The Pros & Cons of “Indifference”  in Dating


Continuing on my quest to clarify Dating concepts, I am going to deconstruct the “Indifference” today.  Undoubtedly, I am sure that you’ve come across people touting this concept if you’ve sought dating advice for a while.

  1. How does Indifference Work?
  2. What Are the Requirements?
  3. When does it backfire?
  4. What type of women/girls best respond to this?

If you don’t intuitively understand the answers to the above four questions, you’re not going to be very good at applying this concept.  This is one of the biggest reasons why 90% of guys who seek dating advice do not really improve much, and to be completely honest with you, most dudes teaching you dating techniques don’t know it themselves.

  • How does  Indifference Work?

Its chief design is to create, or rather trigger, an emotional response in people by providing the appearance that you have higher value and to further trigger that “people want what they can’t have” type of situation.

This is generally a sound concept, but there is an enormous piece of the puzzle most guys overlook.  That piece, a prerequisite to making Indifference functional, happens to be “Attraction.”

During a conversation with a girl, you can apply “Indifference” by having the attitude of “I don’t really care.”  It’d resemble the following attitude: “You want to go out on a date?  Sounds great.  You are not interested in seeing me?  OK, no biggie.  There are other girls who are interested.”   C’est la vie as the Frenchies say.

It’s not angry, nor is it being bitter.  It is what it exactly indicates: Indifferent.  Lacking emotion towards any issue makes you indifferent.  Hey, random Joe blow doesn’t like chicken sandwiches.  You’d say, “OK, so what?”  That’s being indifferent.


  • What are the Requirements?

Indifference, in and of by itself, is not an end-all be-all solution.

Case and Point: If you live in the U.S, you’ve probably walked into a 7-11 (or equivalent) convenience store at some point and have had a vagrant ask you for money.  Now, on some occasion, you probably even gave that homeless individual some change out of your pocket.

Pop quiz: If you walked to that same 7-11 and saw that bum asking everyone for money, except when it came to YOU, would you suddenly feel self-conscious?  Would you think, “Man, why didn’t that bum smelling like a mixture of alcohol and urine ask ME for money?”

Probably not.  If you would think that, seek help.  You’re far beyond the scope of what my blog can do for you.

Lesson here:  You need some attraction for indifference to work.  Whether it’s sheer physical looks, charm, wit, charisma, or your 1957 Corvette, you need some appeal.  How do you achieve attraction?  Well, you can get my Attraction Ebook for that.  Regardless, you need some attraction, meaning she must be somewhat interested in you.  You must appeal to her on some level.

If you do not, indifference will not be very effective for you.  This is the part most men miss.  They’re falsely under the impression that if they somehow stood in a corner facing a wall, and ignored a girl, somehow she’d be turned on and her juices would start to flow.

You’ll have a better chance to see the Chicago Cubs win a Baseball World Series before that actually works for you.

So now you know how Indifference functions and what you need in order for it to be functional.

  • How does it backfire?  What type of women are ideal for this?

Well, you’ll have to tune in for the next article to see that one. Trust me, it only gets better.