Ben Roethlisberger Exploits


If you live in the U.S, then you probably couldn’t help but hear about the Ben Roethlisberger case in the past 2 weeks.  He is a two-time superbowl Champ NFL Quarterback for the Steelers who’s been in hot water due to sexual assault allegations.   If you’re the kind of person who frequents bars/nightclubs, this story is fascinating.  It’s even more intriguing from a perspective of social psychology.

Initially, I thought that perhaps Ben was a bit of a douchebag going around exposing his genitals, but after reading the details I’ve changed my mind.  Keep in mind that I am by no means a Pittsburgh Steeler fan.

Here is what Happened according written statements turned in by the various girls involved.

Ben Roethlisberger, his friend, along with his personal Bodyguards are out frequenting college Bars in Georgia.

Job Perks

Why? That’s where the hot chicks are. They’re fun, want to hang out, and don’t carry tons of baggage or attitude.  [By the way, Ben let himself go, and got really fat!]

Sequence of Events:

-         Ben & pals are at a club called, “Velvet.”

-         The accuser and friends come and introduce themselves to him

-         Ben meets girl with “D.T.F” necklace

-         They tell Ben, “D.T.F.” stands for “Down to Fuck.”

-         They chat for a while until bar gets busy.

-         Ben and pals leave the bar to go party at the “Brick.”

-         Ben leaves Brick and goes the “Capital.”  (From what it sounds like)

-         Ben is having a good time, buying people shots, taking photos with randoms Joes

-         Accuser shows up.

-         Ben meets her privately in bathroom, takes his cock out.

-         Her friends want to get her, but bodyguard acts as wingman.  Stops them.

Girls leave disenchanted.  Call the Police Later.

The weird thing about this is that encounters such as the one above are not all that uncommon in clubs.  There are a subset of women who are willing to have sex with if you have /power/money/fame or a combination of.

There is even a dating coach out there, (whose name rhymes with Brad P.) who blatanly advises guys to invite girls to a bathrooms.  His routine is to ask the girl if she’d like to watch him jerk-off, and then he proceeds to take his penis out and masturbate.  [No, I am not making this shit up.]   Point is people react as though they’re horrified but this sort of stuff occurs  more often than people think.

The difference is that Ben is a rich & famous athlete, and not too bright.  (Which I’ll get to in a second.)


The most honest testimony seems to come from Victoria Garofalo.  In her written statement:

Some time later it came up that [Name redacted]’s name tag (from a birthday earlier) said d.t.f on it (a joke between a few of us) but Ben said he didn’t know what d.t.f. meant so we told him it means “down to fuck” and he said “I’m not d.t.f. but I like to fuck girls.”

WTF?  [That means "What the fuck" in case Ben is a blog reader.]

What does that mean?  “I am not DTF, but I like to fuck girls.”

As opposed to what?  Horses?  Goats?  Exhaust pipes?

While you gotta appreciate Ben’s honesty, you also can see clearly that Ben doesn’t really get it all that well.  His response echoes that of the cro-magnon man.  “Grrr…. Me likey, fuckey fuckey, girls.”   It’s also terrible game.  If Ben were an average fat guy in the bar, they’d laugh and walk away at that reply.  “Umm, errr, ummm, I am not D.T.F, but I like to fuck girls.”

By the way, wearing a necklace that has initials that mean: “Down To Fuck.” Wow, does that open a whole can of worms.

Case Closed.  This is where the District Attorney  should start laughing, and telling people, “Cute story.  But I’ve got actual criminals prosecute.”

Basically, a very small category of women would wear such a necklace at that age.  (We ain’t talking about a 42 year old cougar here.)   My buddy Jon wrote a great summary post on “Queenbees and Wannabes: The evolution of club girl psychology.”


Regina - D.T.F

There is a very specific type of woman who wear this necklace: She is the Queenbee type that Jon explains in his summary post.  An attractive social climber who is sort of at the top of her local food chain.  Why? Because she can afford to wear that necklace without repercussions from her fellow sorority sisters.    This is key.  Not every girl can wear that necklace without massive repercussions of being called a slut, ho-bag, or loose.

So from that tidbit, we know she is attractive, popular, and a social climber.

Eyewitness Victoria Garofalo is the only girl who has any remorse about the evening.  She concludes her statement with the following:

And more talking went on between us all until they left the bar.  Then I seperated with [Name redacted] and the other girls and went with another group and everything else happened & I was told about it this morning and felt I needed to give my statement.

