Simple Concept to Get More Dates


A simple Concept to Enable You to Reap Great Gains.

In the last article, I discussed the 3 areas of potential benefit from Dating advice.  (You can read it here: 3 Areas of Benefit)

Next is Application! You have to apply what you have learned.  I have 3 rules that I’d emphasize to you when it comes to in-field-application:

  1. Simplify
  2. Simplify
  3. Simplify

If you can’t remember this last point, you probably shouldn’t be reading my blog.   It is far easier to apply simple techniques for the brain under duress than it is to carry out plans that you have to think about.

Simplicity works because,

  • Fewer things to remember, less moving parts,
  • Becomes instinctual rather quickly.

For many guys, cold-approaching a girl they’ve never met is nerve-racking.  Why this nervousness exists is irrelevant to this article.  This outside pressure is similar to the one a fighter faces when he steps into a ring.  When faced with this nervous stimulus, it is easier for your brain to carry out simple tasks.

Concrete Example:  Cold-approaching

How do you simplify it?  You throw away all of the thinking that goes inside your head.  You focus on the simple task you have to carry out.  You throw out most of the complicated stuff you’ve come across in a dating community, (DHVs, IUDs, etc.)

Even the archetype info you’ve read from me, throw it out in that moment!

Yes, it’s awesome, yes it’ll benefit you well in the long run, yes, and it’s “one of kind information” that most of the socially-inept folk who call themselves “Dating-gurus” cannot offer you.  All of this is accurate.

Yet, at the moment of action, you need not be concerned with it.

Here is something I’ve created that works for me!  I have a phrase that I say in my mind, which I created while weightlifting.  I think YOU may find it useful as well in a dating context!

Do it Now!  Think About it Later.

When I am in the gym weight-lifting, about to lift another heavy weight (for me) for yet another set, a bit of restlessness can set it.  You have to do another set of deep squats, the weight is heavy, and you still have to get underneath it, squat down low with heavy bars & plates of steel on your back, and then come back up.  Sometimes, you can start thinking about it too much as you’re standing there staring at the squat rack…

There comes a time when it’s just time to lift.  Thinking about it various thoughts doesn’t do you much good.  Your focus needs to ONLY be on hoisting the steel up and down.  Other thoughts are counterproductive.  Simplify.

Do it now.  Think about it later.

It’s a simple command, but it makes sense in my mind.  Obviously, there has to be an overall safety issue factored in.  It’s not implying to go snort cocaine while putting a giant dildo in your ass, and then thinking about it later as you leave the emergency room with a bloody nose and a bill from a proctologist.  (In case, there is 1 moron out there who finds this article by mistake.)

In the weightlifting example, I know that I can do the weight.  I know it’s safe, and that I won’t suffer injuries.  It’s still f*cking heavy, and it’s still tough, but no point thinking about that now.  Do it now, think about it later. Come to think of it, I don’t think about it much later except that I am glad I got it done.  The simple mantra just helps my mind focus on action instead of thinking about it.

Same application with the approaching women.  Do it now, think about it later.   Again, take common-sense safety factors in.  If she is hanging with a group of Hell’s Angels Bikers, and you walk in trying to be Mr.  cool-Alpha….. Well, you may get knifed or stabbed in the stomach if you’re a disrespectful little prick, and let’s be honest, it’ll probably be well deserved. So let’s keep it within reason.

Barring similar situations mentioned above, there isn’t much to worry about.  Keep it simple.   You’re interested in a girl who works in your office building?  Have a simple game plan, nothing fancy.  Go & talk to her.  Do it now.   Think about it later.

Back when I taught “In-Field” workshops, I came across many guys who were deathly afraid to go over and talk to a girl in a bar.  In that situation, you have to keep it simple.

-Forget about getting a phone number.

-Forget about “Closing” any sort of deal,

-Forget about any tactics or strategies or acronyms.

At the point of action, the above are irrelevant.

For the nervous wreck guy (From the east coast) , here is what I told him: Keep it beyond simple.  Here is the simple opener in one particular situation:

“Hey, Know where I could find good pizza around here?  I just came out here from back east, I’m having a tough time finding good pizza!”

Now, in the above scenario, if she asks what part of the East Coast you’re from, or WHY you moved out here, feel free to converse like you would with me.  If she just offers plain information from an uninterested disposition, then just say, “Cool, thanks.  I’ll see you around.”  And walk away as though you accomplished your mission.  Remember you push comfort zone in baby steps.  (Read important article here:    Pushing your comfort zone.)

Why such a no-brainer conversational starter about Pizza?  How is this great “Game?”

Because it’s SIMPLE!  It’s easy to execute.  It’s a simple mission. Apply the basic parameters:  Approach with the proper body language at the right time, have your basic mission in hand, do it, and get out.  By the end of the weekend, that same guy is able to do direct-approaches, situational ones and even had full-fledged 30-minute long conversations that resulted from a cold-approach.  Yes, the same guy who was nervous to even ask about Pizza.  Btw, if’ve you just cold-approached someone and are still engaged in conversation (dialogue) 20 minutes later, you’re in!  That’s most of the game.

Key is simplicity in application. There are plenty of guys who can spout theories (Including many guys who claim to be “Teachers”) but most of them can’t talk to women (or men).  Theory only gets so far.

  • Application is what counts.  Simplicity creates easier application.

What if you talk with girls here and there, but your interactions don’t go very far?  There are a number of a variables causing that dynamic.  Again, keep it simple.  Devise a simple game plan as to what you want to do in those interaction and accomplish those one at a time.  Gettiing lost in a plethora of complicated tactics is going to have you where you are right now.  Hey,  if you want to hold on to the old complicated model, that’s fine too, but then how came you haven’t made any strides in your ability to attract women or have more dates since Clinton was President?

Like I’ve written before, most guys won’t improve because they don’t put in the work based on proper applicative knowledge!

I provide the knowledge.

You do the work!

You will reap the rewards.  It’s that simple, if you simplify.


 PS.  The articles on this blog will have a profound impact on your dating life.  Please realize that they are supplementary and supporting material to what I discuss in my expanded work.  Get a copy of my Ebook here: Building Attraction with Women