


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