Do YOU Know Your Dating Demographic?


Continuing on my path of discussing what most other dating coaches will not share with you, I am going  to introduce the topic of demographics today.  This is one of the deep dark secret that a lot of dating coaches won’t touch with a damn ten foot pole, and after reading this article, some of them may even become very upset with me.   Oh well, so be it.  I think you deserve to have the best information that’s going to help you become more successful with women. Obviously, you have to build develop your attributes and build a foundation.  That goes without saying.  Anything you EVER read from me assumes that you’re taking steps on building your attributes.  So, let’s get to demographics…

As you go through your journey of learning “game,” inevitably you’re going to start noticing that you click with certain types of girls and others you just have a hard time connecting with.  This is going beyond looks.  Truth of the matter is that not all “Hot women” are models and actresses.  There are “Hot women” in all archetypes: artists, intellectuals, models, actresses, spiritualists, socialites, fashion students and so forth. Heck, there is even a rather well known female Mixed Martial artist these days who is incredibly attractive physically.

Physically attractive women come in various categories and it’s not just limited to models, strippers, or club skanks.  Unfortunately, the dating advice you read would have you believe that girls outside these professions all look like they just fell down the Grand Canyon and hit every rock on the way to the bottom. (Wait, is club skank a profession?)

Here is the deal: You can be so much more successful when you know your demographic and furthermore have the inner-confidence to be able to let go of the ones that you do not click with.  This advice goes beyond getting laid. A lot of what I write about is having a sustainable relationship on some level.  Whether you’re just casually dating or seeing someone, you can sustain it on some level and enjoy being with that person.  SImply put: If you cannot enjoy spending time with that person, you can’t possibly sustain or (want to) sustain that relationship in any form.

Let’s put judgment aside.  Look, you want to pull some skank from the local bar for a one night stand, then you do that.  Hey, If you wanna hire a prostitute for one night and pay her a couple of hundred bucks to get some sex out of it, then that’s your choice.  It’s none of my business what you want to do with your life, time, and money.  However, maybe at some point you decide that you want to meet quality women and the advice I write is geared towards meeting women who are worth your time.  Also, if you’re reading my blog, it’s probably because you do have some depth to your character.

So start realizing your demographic.  Have you ever thought about what type of women you want?  Maybe you’re a complete newbie to all of this in which case this may be a bit advanced for you.  You have to focus on just talking to various women to become acclimated with the process of socializing.

As I always say though, talk to enough women and you’ll find very quickly that the majority of  the women fall into general archetypes. You also know that I am a big believer in archetypes and that’s an issue I’ll be writing more about in the upcoming months.

There are all sorts of teachers/gurus in this game and the really successful ones know their demographic.  Let’s examine this through examples.  My friend, Steve P, is a metaphysical teacher so he connects extremely well with women who are into that realm as well.  In fact, he LIKES girls in that demographic, because it means they’ll get along well in the long run.  (The metaphysical field consists of various platforms: discussing chakra cleansing, past lives, energy fields, reading auras, remote viewing, talking about alternate dimensions, and so forth.)

This is not a gimmick, nor is it a schtick because Steve believes strongly in this matter and he is a very sought-after teacher of metaphysical stuff.  Thus, naturally, it makes perfect sense that he connects with this type of women.   The relationship wouldn’t really workout otherwise because they’d be too far apart on their values.

You have to understand that this is part of who he is and he knows what he likes.  It’s not a false persona put forth to impress women.  It’s simply being true to one’s values.

I recall seeing a video of a so called “Pick Up Artist” doing a Spiritual Routine of Steve’s in his futile attempt to give the impression that he is deep and intriguing.

What happened? Well, the guy came across as very creepy to the girl because he was not congruent with that persona.  Like I told him back then, “Dude, You are about as spiritual as Ice Cube.”   That particular hack aside, there are a lot of dating-teachers and gurus who teach methods that are best suited for the type of women they want.

Another teacher I know feasts on cougars.  He likes women between the ages of 38-45 who are down to get laid and don’t want to go through the normal dating process.  He doesn’t want to date much either.  He is not interested in walks on the beach, holding hands, or candle light dinners.  His mating call is “Come here cougar, let me hear you roar.”  So guess what?  His game is designed for that demographic.

So then, if what you seek is a woman in her 20s whom you want to date and do the “Couple things” together, the method of the cougar-hunter is probably not best suited for ya.  Keep in mind:  This does not mean that you cannot learn a few things from the cougar-hunter.  You can learn a few good points but realize that his method/system is not going to produce the type of results you want.

How about another very famous “Pick Up Artist”, Mystery, who is now on his second season on VH-1?  Well, he likes the scantily dressed club girls.  I remember having many a conversations with Mystery back in the day.  ”Man, I want Stripper and porn-hot chicks” he used to tell me.  (Although if you look closely, a lot of “Hot” porn women are more a product of their make-up and salon than their actual facial features, but that’s a bit irrelevant at the moment.)   He even encouraged one of his girlfriends to become a stripper at one point.    Again, it’s his choice and he knows what he wants.   His entire persona is designed for that.  Dressing up like Dennis Rodman or some early 2000s “Deep, Dark, and wounded” rock star is just part of that persona.  That’s what he likes and he has developed the type of persona and “Method” for that demographic.  (Though he swears to me that his method is a solution for all men and women.)

You have to find the demographic of women you click with, and the demographic you actually LIKE spending time with. It’s similar to the business world.  If you’re producing a show for television, you have a demographic in mind.  Example, your show may appeal to males between the ages of 18 and 44,  or to housewives,  or just a show for the stupid.  Hey, the stupid are consumers too and they spend money so you have to cater to them as well.

If you want to have sustained relationships, advertise to your market.  Well, first figure out what type of women you like.  If you want to date a doctor or a lawyer, dressing up in fishnet stalkings and talking about the photo of Britney Spears’ crooked pussy while stepping out of a cab is probably not the best way to go.  If you’re going for a stripper, it’s perfect.

“Oh my gosh!  Did you see that picture of Britney stepping out of the cab?  Like what was she thinking?  Oh, my….gosh.  Did she do it on purpose?  That was like….so…. out there….”

Yes, this type of conversation DOES Work in certain circumstances.  (And I have done it in the past.  I am not fucking proud of it! What the heck else was I gonna talk about with that particular chick?  So I resorted to the lowest common denominator which happened to be the photo of Britney’s vagina.  High school math came in handy.)

The question is, what type of demographic do you get along with best?  This is not about sheer physical beauty.  There will be attractive girls in all demographics as I mentioned in the beginning   You’re going to find very physically-attractive women in all areas: From the hot nerd/bookworm to the artist, to the spiritual-new age  woman to the Paris Hilton wannabe club chick.

Every single person I’ve come across who is successful with women has a particular demographic. They didn’t sit there and consciously plan this.  It just works out that way because certain type of personalities gravitate towards each other. Personality, lifestyle, culture are catalysts in this mater.  I’ve known guys who like South American girls and I’ve known guys who like Asian “FOBs.”  (That denotes “Fresh off the boat”  which refers to Asian girls who’ve moved to the U.S recently.  Obviously due to their culture, they possess a vastly different demeanor)  Some guys like ambitious go-getter type women and some guys hunt down the insecure low-self esteem having women.

They all work their demographics well.

The real question is what kind of woman do you actually ENJOY spending time with?

(Stay tuned for part 2 of the demographic-series.)