Looking back and hearing all of the details it seems to me that it was a set-up and so I think this needed to be told.”

Victoria feels it was a set-up by her own sorority sisters.   Ben does leave the bar.  He goes somewhere else where the accuser and friend catch up with him.   Massively drunk, (with prob a fake ID?) since she is only 20, (drinking age is 21 in America.  I know this disappoints you Europeans), donning her “Down to Fuck Necklace,” she does Find Ben again, this time at a club called the Brick.  Next Account:

Ann Marie Lubatti writes:

“[Name redacted], Nicole Bianofiore, Victoria Garofalo and I arrived at Velvet at 11:15.  We introduced ourselves to Ben Roethlisberger and took pictures.  Ben, his 2 bodyguards, and 1 friend left Velvet.  After about 20 minutes [Name redacted], Nicole, Victoria, and I went to the Brick.  Ben was sitting at the bar, so we talked to him for about another 30-45 minutes.

Ben, his 2 bodyguards, and 1 friends left when the Brick started getting crowded.  After about 10 minutes [Name redacted], Nicole, AMA and I went to Capital.  The backroom was curtained off and Ben was back there with about 15-20 girls.

He was bying everyone shots and just talking and taking pictures with everyone.  At this point he was noticeably intoxicated.


 OK, Ben may not have tight game, but the dude gets an “A” for being a chill motherf*cker.  He is buying everyone shots and interacting with people.  Living in LA, one common trend you’ll hear about celebrities is not only they don’t buy you shots, they pretend you don’t exist.  As in, they won’t make eye contact even if you’re standing right next to them for 10 minutes, bleeding.  (Ok, to be fair, some may be afraid of falling into the Ben trap, but then we’re talking about buying shots for dudes!)

Ann Marie continues:

I saw [Name redacted] and Ben talking from across the bar.  Then I saw one of Ben’s bodyguards come up to [Name redacted] and guide her to a side door.

About 2 minutes later I saw Ben walk back there.  I immediately went up to the other bodyguard and said “this is right. My friend is back there with Ben.  She needs to come back right now.”

So this is what’s fascinating:

  1. “D.T.F” Girl and friends meet Ben at Club VELVET.
  2. Ben leaves, and goes to club “BRICK.”  They find him again
  3. Ben leaves, and goes to club, “CAPITAL CITY.”  Where they find him again…

Granted, in college bars, people bounce in and out of clubs all of the time, and it’s not uncommon to run into the same people at a different venue.  However, to repeatedly and persistently approach Ben who is now wasted on booze and discombobulated after buying half the bar shots, and meeting at least 50 different hot girls in 3 different venues, smells like a bit of an agenda.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Well, the drunken Ben at this point starts following the “Mystery Method” that perhaps he saw on VH-1.  He isolates his “Target”, but doesn’t want to wait 7 hours, so he takes his cock out right then and there.  Then again, maybe it was just common sense.   His 2 bodyguards act like the ultimate wingmen, and from there, the details become fuzzy.

It’s hard to determine what the agenda was exactly.  Ben seems like a dude who likes to party and drink, but doesn’t exercise the best judgment.  (He is also the same guy who refused to wear a helmet, crashed a motorcycle and paid the consequences for an entire season.)  Gifted with great athletic talent but poor intellect off of the football field, he is a simple man.

I doubt Ben will ever be the guy sampling gourmet French wine aged in particular caskets while having special filet Mignon.  He’ll guzzle cheap beer on top of a sloppy hamburger and follow it up with Alka-seltzer or Tums’s antiacid meds, while expression his carnal desires.  But a rapist?  Nah. I doubt it.

Perhaps, the best summary to this was the comment left by a girl in reaction to this.  Brutally honest, it’s also intuitively insightful from a female perspective.  She captured it best:

It seems to me like he has always been out for a good time and all the girls are out for a good time until their egos get shattered! Its kinda like your boyfriend has the biggest d*ck in the world until you break up then he was the worst mistake of your life.

All these girls wanted him and when they found out they weren’t the best they thought oh I’ll get you back watch this and now his career and his reputation is ruined! All accounts of the story are different all the players are twisted. there are no criminal charges in ANY CASE

It’s all fun and games til your ego gets hurt.