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This is a new addition to the Blog.  I get a lot of emails  and sometimes there are pertinent questions regarding issues that are shared by others as well.  So here we go with the Q an A.



Hey man, long time.
You write with so much conviction in your blog posts… yet are your ideas real “official” psychology or just a personal opinion/interpretation of things?  Are these personality types/disorders mentioned in genuine psychology books or they’re your personal opinions/perspectives based on your experiences and your subjective ( not-related in any way with science )way of filtering the world?

I hope you don’t take this as offensive, I’m just curious.


Hey Julian,

Good question, but I’m very offended that you’d question the gospel that I teach.  Lol

Ok, seriously, you do ask a good question.  The articles I post are 100% my opinion. They are not medical science, nor do I have any sort of medical degree.

Having said that, (Credit Larry David), I’d add that I’m at times arrogant enough to believe I can do more to help people clarify certain issues in shorter amount of time than your average Shrink can in months.  But that’s also just opinion, obviously.

As for the personality disorders, please do remember that I emphasized these are not “Personality Disorders.”   Being a self-absorbed “Value Taker” is not a disorder to my knowledge.   It’s a trait!  It’s sort of like someone you know who is an asshole!

Scientifically, you can’t really say being an asshole is a personality disorder – At least, not to my knowledge.  However, it’s an undesirable trait.  Same concept behind toxic personality traits articles.   If it helps, think of it as various ways to define “Assholes” we should all avoid.

The blog is here for reference.  Take away what you will!  Some of it will pertain to you and some of it probably won’t.   Feel free to cross-reference what I write with your own experience.  For example, take a look at friends and acquaintances you know who are married or in long term relationships.  Which ones are happy?  Which ones are f*cking miserable?  What sort of women are they involved with?

Like Bruce Lee once wrote:  “Research your own experience.”  I’ve provided some of mine



Next comment comes from Germany:

{free tip to all: Anyone who ever discusses going to a nightclub with the motivation to see a particular DJ spin suffers from low IQ. Seriously, I’ve never ever met anyone who was respectably intelligent utter or write those words in the above quote. Nope, not even once!}

hmmm… while i agree that the djs most party chicks want to go see are just over-hyped windbags, SOME people actually care about the music and are excited to hear certain djs play. even with an IQ… ;-) (just my 2 cents)

by the way, great blog,man!  i got into the whole pua thing a couple of years ago, only to become disenchanted very quickly.  All the routines and tricks i learned made me feel like a weirdo and i started to look down upon the women who actually fell for it. so i unlearned everything and broke it down to “stand up straight, speak slowly, don’t pick your nose in public and don’t be a pushover”. works fine for me and i’m actually enjoying myself when i’m out instead of constantly going through a checklist in my head.

so i was really excited when i came across your blog, with a feeling of “this guy gets it!”

regards from germany,


Hey Wolfgang, thanks for the good words!  Just for you, I corrected that in the Blog!  It now reads, “I’ve never met any GIRL…..”  and it’s true, I haven’t. lol

Glad you’re enjoying the blog.  It’s meant to provide a different perspective than the average dating-advice and as well as providing practical advice that’s beneficial as opposed to mechanical robots trying to be social.

Congrats on unlearning the PUA-crap and moving on!  I avoid dating gurus and “Pick up Artists” at all costs myself (with the exception of a handful of guys that are actually good guys.)   Unfortunately, many of them live or visit Los Angeles so they’re not always avoidable.  I joke with some friends about how in a public setting, it’s like that particular airport scene from the movie “Donnie Brasco!

In that film, Johnny Depp plays undercover FBI Agent “Joe Pistone” who has joined the mob under the fake name “Donnie Brasco.”  When walking through an airport, an old acquaintance happens to see him, and almost blows his cover by keep blurting, “Hey JOE! It’s ME!”    To which Joe AKA Donnie replies: “I’ve never seen you in my life!  Now, get the fuck outta here!“   (I won’t give the whole scene away.)

Yep, that’s how I feel about seeing PUAs in respectable public settings!

“Hey Cameron!  It’s me, Tyler/Nick/ Vin DiCarlo…”

“I’ve never met you before!  Get the fuck away from me creep!”

Luckily, most PUA gurus don’t run in respectable public settings, so the rest of us can breathe a little easier. ;-)  And “Donnie Brasco” is a really good movie.  I highly recommend you check it out!

Take care