Mystery: Erik Von Markovic vs.  Mode 1: Roger Allan Currie.


Quick Primer: There is a “seduction community” out there where “Pick Up Artists” and their rivals discuss various methods of attracting women, picking up chicks, and getting laid.  For the most part, I try to avoid it like a plague.  Yes, I know that I’ve fraternized with the head honchos and the “Who’s who” of the community, but I’ve moved on from it.  Except for a handful of people I keep in touch with, I avoid the individuals, events, and whatever else that is community related.

I still receive loads of emails from various guys who want to ask me questions ranging from a situation with a particular girl to “Who’s full of shit?”  to “What do you think of this drama?”  The latest email tells me there is a debate between Mystery, Erik Von Markovic as seen on VH-1’s Pick Up Artist, versus a guy who calls himself Mode One, otherwise known as Roger Allen Currie.

While I am sure enthused folk will be listening with more glee than if they were watching an Obama vs. McCain Presidential debate,  I will be happily skipping it..

However, a lot of you want to know which system is better and why.  What should you do?  Who is right?  Whom should you follow?  What’s more effective?


Whose advice will help YOU attract girls?


I am going to give you a crash course right now!  Brace yourself.  Maybe go grab a cup of coffee, a beer, or beverage of your choice and come back.  Here is what’s going to happen:

Erik Von Markovic will promote Mystery Method:  A 9-step linear system where you have to stick to very rigid rules.  You can’t be direct with women, nor can you show interest until you have “Demonstrated Higher Value.”  (It never assumes you have higher value Basically, you’re a jerkoff who has to prove himself first.)

You should always start indirect, then transition later.   Then, it gets more complicated. If you see a proverbial “9”, you can’t approach her right away.  You ought to first social proof yourself and he has a myriad of techniques for that as well.

Roger Alan Currie will promote his Mode One:  My basic understanding is that he believes men communicate in 3 or 4 modes.  Mode One guys are the ones who are super-direct, and there rest are chumps and dickheads.  (or something like that.)  His mode-one communication can be extremely direct, graphic, and sexual.

So which is better?  What’s better for YOU?   Both systems have pros and cons.   OK, here is a quick breakdown, and believe me, I could write volumes on this shit.  But I did say it’s a crash course.


  • Mystery Method:

Pros: Encourages you to approach.  Gives you a few opinion-openers and such in order to enable you to start up conversations with women.  It gives you some ideas of structure and a whole bunch of contrived conversational topics you can talk about with girls.


1.   Always assumes you’re lesser than the girl.  You’re basically some schlemiel loser with little or no value who has to always be proving himself.  Limited to one way of thinking, it does not allow you to approach directly, or flirt overtly.  It does not assume the possibility that at a party, a woman might actually like you just for whatever reason.  Imagine that:  A Girl can actually like you for your personality without you having to run “9 Steps of Game.”

Through conditioning, it forces to man to see women as an enemy to be conquered.  Even if you don’t have this belief, by practicing this method, your subconscious will adopt the above destructive beliefs.

2.  Also, It doesn’t take time to train your attributes.  Example: While it may provide you with some rehearsed stories to tell women, it does not teach you HOW to be an engaging storyteller.

3.  In the extreme, it may make you a basket case, and possibly mentally ill.


  • Mode One:

Pros: Encourages you to have more balls.  It gives you an opportunity a different side where you’re more ballsy and display more guts.  It encourages you to be more masculine and let’s face it, if you showed more balls and were more gutsy, you’d have more success.


1. Limits you to certain type of women.   With statements like, “I’d like to tap that ass”, you’re limiting yourself to a very specific type, and I think you know exactly what I mean.    There is a time and place for that sort of thing, but this method does not teach you SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE.  Social intelligence is one of the most essential attributes most dating-advice seekers lack.

2.  Much like Mystery method, it does not really train your attributes.  (Would you care to guess who actually DOES teach attributes? Take a wild guess…. Come on.  Indulge me.)

3.  Also being direct is limiting in some ways.  There are times where it’s not socially pleasant or conducive.  In a small social gathering, you can’t tell every girl you find attractive that you want to bang them silly.  Maybe I’m old fashioned but having a little social conversation might be a better way to go.  Maybe learning how to talk about casual stuff while flirting through your subtext IS A BETTER Way to reach women.

In the extreme, it’ll make you a rude, inconsiderate, socially maladjusted, prick who is not getting invited back to parties or social gatherings.

Just remember that you can opt to be a cool, confident guy with high self-esteem without coming off as a socially unpleasant weirdo.

Do you really want to be that outcast of society?

Any Questions?


Both systems are limited, and both systems are dogmatic.  Neither one really takes the time to enable you to improve your social skills too much.  Each will improve you a little at bit first.  Think of it as a performance-enhancing supplement..  Small doses will improve your game, but after that small dose, you’re going to want more.  More of it doesn’t make you better.  It just means kidney failure.

Both systems will have staunch supporters on Internet forums defending it with the zealotry of a Born again Christian or a suicide bomber. They’re all a bit misguided and that they support one particular method so strongly should speak volumes:  That they don’t see the limitations of these methods only means they’re not that successful themselves nor do they completely understand the social dynamics.   It means run for the hills.

Nevertheless, follow whatever “Method” your heart desires.   Enjoy the podcast should you listen.  If you have questions or are confused, come back to this article.  It’ll be hear to clear away confusions. (And feel free to provide feedback comments if it serves as entertainment.)   If you’re looking at the podcast as a means to help guide you in the future, then you’re already in a world of shit.

At the end of the day, if you want to become better at attracting women, take a hard look at yourself. Be honest.  What area do you need improvements in?  Look at from a macro level.  A perspective from afar (as opposed to openers and phone number tricks)

There are three major areas that factor in.  It was one of the first articles I wrote on this Blog.  Here it is again:

What “Game” Really Is

From that outline, you can determine in which areas you need to make drastic improvements.  You do that and work to improve; you’ll become more attractive.  You get sucked into methods and such, and you get lost in oblivion of “Pick-Up,” a vicious cycle which you’ll chasing your own tail, trying to figure out why your interactions with women aren’t worth talking about.

Keep sight of the goal: It’s to improve your social skills and improve your self esteem.