This was such a momentous occasion that I had to mention it.  Those of you who don’t care about sports or basketball will never appreciate it.

Kobe Bean Bryant ONLY had 9 shot attempts at the basket last night.  Yet he controlled the flow of the game while only scoring 13 points, facilitating and dishing out 7 assists.

Laker Big Men:

Pao Gasol: 25 points, 11 Rebounds,

A. Bynum: 21 points, 11 Rebounds.

Results: Lakers build a 30 point lead, cruise to a 24-point victory and Kobe gets to rest during the entire 4th quarter.  Well, add to that the fact that the entire team played with a high level of energy and a sense of urgency.  Took only  fourteen 3-point-shot attempts instead of 28.  All of that means…. Easy victory.

Will Kobe ever become the guy who puts the team before his selfish needs?  Will he continue to do what he did last night?  We shall see…